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Player: Erynn

Character Full Name: Anissia Boltwing

Character In-Game Name: Anissia

Nickname(s): Ani

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Mage

Skills and Abilities: She's very skilled with spells dealing with fire, and has a pretty good amount of skill with ice as well, arcane being her weakest area. She's also skilled with making potions.

Age: 199

Sex: Female

Hair: Always changing, but originally red.

Eyes: Fel green

Weight: 140 lbs

Height: 5'6


She's almost -always- seen in some kind of dress or robe, but she'll sometimes wear a skirt from time to time.


Anissia on her flying broom!

She normally doesn't have much of a problem saying something she has on her mind, unless she really thinks it'd hurt whoever she's talking to.Other than that she usually stays to herself, and her books.


Anissia has always been one who liked to read, starting at a very young age. Through reading, she began learning magic as well, being able to use her first fireball before most of those she learned magic with. She was always the weird one out of everyone, the quiet one, the one that looked weird and what have you.

As she grew older, she found she was gifted when it came to mastery over spells dealing with fire. She had been the only one to be skilled in that tree, her father being skilled with spells dealing with ice, and her mother being skilled with in arcane. Though her personality hadn't changed, everything else did. She found she wasn't the 'weird' one anymore, and was instead the one people went to when they needed help with learning a new spell.

The day the Scourge attacked, she helped all she could with those that defended their home, but eventually escaped with the others. It was only later on that she learned of the death of both her parents, and she was crushed by the news, but didn't give up there. She vowed to avenge them one day, even if it killed her.

A few years later, she returned to reading books, and learning more spells. It was one day that she read about the Kirin Tor in a book she borrowed, peaking her interest. She decided it was best to seek them out when she could, so she read the book over and over, until she had the whole book in her head. Before she went to seek them out, however, she thought it would be best to master everything she could possibly master, in case she were to be given some sort of trial, in which she would have to show her expertise in magic.

It wasn't until a few year later that she learned of the Kirin Tor being in Northrend, and as soon as she got the information, she headed straight for Dalaran, her newly found dream being within her grasp.

After a few tests, she was allowed into the Kirin Tor, where she increased her knowledge in magic, as well as found a new love, alchemy. When she wasn't learning about magic, she was learning about potions and poisons. It was almost as if she had no free time at all, but to her everything she was doing -was- her free time. She later began mixing her profession, with her magic, sometimes making discoveries, sometimes just blowing things up in her face.

Once she learned all she could about alchemy, she turned to tailoring, where she once again mixed her magic with the things she made. It got to the point where she would make pieces of clothing for those who asked, and enchanted some before giving them away as well. One day, as she was giving someone the robes they requested, she received a broom in return. An idea was made at that moment, and she began putting together a plan.

After a full month of gathering books and reading through them, she was confident she knew how to go through with her plan. She went through test after test, until she finally got the enchant right. Her broom had turned from a regular broom, into a broom that could be ridden, even flown around.

Now that the Lich King has been dealt with, she can be seen almost anywhere, and if she -is- seen, she's usually reading a new book every time.

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