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Player: WindZealot

Character Full Name: Aneril Amberdawn

Character In-Game Name: Aneril

Association(s): Silvermoon, House Amberdawn, The Horde.

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Mage

Age: 127

Sex: Male

Hair: Aneril possesses reddish-orange hair, that he doesn't really bother to cut. It's the Falcon hairstyle.

Eyes: Fel Green.

Scale/Height: 1.07


Usual Garments/Armor: Aneril is almost always seen donning either robes, or some other sort of formal attire, within Silvermoon. Whilst he's traveling, he wears clothes fitting for the travel, Red Embersilk Gear, minus the kilt.


Aneril used to be a caring elf. He used to tolerate people yet, now, he is a rather abrasive sort of elf. Should he observe someone being a fool, he'll promptly inform them of how bad they're acting and hope they try making some form of correction. He also possess a strong, zealotical devotion to his House and in particular to his mother, his sisters, and to the few people he'd truly call friends, he'd stick up for them. As for his sisters themselves, he treats them rather highly. When it comes to other people, he prefers to be concise with his speech. In a drastic turn from how his older sister acts towards those in suffering, he'd only attempt to save them once. If the aggressor was against his family, he'd even attempt to kill the person, personally.


Aneril Amberdawn was born to Lady Nevael Amberdawn, matron of a noble family that was respected. During his childhood, he and his older sister Syrena got along rather swimmingly at first, and they still do.. He was also schooled in the arcane and tailoring by Nevael just as Syrena was. During those times, he pursued the schooling of a fire mage and also requested some training in the art of the sword, in an attempt to make his mother proud. By the time his younger sister, Aurelia was born, he was a skilled fire mage and he actually got along with his younger sister.

After many decades of dealing with his sisters, exploring, and learning, the Third War came around. The Scourge marched upon Silvermoon. Nevael told her children to run and get to a safe haven alongside the rest of their family, so he did, with the rest. Over time, he felt his addiction to the magic grow, and grow, eating away. Eventually, he turned to the Fel sometime after it's introduction.

That's when he realized during the intake, that the fel's raw power covered forces that the arcane could not. Hence he continued to utilize the Fel, becoming a warlock, as well as a Blood Elf. Eventually he began to isolate himself, taking most, if not all of his belongings, and secluding himself in the Ghostlands. He began experimenting with the power granted whilst trying to keep himself above the corruption. Throughout that time period of his life, he summoned and bound three demons. The imp, Granar, the voidwalker, Thoggarth, and the most difficult one to bind, Khiinom, the felhunter. Eventually, he heard of the Cataclysm, and returned to his family, simply to keep his presence known, and to provide whatever support he possibly could, and because he hadn't seen any of them in a long while. Those who still live, at least.

In the few months that had followed, Aneril had gotten engaged to Nibeniel Aldalval, was around for his mother's breakdown and eventual suicide, which left him as Lord of the household, and as a result, began questioning why he had even turned to the fel in the first place. Eventually, he came to the solution to attempt ridding himself of the fel, once and for all, and much like an Amberdawn would, he decided to do this alone. He had summoned each of his demons, and broke his contract with them. He killed his loyal companions, one by one. He noticed how eager they were to attempt killing him, after so long, and began considering demons and fel as no more than lowly beings and a double-edged sword, respectively. Then he waited the amount of time it took to break the fel addiction, and survived it, acquiring a rather jaded view on pain and such, believing that it was necessary to break the bonds of something. Afterwards, he began getting reacquainted with the Arcane, little by little. He's slowly relearning all the spells that a fire mage would know.

Skills and Abilities

Aneril retains some knowledge from his time as a mage, but he is currently required to relearn all of his spells. He is proficient with evocation of fire, and he will eventually relearn a flaming version of Cone of Cold.