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Player: Geoni

Character Full Name: Rex Cholmondeley

Character In-Game Name: Rex

Association(s): Alliance, Northshire

Race: Half-Orc, Half-Human

Class: Laborer (OOC: Warrior)

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Hair: His hair is black in color, more human than orcish in texture, faded at the sides, and gradually spiking up the closer the hair gets to the front with the tallest bit being around 2 1/2 inches. He keeps his face clean shaved and shaves between his bushy eyebrows to make sure they don't become a unibrow.

Eyes: Clay brown

Weight: 330 lbs.

Height: 6'8”


To his mother's abhorrence Rex inherited more of his father's features than her's making him look more Orcish than Human. His skin, while it's not bold like a normal Fel Orc's is, is light green, comparable to that of a lime. He's tall, very muscular, and has a low and gruff voice. His tusks, while not as large as a normal Orc's poke out from the bottom lip a little. These features aside, he's got a somewhat handsome face, with high cheekbones and a strong but not overly large or protruding jawline. His hair is thick and black like an Orc's but isn't quite as coarse. It would appear shaggedly cut at around 1-2 inches towards the back of the head, while at the bangs his hair spikes up about three inches, with several strands curving out and limping over his forehead.

His clothing reflects that of a laborer, most of the time. If it's colder weather he's usually wearing a pair of black boots, a pair of strong cotton-blend pants with two iron plates for knee-pads, and a thick and padded black cotton shirt with leather straps at the wrists for added protection above his leather gloves. In warmer weather he wears the same pair of pants but the shirt (if he's wearing one) is more open at the chest and sleeves and is only made of a very thin layer of cotton. It'll probably be ripped and repaired in spots.

Whether warm or cold, he's got a thick black leather belt with a square steel buckle and a number of tools on the belt-line: a pair of scissors, a small cutting blade no bigger than six inches, two bundles of rope (one thin one thick), and a small canteen for water.


Rex was born towards the tail end of the year 16 when his mother, a human priestess, because she accepted being stationed at a small Alliance camp earlier that year. This camp was eventually found by scouts of the Warsong Clan, attacked, and raided before the Alliance side could prepare or gather reinforcements. His mother wasn't killed in the conflict, but spared after being knocked out (and up), and so later in this year Rex was born as a half-orc bastard to a wounded and relocated priestess in Northshire. Had he been born anywhere further from the Abbey, Rex had to wonder, "Would she have killed me the moment she saw my skin?" He was a healthy birth, albeit very difficult for his mother, and had she not been assisted by another priest she might have died of blood loss. From that point onward, he was raised to be a quiet, unassuming laborer for Northshire Abbey by his mother who for the first year of his life, at least did him the courtesy of breastfeeding him and giving him shelter. However, by the time he was three, she was gone from his life.

After a long discussion with one of the priests in charge of the Abbey, his mother was able to get relocated, leaving him in the priest's care and leaving her son before he reached the age when he would start remembering her all the way into adulthood. He does, in fact, remember her from a specific day that changed how he saw things for the rest of his life. He was being fed by his mother outside on a table when she ran out of food and he began to cry. She still had to survive on rations due to the food shortages the camps and nearby efforts had caused. Furthermore, she was given enough food for a human child, not a half-orc child, and so he was still rightfully hungry. However, in her frustration because the three year old Rex clung to the table in stubbornness, he was left there by his mother. This was the last time he would see her face with much clarity and he recalls it being cold and neutral. He'd been left to stare at the sun, and he didn't know any better, as his eyes were already irritated with tears during those few minutes. Not only did this leave him with severe vision problems but it pushed his mother over the edge and led her towards her decision to leave him in another's care.

From the age of three to fourteen, Rex was raised by this priest and some of the other residents of the Abbey. During this time he was often lectured on the faith of the light and pushed to work as hard as he could with what he had despite his many setbacks. While he found this inspiring, it was still difficult, and the vision problem added to his education growing up because, while the priest tried to teach him how to read, his vision problems made him struggle so much that he'd quit in frustration. Eventually the priest grew frustrated with the frustration and the time it took due to the vision problem that he quit trying to teach him as well, and instead left him to become the best laborer the young Rex could be, and by the time he was nine he was able to do just as much work as a grown man could. Rex did keep his faith that one day the light would return his vision if he looked at the correct light long enough. One day, it did. A very old and skilled priestess of the light was passing through Northshire when Rex was eleven and was able to heal his vision problems to a limited extent simply by staring deeply into his eyes for half an hour and keeping her hands placed on his shoulders as she poured the light into him. Ever since that day he became even more devout than he already was, and swore to himself that once he learned to read he would memorize every word from cover to cover of the holy texts.

When he was thirteen, the priest died, and with him went his only father figure or even parental figure in general. Not only that, but he only had a year and a half of their second attempt to teach Rex how to read and write and was still on simple phrases when the priest's death took him. After the priest died, Rex had nobody who was willing to actually raise and shelter him by the time the next (not so charitable) priestcame around to replace him, and so Rex was sent to Goldshire to live the rest of his teen years at the orphanage there. These were difficult years for him and he found himself friendless throughout all of them due to other kids picking on him and being made fun of by other girls his age had a particular damaging effect on him, as he felt that at that time, more than ever, he wished he had a father figure to help him navigate those social difficulties.

By the time he turned eighteen he left Goldshire as soon as he was released from the orphanage and found refuge in the Eastvale Logging Camp as a lumberjack. Being the brawny half-orc he was, it wasn't difficult to land the job, and although the work was tiring it wasn't an exhausting job to keep in comparison with being a shunned and lonely laborer in Goldshire. When he found out there was a shortage of laborers in Northshire Abbey he returned to the place where he grew up after that winter to try and figure out more about himself and where he should be going with his life by reflecting on his memories there and earning his keep while the logging season was slower. As the logging season approaches again, he has begun to work part time in both locations and finds himself busier than ever.


Much of Rex's personality is the product of the major events that have unfolded in his life thus far: his abandonment by his mother, growing up under the care of a priest while learning what his mixed heritage meant in the eyes of his society, and being in an orphanage during his later teenage years. Losing his mother was more of a blow as he grew up and learned more about her life through word of mouth, learned more about Orcs and their actions in Azeroth, and not having a mother figure to comfort him in times when he needed it. The result of this is a deep-seeded sense of abandonment that would become amplified in his later teenage years when the priest who was a father figure to him during his childhood died. Having grown up under his care, he had a role model who showed him what it looked like to do the right thing and push him to do the same. Not only that, but during those years he got a taste of education albeit through the filter of a priest who sheltered Rex from not only his father's culture but most other cultures foreign to Elwynn. This meant that he learned how to read to a certain extent but never fully developed those skills, and can barely write a sentence. By the time he was in an orphanage, being outcast by the other teenagers his age and pushed into the role of a laborer, he began to connect the dots of his abandonment, societal worth as someone who was half-Orc, and the lack of opportunities that came into his life: fatalism.

As he has come into his young adult years, he has become a dedicated worker who does his best to be kind to those who aren't kind to him but it is because he has a lack of self-worth due to his heritage and his misguided schooling alongside recent events in the Horde have led him to believe that because he is half-Orc he is worth less to most of the world. And thus the fatalism drives him to earn validation through small compliments that his employers give him when he outdoes other laborers in the same jobs and proves reliable to another person. These small flashes of positive emotion, too, drive him to rely on finding his worth in work and producing a tangible change in his surroundings that wouldn't exist without him. Cleanliness in appearance, hygiene, taking care of his body, and making sure that wherever he lives is neat and orderly are among the most important things to Rex. In other words, he is greatly conscientious.

When it comes to socializing with others he is very shy due to the fact that most of his employers have put him on the night shift wherever he is due to him being half-orc and not wanting to bother their customers due to his Orc genetics being slightly more prominent than the human genetics. Rather than engaging in long-winded discussions he prefers to do tasks or help out that person, and so when it comes to being put in a position where nothing needs to be done he freezes up. If he finds somebody he trusts doesn't look down upon him for who he is he will socially cling to that person in larger-group settings and mostly communicate with that person. There are many specific situations, however, that he has never been tested in, and so until his personality grows from those experiences he will engage in his surroundings with a large sense of naivete.