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Player: DaveM

Character Full Name: Adam Kingston

Character In-Game Name: Adam

Nickname(s): King

Association(s): Gilneas, Gilneas Liberation Front, Howling Oak

Race: Worgen

Class: Druid

Age: 27

Sex: Male

Hair: Dark

Eyes: Green

Human Weight: 217 Lbs

Human Height: 6’


While typically raggedy-looking in his wandering, Adam has access to the clothing apparel and grooming utensils and techniques required to also put up prim and proper appearance. He can therefore look like anything from a beggar to a noble. The strong Gilnean accent is unlikely to make him sound of a class too low.


Alignment: True Neutral

Adam is defined by his scholarly upbringing and his pursuit of balance in what he perceives to be the deepest philosophical sense. He rejects concepts of good and evil and only acknowledges systematic excess of any type as wrong.

Despite following a path of books and academic knowledge, he makes sure to pursue maintaining and expanding attunement with nature. He seeks to experience the world and its varied cultures first-hand, especially now that the wall is down.

Despite being an advocate of non-violence and rational discourse, he can descend into feral aggression and every now and then spends the odd day 'wilding', living as a wild worgen or feline. Despite believing in the value and merits of civilization and scientific advancement, he also well recognizes the dangers of excessive faith in such new ways.

He has had trouble finding stable druidic mentorship since his understanding of the nature to be worshiped is rather excessively holistic, in that he believes that the shadow is a natural counter side to the light, that fel is also a balanced element of the universe and that even death is a blessed part of the life-cycle. Throughout all this, he does judge undeath as an excess, as a perversion of the cycle, but cannot condemn those unwillingly put into undeath.

The only thing Adam uncompromisingly believes in is freedom. In his understanding, this means freedom from social conditioning, authority and imposed duty. He firmly believes judgement should only be cast on proven action and on no other criteria. That being said, preconceptions spawning from subtle innate Gilnean pride or from lack of real experience with certain groups that he only knows of from books can come to surface.

He is a staunch patriot and holds Gilneas dear, as well as believing Gilnean ways to be more advanced. The curse has made Adam circumspect of his people, worried that they could become a feral people. After feeling isolated behind the wall for many years, he now yearns to advance into true druidism and experience the wide world.


The Kingston household, a lower upperclass family, reunites a tradition of female harvest witches and male scholars. Caught between aunts tending to fields and uncles in libraries, Adam pursued the bookish path meant for him, but also held a close fascination for the harvest arts. In semi-secrecy, the women of Kingston would take him along on their field-tending and explain to him their craft. Before long, Adam would too be able to make a leaf twitch or a flower to bloom. Growing to be a teacher, Adam taught the children of his native town and participated in the research that both sides of his family would pursue, magical and profane alike. Combining field work and study fit his pursuit of balance well.

As the civil war and the worgen curse's emergence began to shatter normal Gilnean life, Adam took it upon himself that while the Kingstons stayed neutral of the conflict, he offered all the help he discreetly could to the Northwatch Rebellion that he held to be the fairer side of the conflict, through supplies or information. When worgen descended upon his family's home, there was little Adam could do, his training with a blade, gun or magic too limited. Many of this folk fell and those that did not soon became the wild animals the magical curse brought. Though a deeply suppressed memory, Adam himself, once transformed, slaughtered some of his family and many of the family's staff.

Adam remembers little except waking as the transformation subsided under alchemical pressure. He needed to reach the elves, not only because they could give him a solution for this curse, not only because he almost worshipped their culture, not only because true druidism lied with them but because he needed to keep well distracted from what he feared he might have done when cursed. And so he did, seeking to deepen the control over the now much more potent powers through as much apprenticeship as the kal'dorei druids would grant him. Without any master taking Adam on for more than a few months and after taking in the beauty that was life in Darnassus, Adam would soon set out to reunite with the remnants of his House as well as to go travel a world formerly locked from him.

Skills and Abilities

Harvest Wizard: Distrustful of arcane and seeing light worship as excessively moralistic, Adam has delved into whatever means - be they meditation or study - available for practicing nature magic. The pursuit was well aided by a family tradition into harvest magic. Once reaching Darnassus, he engaged in determined apprenticeship into druidism under the supervision of true Kal'Dorei druids willing to teach worgen.

Scholar: Coming from an intellectual family and from a life of study, Adam has insight into many theoretical areas of science and art.

Wolfy: While Adam has a good degree of control over his feral form, he is still prone to physical and personal aggression within the form, coupled with being unable to spend long periods of time in other animal forms.