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Player: Tharisayi

Character Full Name: Agape Greyhide

Character In-Game Name: Agape

Nickname(s): none

Association(s): Wildmane tribe

Race: Tauren

Class: Druid

Skills and Abilities: She is mainly adept in feral combat and not as much in the other ways of being a Druid.

Age: 32

Sex: Female

Hair: Greyish

Eyes: Violet

Weight: 346 (157 kg)

Height: 7'7"


Usual Garments/Armor: She usually wears leather armor mostly left in their natural color.

Other: Agape is of average height for a female Tauren. Even though she is a bit lighter built, she doesn't look like she is lacking in strength.

Her fur indicates that she once was a black Tauren, but the white hair mixed into it makes it greyish. Still she doesn't look old, but more like someone who got the first white hairs in young age.

Her voice is low-pitched compared to other races, but it isn't unusual for her race. She speaks in a soft tone and mostly slower than usual as if she keeps thinking about her words while speaking.


She is a loner, generally traveling alone and fighting alone if possible. She would join forces with other people or a group if it helps her cause which is mainly to protect the Earthmother. She is generally quite pious, believing in the Earthmother above all, but also believing in the ancestors like the other of her race.

She doesn't like being in a debt and if she is, she tries to repay those as fast as possible. If she joined a group or feels for some reason any need to protect someone, she would do it with all she has, even her life if needed. She also doesn't like failing at it and is in that way quite hard on herself.


She was born into the Wildmane tribe before the Tauren joined the Horde. She grew up in the usual nomadic ways of her race with the constant threat of the centaur. Due to that, she had to learn fighting from young age to protect the tribe if needed. Though she learned to fight, she never really warmed up to it. Instead her interest grew in the teaching of the druidic ways.

Her biggest rival during the druidic training was a Tauren little older than herself. They competed in nearly everything there was, like for example the attention of their teacher, to be better in a skill or who could get farther in a tournament. Since both choose the feline race, namely the cat form, as their first and preferred form to shift into, they wouldn't stop competing. The elders saw this rivalry as a good thing and never stopped them unless there was a good reason to.

After passing the "Rite of Passage", they both joined the warriors to protect the tribe. It didn't take them long to notice that their rivalry was only good to a certain extent and they accepted the other and trusted each other in fights more than anyone else.

During one of the raids of the centaur he died protecting her. Losing him wasn't easy for her. Now filled with hate towards the centaur, it took the other of her tribe to keep her in check so she won't walk into a foolish death. She tried to sneak away more than one time in her feline form to get revenge, but there was always one of her former trainer waiting for her right outside to bring her back. Noticing she wouldn't succeed in getting away, she promised she wouldn't do something foolish, to regain her freedom.

After that she mostly didn't live in the tribe anymore, but wandered the area around it. She separated herself more and more from the tribe, though she still felt a strong sense of duty of protecting it.

When the tribe joined the horde, she finally left it as she felt that they would be safe there and she wouldn't be needed anymore. Still carrying the pain of her loss around, she roamed through Kalimdor. She joined many fights helping to protect the tribes or the nature.

Even after she didn't feel the pain of her loss anymore, she kept wandering as she felt that it was the Earthmother's wish for her to do it.