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Player: Cressy

Character Full Name: Aliaress Darkrunner

Character In-Game Name: Aliaress

Nickname(s): None

Association(s): Cenarion Circle, Darnassus, wandering druids, dryads, wisps

Race: Night Elf

Class: Druid

Age: Eight thousand-five hundred and eighty-two years

Sex: Female

Hair: Teal blue, butt length hair

Eyes: Golden glow

Scale: 1.05

Weight: Two-hundred and ninety-nine pounds

Height: Seven feet two inches

Skills and Abilities

Aliaress is a healer. Check out the talent tree of Restoration to find out more.


Usually adorned in green skirts and dresses.


Alignment: Lawful Good

As free-loving and happy-go-lucky as Aliaress seems, she is very against the use of technology, as well as most races other than her own and Tauren. She tries to be civil with most races, but some she shies away from and will barely talk to.

Aliaress is usually a cheerful, happy druid; finding much love and fulfillment in educating others in the way of preserving nature. There are times though, where Aliaress can be seen as depressed or melancholy, as if life itself was weighing down her ability to move forth. She is otherwise determined and strong-willed, going at great lengths to help those who she deems worthy.

The female druid still faces much ridicule and scorn for learning the art of druidic magic. Instead of arguing or causing a scene, she merely removes herself from the situation.


Aliaress grew up like many of the Kal'dorei, single child in a tightly knit family with high morals and standards. She grew up best friends with her neighborhood pal, Emori , whom she was inseparable with. When Emori was placed under her father's care to begin his druidic training, Aliaress begged and pleaded to join with. Her father, hesitant of the public shaming that could arise, quickly refused. It took many moons of begging, proving her love of nature and worth before her father took her under.

The years passed, their powers expanded and bodies grew stronger; their knowledge and passion for saving nature advanced and their time apart within the Emerald Dream made the love for each other seem unbreakable. The only issue was the ridicule Aliaress faced by her fellow druids. It caused her to rethink her life choice many a times, but as quickly as the thoughts entered her mind, Emori was quick to dispel them.

One day, after what seemed to be like a millenium of sleeping within the dream, Aliaress returned to her barrow den. The sight of Emori brought tears of joy to her eyes. The druid quickly cradled her face and spoke gentle words of union; Elune and Nature's calling for them to come together as a one. They would be together, fighting, healing, and loving side by side.

Time passed quickly as their years together grew in number. They fought in many a battles and when word of a battle happening at Mount Hyjal hit their ears, they knew what they had to do. Together they would heal and fight the demons that tried to control their world; they would help bring the future of their kind past this horrific event.

The battle was full of hard and long days; Aliaress was quickly put under the priest-hood staff. She spent many of her days healing the wounded and sick, while Emori was on the front-lines helping to defeat the demons that kept pressing further on. Many days he would come back wounded or hurt, seeking only the medical attention of his one and only.

One evening, Aliaress laid in bed, tossing and turning as word that his team had been damaged and many had died spread to her tent. Her chest ached, her body shook; she knew he wasn't coming home alive. Her dreams that night only made her hurt more. The next morning, memories of them running in the woods together flooded her mind. When one of the men from his unit came back the next morning, he gave her his locket and went on his way.

After the battle finished, she left and didn't return to the community she had grown so close to. She couldn't face the horrible feeling that her one and only was gone, and that she couldn't save him.

She spent the remaining years traveling around Azeroth, healing the sick and attempting to bring nature back to lands plagued by sick and undeath. Even though the druidess has been doing what she loves, the loss of her loved one has left her normally blissfully, happy demeanor as something no better described as melancholy.