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Player: Geoni

Full Character Name: Bruce Severo Alvarado

Age: 37

Class: Warrior

Job: Sailor/Merchant, specializing in bulk shipment of men’s clothing and smaller shipment of rings.

Skills: Nautical knowledge, strong drawing skills due to being the occasional cartographer, melee specializing in fist fighting, use of large ranged guns, and a strong sense of mercantile knowledge. However, unlike many members of his family he cannot sew an entire outfit or actually create jewelry. He could probably patch things up here and there and is good at sewing up sails however.

Physical Appearance

Bruce stands at 6’2” and his weight tends to stay around 260 lbs so long as he maintains a muscular form through labor and healthy diet. He is dark-skinned, has shoulder length black hair that is usually kept together in a ponytail, friendly mutton chops, thick eyebrows, brown eyes, and is very hairy. His teeth are only a little yellow, are luckily well-aligned, and only one on the bottom row and his left canine have been pulled and replaced with wood. He has a large number of scars covering both of his forearms and a chunk of flesh is missing from where the meat underneath the thumb would be on his right hand. On his upper right arm, he has a tattoo of a flock of seagulls, although the birds themselves aren’t well-defined – just simple black lines that represent wings.

Voice/Accent: Bruce speaks with a medium to low voice tone, in a Kul Tiras accent (think a blend of Spanish/Portuguese/Italian/Turkish). He projects softly and yet clearly in most of his interactions, albeit rapidly.


Bruce is first and foremost a laid back person, driven by his lust and his intentions of saving up personal funds to retire from his family’s business and find somebody to settle down with, even though he’s far away from that goal at the moment. But it is because of this goal that he will deviate from his duties as a salesperson and try and earn extra coin by helping strangers out or being sponsored as a fighter in the arena, all the while trying his best to develop a very suave sense of style (suave is a word he loves to use, but never pronounces right). Despite the effort that he puts into making money and trying to seduce people, he comes off as being a very tired person due to his narcolepsy, laid back nature, strenuous travel through both land and sea, and subconsciously suffering from depression that hasn’t gone away ever since his experience with being captured by pirates a long time ago.


Bruce was born in the year -7, son of Severo Alvarado, in Boralus, Kul Tiras. His father was a native of Kul Tiras, while his mother was from a farm family in Westfall. He was also born to an older brother and a firstborn half-sister, with whom he shared his mother’s side. His father and mother owned a clothing shop when he was born – his mother designed and tailored all of the clothing and his father was responsible for sales and shipments, while also being a jeweler with his own brother. During his early childhood and adolescent years, life was quiet for the Alvarados and Bruce was given a formal education by his uncle’s sister, who worked as a tutor but did it free for the family. While not schooling, he was either playing in the shipyard and causing trouble for sailors by doing things like trying to sneak onto boats with his friends, succeeding one time and getting in a huge amount of trouble for it when the stowaways were discovered. But such were the carefree adventures of his early years.

After entering puberty, Bruce was to decide on a career path to begin, and there were several options open to him: he could train for future war efforts that his nation had recently involved themselves in during the second war, which his older sister went out to sea to work for, or work for the family business as his brother decided to do. However, Bruce wanted to take on an entirely different path and become a sailor, even though none of his close family were sailors. His father had friends who were sailors whom he would encounter often, but due to his father’s disapproval of this ambition of his youngest son, those connections were wasted. And so he decided on a path that would take him as close to a sailor as was possible: he would train to join the Kul Tiras, as his sister did. It wasn’t until a year into his training when his sister died in naval battle and his parents pulled him out of military training as a result, before he could join the fleets and see the world if he were to have stuck around for two more years, since he was about to turn sixteen.

Once he reached the age of sixteen, he was able to rejoin military training without the approval of his parents, and did without their help, going as far as getting himself kicked out of the house because of the choice. He spent two years estranged from his family, although finding courage and a sense of self-made independence through some difficult financial budgeting and assistance from his trainers. When he turned eighteen, his nation had quit the Alliance and thus its military was refocused on the protection of merchant ships from pirates. And this is the job he held for six years until he actually became involved in an altercation with pirates that actually didn’t end well for him – he lost a friend in that battle and was captured and forced to work for pirates after begging for his life, and it wasn’t until three months later that he was rescued.

After being rescued and taken back to Kul Tiras, his parents finally allowed him back into the fold due to their fear of having lost another son after he was captured, and their overprotective nature rekindled his relationship with them. And for Bruce, he was fine being with his family again only because of the trauma he had just experienced. To help him settle back in, his mother tried to teach him how to sew and design only to find out a few months in that he was a lost cause in that department due to his narcolepsy and how much it was triggered by the boredom of the job. He then moved on to try jewelry making with his uncle, but smashed his fingers with a hammer one day due to drowsiness. In his father’s last effort, he was placed in the front of the store to do sales, and he was able to successfully hold that position for another three years until got fired by his own father for being flirtatious with customers and being caught more than one time with them in the storage room. Being caught with a woman the first time didn’t bother his father as much as being caught with a man the second time around, and so as he turned thirty he became estranged from his family once again, although this time they just decided that he’d be their new investment – he’d sail the seas distributing their clothing and jewelry and representing their company and family name. But even that has been rocky from time to time. However, seven years later, and he’s still successfully helping his family grow, if only at a very slow pace.


Bruce has a large wardrobe of outfits, although the bulk of it is stored on his boat and so when he travels inland his outfits are more limited. When travelling inland, he usually just brings sets #1/#3, or set #2 if going somewhere with cold weather. If he knows he’ll have to dress up for some occasion, he’ll bring set #5. He only wears set #4 at sea or in a port town. He carries it all in a large, dark brown leather backpack.

1 – Light/Casual: black leather pants (black tuxedo pants), black buckled boots (recruit’s boots) whose silver buckles match that of his belt’s (scouting belt), and a long-sleeved white cloth shirt that opens and closes at the front utilizing strings (buccaneer’s vest). Alternatively, the shirt could be black in color, sleeveless, and string opened/closed should he choose to take that instead of the white shirt (black silk vest).

2 – Heavy/Casual: he will have brown pants made out of both leather and wool (rockweaver leggings), a thick cotton coat with light and dark brown stripes (thread-bare cloth vest), a weathered black belt with a bronze buckle (prisoner’s drawstring), and brown boots with leather on the outside and white wool on the inside and red lacing (farmer’s boots).

3 – Melee/Arena: he will be wearing scuffed and patched up black leggings (Saurboz’s Leggings), a secure vest that is comprised of many brown leather straps and mostly open-chested (brawler’s vest), a simple black leather belt with a steel buckle (padded belt), two pairs of steel knuckles (iron knuckles x2), and no shoes.

4 – Sailing: he doesn’t usually wear this set on land but if he isn’t wearing set #1 he might be wearing this one when on a boat. It is comprised of red cotton pants (buccaneer’s pants), a long-sleeved and open chested red cloth shirt (red swashbuckler’s shirt), a red and brown colored belt with a steel buckle (journeyman’s belt), and the same boots he wears in set #2 (farmer’s boots).

5 – Formal: this is usually comprised of black tuxedo pants, dress shoes, and a large assortment of dress coats/shirts/whatever he thinks looks good.