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Player: Kage

Character Full Name: Agald 'Deadeye' Fizwizzle

Character In-Game Name: Agald

Nickname(s): Deadeye

Association(s): The Bloodpaw, Bilgewater Cartel, Steamwheedle Cartel, the Horde

Race: Goblin

Class: Gunslinger

Age: 39

Sex: Male

Hair: Black, slicked back.

Eyes: Red. One is missing.

Weight: 75 lbs

Height: 3'7"


Agald wears armor fit for his size and stature. Whereas most of it is just leather, he does wear a chain vest, if only to help him if someone was to attack him head on with a sword.

Other: Strapped to many parts of his body are pistols of different kinds, each loaded with a different kind of bullet. He knows which is what, and doesn't hesitate to use them when he needs to. On his waist he carries a pouch of ammunition.


Agald is your typical pirate; rough around the edges, enjoys his booze, and just enjoys killing people. Turns out it's something he's good at too. Doesn't matter what you are, if you're in his way, or you have something he wants, you're marked for death in his eyes. The only loyalty he has is to money and wine, and to the Bloodpaws. Yes, Agald has his honor among his brothers, but it wont stop him from bashing another head in if they get in his way.

Around his little sister however, he takes up a new form. He'd do anything to protect her, and that includes protecting her from the pirate side of his life.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Agald was the oldest and first born of the third generation to live in the Fizwizzle household. He was named by his grandfather, a strong and powerful goblin, after his father, Agald. For his younger years in life, he was taken care of by his mother, his father, his grandmother, and his grandfather, each taking shifts as the others went to work. Life in the undermine was always about that.

As the boy grew, he was increasingly close to his grandfather, all for the reason of the tales he would tell: pirates. The young boy was amazed at the tales of life on the sea, on water. The idea confounded and interested him. Living on a wooden box on the water? Who would do such a thing? He didn't know, but he soon found out. In all of his grandfather's tales, there was always the kindhearted captain; the one who plundered from the rich to give back to his poor family so they could eat. This was something he would aspire to later on in life.

By the time he was five, he himself started work. He did what ever work he could do at that point, trying to earn coin for his family. Be it scrounging up coin from places it was dropped or shining an official's shoe, Agald did what he could so his parents and newborn brothers could eat. His life continued in such a style until he eventually got too big to fit in certain places, and eventually had to show his siblings.

Agald never grew close with his brothers. He never could see them as anything but coworkers. Sure, they were family, and he would treat them as such, but he never got close to them. Never became “brothers” with them. He would show them the tricks to get an extra coin for shining a boot, or the easy way to reach into a grate to get a coin that had fallen, but other then that, he treated his brothers at arms length.

Then, his grandfather had an accident. After finally getting a job with his hero, Agald had the unfortunate event to watch has his grandfather's leg ripped clean off in the accident. He stopped mining to go help him, and only succeeded in losing that day's pay. The old man had lived, but he could never work again. Age had gotten to him. It was Agald's turn to take care of him. But it was the watching of his mentor that hurt the most. His grandfather became a shell of a man, broken spirited. Agald slowly drifted away from what could be said as his closest friend, and in turn slowly started to shut down.

Wuvvums was born when Agald was a teenager. And it was there he felt love for a sibling. The moment he saw her, he wanted nothing more then to get her out of the darkness of the Undermine, but couldn't. He in turn became her mentor as she grew, showing her all the tricks he had shown his brothers, and even helping her with new ones. But no matter what he did, he took care of his little sister.

It wasn't long until Agald became an adult. It was then that the boy, now a man, had to make a choice. He had the opportunity to leave with another group of goblins to set sail on the ocean, to trade goods all across the lands. Reluctant to leave his sister, he eventually came to the conclusion that to provide her with a better life, he would leave and earn as much coin as he could. After tearful goodbyes, Agald left.

Life on the sea was hard for Agald to get use to. It was something he had never experienced. As a greenhorn, he was forced to be a cabin boy; mopping the deck, cleaning the captain's quarters, and just dealing with the taunting of the other sailors. But his goal to get his family, his sister, out of the slums they were in drove him to press on. He spent many years aboard the ship, and earned only what he had been earning before this job.

Eventually Agald's luck had turned around however. Years of being a cabin boy had hardened his skin to the salty waters, and he was able to try his hand at being a true sailor, which wasn't as easy as he had thought. Running up and down the sails, closing and opening them, cleaning the cannons, and even fighting off the occasional raid from sea creatures would only harden the young man and turn him into a true sailor. His earnings nearly tripled, and he was able to save what ever coin he had without issue.

But the prosperity wouldn't last. His ship was eventually over taken by pirates. Pirates, those he thought were a form of vigilante, only ended being ruthless killers. They killed almost everyone on the ship. His friends were all cut down around him. But his life was spared, only so he could once again become a cabin boy. This time he made no money, and had no respect from anyone.

The captain of the pirates was a human who went by the name Blondebeard. Sure enough, his beard was a shinning yellow, something almost unbecoming of the pirates. Agald had learned from his grandfather. Slowly, Agald's fellow 'cabin boys' went missing. He learned later on that they were being either sold for coin as slaves, or killed for sport. This only drove Agald's want to be useful up.

Agald's actions didn't go unnoticed. Blondebeard eventually pulled the goblin aside and gave him a choice. Join the crew, or be sold as a slave. Without hesitation, Agald joined the crew. It was then he was given a pistol, and told to learn it inside and out. And Agald did. Much of his time when he wasn't tying off sails was spent toying with the gun, taking it apart, putting it back together, checking the ammunition, and just generally experimenting with it. He never was a fan of a sword, and chose to stay with the gun for the rest of his time on the ship.

Agald had never killed another before. He never had a reason to. Even with the pirates first raided his ship, he never killed someone. But then he had to. He had pulled his gun free, and shot a man, a man that was going to kill one of his fellow crew men. Agald realized at that moment two things. One, killing another wasn't as hard as he had hoped it would be, and two, he truly was a pirate.

He would start to participate in everything the crew did then. Plundering, killing, terrorizing, Agald was there, and he loved it. He would use what ever money he had to get new guns, edit them, toy with them, make new rounds for the pistols, anything he could think of. He was having the time of his life. Even when one of his experiments went wrong and took his eye, he simply loved his new life.

But it wouldn't last. He amassed a fortune with his crew, and then he remembered why he was on a ship in the first place. He picked up a gold coin, one formed with the stamp of a major trade prince from his home, and he remembered it all; his family, his sister. His now friends in the crew let him leave with a good portion of his booty, and his captain even gave him a title: Deadeye. It was ironic because of his one eye, but the purpose was his aim.

Home was just as he had remembered it. He returned to his family with the coin, splitting it evenly among each family member. His welcome home was warm and bright, and his happiness knew no bounds, until he learned that his sister had been locked up for three years by a local trade prince. With an angry glare he left his family to find her, stepping once more out of the Undermine. But he wasn't alone. An eruption sounded, and his single eye widened as a ball of flame slammed into the house of the trade prince he was looking for.

Agald rushed to the home, frantic about finding his sister, only to find her outside, safe. His other brothers caught up with him, and they in turn caught up with her. As one of the other brothers explained the situation, Agald let his gaze drift about the crowd. Then upwards as a shadow seemed to pass by. A giant dragon flew across the island, and his heart sank. He rounded up his siblings and went to the nearest boat, using the coin he had left on him to pay for their safe voyage.

Slavery. He and his brothers and sisters where tricked. They weren't saved, but slaves. He lost track of all of his family at that point, and sent to work in a mine on the Lost Isles. Life there was rough. Small amounts of food and water, little to no breaks. But Agald was a strong one. His life on the sea made him hard, and when the war between the Alliance and the Horde broke out near by, he took his chance to get free.

He took refuge with the horde, as many of his people did. Instead of staying a refugee how ever, he took up arms against the Alliance, helping those who would later give him passage to Kalimdor, and in turn, Ogrimmar. But he did not stay there long. Soon after learning about the Warchief's views on other races, he left the city and went back to the sea.

He stumbled upon Jonoth, the captain of the Blood Paws, in Booty Bay. He was offered to become part of the fleet, and perhaps eventually become a captian. Agald joined without question. IT was soon after he learned the Bloodpaws were smugglers, and it was something Agald liked. He has big plans with the Blood Paws.

Skills and Abilities

Quick Shot: Agald's extensive training with his pistols allows him to draw, fire, and reholster several pistols in rapid succession, along with reload each gun shortly after.

Deadly Bullets: Sharper bullets than normal, able to penetrate thicker armor.

Slight of Hand: Agald uses a more goblin version of the gnomish cloaking device, allowing him to turn invisible for a quick moment. Side effects include potential loss of sight, hearing, tasting, feeling, and smelling.

Engineer: Agald is more than a master engineer. Countless years working on his pistols has given him the ability to dismantle and put his weapons back together in less then a minute, and allow him to create new ammunition, and new guns.

Sailor: Agald's many years on the ocean has made him comfortable on any boat, and let him know how to run them. He can tie off any sail, steer any ship, and fire any cannon with ease.