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Player: loveaddict19

Character Full Name: Shanoa Revane

Character In-Game Name: Shanoa

Nickname(s): Shan or Shanny

Association(s): N/A

Race: Night Elf

Class: Hunter

Age: 419

Sex: Female

Hair: Aqua Pixie cut, bangs hanging lower than the back of her hair.

Eyes: Bright glowing Silver

Weight: 157 lb.

Height: 6'7

Alignment: Chaotic Good


Usual Garments/Armor: Flickering neon green goggles, Engineering stained dark midnight blue cloth outfit, two axes with jagged tips or a pair of brass knuckles, and a pair of boots.

Other: Deep blue wing shaped Markings spread across her cheeks, Royal blue skin and a fit and athletic frame. Often smiling or giggling sometimes for seemingly no reason at all, always shifting about and can never keep completely still.


Shanoa is very quirky and offbeat, she loves to please and annoy others and lives for impulse and creating a positive change in the world. Her personality shifts quite often to suit the occasion and normally she speaks slow and fragmented but subconsciously improves her dialect and lexicon when the situation is more grave or serious. She spends most of her alone time either Engineering or causing pranks and getting into trouble. She is always willing to create a companion for those without anyone to travel with, believing that nobody should ever have to venture alone. She is never discriminatory and tries to make friends of every race and every person she comes across, blindly confident that things will turn up well in the end but she gets herself into trouble quite often.


Shanoa didn't get along with a lot of night elves growing up, most found her to be embarrassing or disruptive with her shameless impulsiveness and mischief making. She would spend most of her alone time growing up hiding in the forest with animals unless she was with family or a sibling. She would go days and weeks even sometimes without going back, living off of the land while she improved her bonding skills with nature. After a while she would just forget to go back, feeling the forest to be more home to her than anywhere else she could think of. Her brother finally found her years later and brought her back himself, taking her to become trained to become a sentinel. Shortly after, during the training sessions Shanoa could not resist her temptations to wander throughout the forest, what only seemed like minutes would be hours off duty.

This became so common that During the third war they dismissed her, believing her to be not strong enough to join the rest. Once this happened she snuck off to explore the world, the desire to see the world in its entirety and the potential of companions she could meet was far to much to resist. Sneaking on multiple ships to get around and see the world. One afternoon the boat docked in Ratchet, deciding to explore the area and see if she could find any animals that would accept her like most. After a bit of walking and exploring she would hear a few explosions and a cry for help, dashing over to see a large and angry kodo attacking a goblin Engineer who was just using his last few explosives. Shanoa then saved him swiftly with her bow, the goblin was gracious, and gave her his goggles and his spanner as a token of his gratitude. Shanoa was quite confused with the gifts,having not been able to understand the goblins words, sliding the spanner in her pouch and her new goggles over her eyes as she decided to try and find some one to teach her more languages.

A few years after the war Shanoa had taken up Engineering and had become quite adept at it, after having saved the goblin she seen many other method's of engineering that where harmfull and destructive and decided to make machines to fix the damage other machines had done on the planet, and to try and change the perspectives of other engineers to aid her in restoring any damage done to the planet with their technology. Her common is spoken slow and quiet but fragmented having been taught mostly by listening to other people, spends most of her alone time now building more and more little machines, strolling out with them at night as they clean up roads and plant seeds. Her goal is to improve methodology of existing engineer's, to make the creations better to or help full for the environment. To this day she wears the goggles and uses the spanner of the master engineer who inspired her to become one herself. Now, she finds herself in Booty Bay, still tinkering away and creating small machines, and things to help benefit people and nature. Meeting new friends and companions along the way.