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Player: Serendipitous

Character Full Name: Aleksandr Velloki Ashal'anore

Character In-Game Name: Aleksandr

Nickname(s): None

Association(s): Dalaran, Silvermoon

Race: Blood Elf (Sin'dorei)

Class: Mage

Skills and Abilities:

  • He is skillful at reading texts very quickly with a high retention rate, having read a plethora of tomes in his lifetime. Consequently, he's also an above par writer.
  • A potent illusionist, Aleksandr prefers to rely on his arcane abilities to confuse, distract, or otherwise incapacitate foes rather than burn them to a crisp outright.
  • He has an exceptional memory which, coupled with his inclination to study his environment very thoroughly, is a skill in itself—one that aids with his illusion magic.

Age: 1015

Sex: Male

Hair: Coal Black

Eyes: Emerald Green

Weight: 110 lbs / 50 kg

Height: 5'5”


Usual Garments/Armor: Dark attire composed of an outward combination of gloves, shoes, and a robe. Elements of red and black tossed about here and there.

Other: A small satchel, a notebook (with a feather pen), a gnarled wand or dagger.


Alignment:Lawful Evil

Mr. Ashal'anore is a contriving, (over) analytical individual. He refers to himself as a scholar, which comes from his deeply personal desire to acquire (and benefit from) knowledge. A supposed man-of-logic, Aleksandr has an empty, soft spot in his heart that he wishes to fill with the presence of a significant other in his life—though he hardly considers himself capably romantic. He attempts to rationalize the irrational, endeavoring to conceptualize and logically break down the emotions, facial expressions, and actions of others despite how subtle they may be. His speech tends to be long-winded, sophisticated, and witty (when not outright insulting) regardless of who it is that he is conversing with.

When it comes to other races, though Aleksandr may employ the use of racial stereotypes to insult or verbally manipulate another individual, he does not personally give credence to the idea that they are in fact true (though they remain useful despite their questionable level of validity). This applies to the usual forms of bigotry, ranging from a hatred for homosexuals to any other nontraditionalist stance on anything—though his continued usage of these forms of hatred has possibly led to their unintended installation to some degree. Emotion (when he's not showing it himself) is a beloved sheath with which to drive home his pointed words into his enemies and often his friends.

The scholar is an introvert at heart, keeping himself reserved whilst in social situations (out of quiet contemplation, not fear) unless sufficiently interested in the conversation or offended. His actions are, for the most part, intended to be committed and borne as a result of many moments of logical deliberation—with his own biased version of what is properly “logical” prevailing. However, he has been known to act on emotion when greatly angered (or injured, whether wounded physically or otherwise shamed). When focused upon a task, Mr. Ashal'anore is quick to raise a temper at the slightest interruption; though he may not outwardly show it. He still enjoys the company of a small circle of individuals, and if you happen to be one of them you'll probably know due to the obsession that he'll show. With so much care and few to bestow it towards, Aleksandr's obsessions can range from tedious to maddening.

A harbinger of sick and ghastly applications of the arcane, he feels inclined to commit atrocities so that others will learn and grow as a result of them. He is an opportunist lacking any sort of moral standard outside of what his heart commands that his head view as logical. As far as loyalty is concerned, most people are but “assets,” though there are some that have been able to gain his respect or otherwise escape the file labeled “usable and expendable.” A man of knowledge, he longs to share his mind with others—whether they want to listen or not (even if that requires the use of force). His personality stresses efficiency with an overall disregard for objective moral values.


Aleksandr was born in the winter season of the year -985 to a pair of Quel'dorei by the names of Vienakov and Lyala. They were very proud of having born a son, one that quickly learned to love the passion of his people: knowledge. His childhood was comprised of rigorous studying under the mentorship of the Quel'dorei Convocation of Silvermoon magi. His mother was a librarian, which opened up a whole new world of possibilities (as Lyala had an especially fond inclination for books) in millions of new pages.

The First War passed much unnoticed to the studious scholar, who failed to hold a single successfully intimate relationship. Aleksandr was largely secluded in his family's study, though occasionally visited by several colleagues during his time there. When the Second War came, Aleksandr was passionately enlisted into the armed forces of Silvermoon. By that time, he had become a rather good magi—though he lacked in practical experience. He experienced his first taste of battle on the outskirts of his homeland, Eversong Woods, as the combined Quel'dorei and Lordaeron forces repelled the Orcish invaders. After victory was obtained in this crutial area, Aleksandr renewed his service within army of Silvermoon and proceeded to fight alongside his fellow Quel'dorei bolstered by Alliance forces in the battle for Zul'Dare against the Orc inhabitants there. Battered and bruised, but otherwise lucky to have survived any sort of physical serious injury, Aleksandr would return home after many days of heavy naval fighting, receiving an honorable discharge upon his return. Vienakov was not so lucky, having disappeared while out at sea to never be heard from again.

When Arthas and his forces marched against Quel'Thalas, life for the scholar would change forever. Aleksandr once again joined his Quel'dorei comrades in attempting to force back the Scourge forces pressing through the Eversong Forest, but they were no match for the armies of walking dead. As the Scourge marched on, Aleksandr realized that Silvermoon would soon be lost and thusly fled from his once-fair city along with many other survivors, leaving all of his books and possessions behind aside from what he could easily carry. Lyala was lost in the flames.

When Prince Kael'thas came to gather survivors, Aleksandr was amongst those that sought refuge within the prince's camp; already beginning to suffer from arcane withdrawal. This is when he first learned to soak up the fel energy of demons as a method of feeding the addiction that he and his people then bore.

With the restoration of the Sunwell, the aging scholar has since weaned himself off of the foul demonic energy, though his eyes bare the mark of its corrupting stain. He wishes for a return to the old days of the Quel'dorei, but cannot bring himself to forget the transgression of their race's former allies in the Alliance of Lordaeron.

Mr. Ashal'anore now spends the majority of his time spellcrafting, composing spells upon the endless pages of his charmed notebook (in a form of script only translatable by fellow scribes), and keeping himself physically fit to the best of his ability by continuing to practice with his staff and an old sword he kept from his days as a soldier. However, ages of magic usage have harmed his physical appearance and have caused his flesh to turn a sickly pale mockery of its former brilliance that was bestowed by virtue of creation through birth.

He has become quite fond of the city of Dalaran and has since continued his studies there, looking especially into the subjects of philosophy, psychology, and illusion. However, he cannot bring himself to let go of his beloved Silvermoon—thusly, he frequents the realm whenever possible.