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Player: WingedReaver

Character Full Name: Velennia

Character In-Game Name: Velennia

Nickname(s): “Vel”

Association(s): The Exodar, Aldor

Race: Draenei

Class: Priest

Skills and Abilities: Patience – Her natural experience due to her age gives her a remarkable amount of patience.

Age: 26208

Sex: Female

Hair: Light blonde

Eyes: Storm white

Weight: 79kg (174lbs.)

Height: 216cm (7’1”)


While she is travelling, Velennia wears a white, gold and blue set of robes, with a matching hood to cover her face. The pauldrons have wings resembling angel wings attached to them. A small, blue dagger would be attached to her belt, used either to amplify her spells or for self-defence.

While resting, or staying somewhere, she would wear Aldor regalia. A staff, composed of suspended blue stones would be her weapon.

Other: She is considerably weak physically, trusting in her abilities with the Light to protect herself.


Alignment: Lawful good

Velennia for the most part has a calm and patient personality, given to her by the times she has lived through. However, if everything takes a bad turn and there is no visible option to redeem the situation, she will panic easily.

She also believes in pacifism (excepting demons and undead) and thinks that killing should only be in self-defence or as a last resort. To an extent of this belief, she also believes that every being (excepting demons and undead, again), even orcs, can be redeemed.


Velennia is a Draenei who remembers the glorious world of Argus, before her race fled. She is about twenty-six thousand years old. While on Argus, she was a mage, like all her kin. Thousand years passed, and Sargeras arrived in their peaceful world with his dark offer. During the struggles between the faction choosing to side with the Dark Titan and the faction choosing not to, Velennia chose to follow Velen.

As with all her kin who fled from Argus, Velennia spent millennia fleeing from the Burning Legion. During their long voyages, she became a priestess, choosing to heal and protect instead of delivering judgement and death. Her inherent physical weakness had a considerable effect on her decision.

Millennia later, when the ship Oshu’gun crashed on Draenor, Velennia met the orcs, same as the rest of her people. She was intrigued by them very much, and would regularly watch them and observe their cultures, although her dialogue was severely limited due to the language differences their races had.

After the Deciever had corrupted the noble orc race and the following genocide, Velennia was amongst the few survivors hiding with the Prophet Velen in Zangarmarsh. There, she lived until the Dark Portal was reopened – The Burning Crusade had begun. She participated in the Draenei attack to seize control of the Exodar from the Blood Elves.

When the war between the Horde and Alliance erupted once more, she was appalled, and chose to remain neutral – at least personally. She once tried to show herself as neutral to the members of the Horde, but rarely succeeded in her attempts. Nowadays, she prefers to stay out of the lands of the Horde, staying within the relatively safe Alliance lands. Despite the hardships, she continues to travel, healing and offering guidance to all those she can reach.