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Player: Geoni

Character Full Name: Renzo Sharpwell

Character In-Game Name: Renzo

Association(s): Sharpwell Shipping Company, which finds business throughout not only Azeroth but Draenor as well, thus he has countless associations, many of them deeply guarded.

Race: Goblin

Class: Business Mogul

Age: 49

Sex: Male

Hair: He is balding, but there is a curve of black hair towards the back of his head. An unusual sight on a Goblin, he has a full beard although it is neatly trimmed, particularly around the mouth.

Eyes: Red

Weight: 82 lbs.

Height: 3’4”


Usual Garments/Armor: Since he can usually be found on the job, Renzo is seen wearing a suit and tie along with dress pants and dress shoes. If he’s not working, he’s usually at home wearing his silk pajamas, which are red in color. One would think that seeing him in his bedroom attire would be rare but every so often he sleeps at his office and ends up wearing them if he's not going out.

Other: Though he has avoided piercing too much of his body, He has twenty seven little gold bead-earrings travelling up the edges of each of his ears, one purchased for him each year by his wife as an anniversary gift.

Skills and Abilities

Other than being knowledgeable in the field of business and trade, which is something expected of a person in his position. He has a wealth of knowledge on the businesses and their owners throughout Azeroth, and because this means a number of different races and cultures, he's a rather worldly man and can navigate said cultures when dealing with those who come from them.

Renzo has learned from his father that being able to throw your weight around and protect yourself was going to be asked of Renzo whether he liked it or not. Given that he wasn't able to protect his younger brother from a mugging when they were both children and it led to his death, Renzo finally embraced the need to know how to kill in a kill or be killed world.


Cold, calculative, and difficult to reach to anyone that isn't in his direct circle, even his inner circle. To those in the direct circle, however, they're there because of time and consistent honor of contracts. These people are shown a professional and caring input from Renzo as a good friend. He's short, to the point, and always analyzing the accumulation of a person's decisions as he thinks ahead at all of his possible moves. He is both unwaveringly present and ambiguously distant towards anyone he meets and makes deals with.


Renzo’s father didn’t tell his son who his mother was. That didn’t matter to him. Renzo didn't matter to him much either but given his mother was his boss' daughter and she died giving birth to him, his father was stuck with raising him so long as he worked as a bruiser. Renzo has many brothers and sisters, likely, some older and some younger, but he would only have one brother he would ever know. However, being that they were being raised by a womanizing alcoholic of a father, they had to often spend time on the streets, as their father would spend his money on booze, prostitutes, and gambling instead of a roof over his family's heads. After all, it's not like he spent much time there. But out on the streets, when he had to take care of his sons as his pleasure money grew dry again, he began to send them on small missions to steal from others as thieves. On one such mission, when Renzo was nine and his brother just six, they were sent to steal from a merchant ship while the men were out trading. Unfortunately, the two of them got caught before even figuring out where to steal from in a ship, and the guard of this ship was particularly brutal and loyal to his word that he'd kill anyone who stole from their family's ship. He killed a six year old child that day, Renzo's brother had his head caved in with a mace, and Renzo just ran away in fear for his own life.

Renzo's father had to learn about his son's death from a coworker. Renzo ran to the first bruiser he came across with tears in his eyes, telling them of his brother's death, and confessing that it happened because they were stealing from it. Renzo's father had to act angry with his son for 'having the balls to steal from another family and not being able to protect your own,' and struck him to the ground in front of a small crowd. The incident led many to want Renzo's father fired but his boss found it in his heart to excuse him for hitting his son and not fire him. After all, it appeared to come from both a pained and concerned place as a parent at least trying to instill some moral in his child, and he was Renzo's grandfather, so after a long talk with the boy's father his boss allowed him to continue watching over the boy but threatened to fire him if he was caught spending money on prostitutes instead of a safe place for his child to sleep at night. When they finally got a small place, just a small bunkbed built into another's home, Renzo slept in the top bunk while his father slept in the bottom. That first night, when Renzo's father was looking up at the yellowed underside of Renzo's 'new' bed, he confessed that he didn't care that his younger brother died, in fact it would make sneaking around a lot easier for Renzo, but he wasn't going to allow him to just go off to thieve on his own when he couldn't protect himself against a Goblin that was only 10 inches taller than him on that ship. No, he told Renzo that night that he should enjoy the comfortable bed while he could because for the rest of their nights there, Renzo's father would beat him until he couldn't get up until the day he successfully protected himself.

It would be three years before Renzo was capable of giving his father at least a good fight. The beatings only got worse because of his father's anger over the fact he couldn't have him thieve more and he was stuck spending most of his money on rent during those years. Renzo could only seek solace in the cheap education his grandfather could afford him at the time, and took it more serious than anything, and during those years he learned a great deal about both micro and macro economics as well as literacy and how to properly communicate with people. But at home the only communication he could have was violence, and so he chose violence over the library during the last of those three years, sick of failing to protect himself and wanting to get on with his life. He didn't win the fight he gave his father, after all while he had his father's blood and was big for his age, Renzo's father was much bigger. But his father did indeed finally relent. Although his anger towards Renzo was still there, and it led to the two fighting and Renzo getting thrown out of the house on numerous occasions, Renzo always returned and his father allowed it, since he was now bringing in money through his thieving missions. At least that's what he thought. In reality, he spent many of these nights working for the librarian's brother, who sold books instead of lending them with Steamwheedle funds. He would help bind new books and repair a couple of old ones that the library wanted to get rid of for the sake of space, while pleading with his first boss to give him cheap jewels here and there to make it look like he was a thief instead of paying him, and successfully fooled his father for the next five years.

During those five years, both his father and his grandfather began to cultivate him as a future bruiser, given he had the bulk of his father and could finally fight for himself at least to his father's knowledge. He was providing for his father's poor habits while his father paid the rent, and given the drunken and lustful states his father was constantly in, he found himself trusting in his son out of laziness. He would teach his son how to fight with weapons in a dirty way while he learned the clean ways from his grandfather's employees. While he knew violence was a necessary element of being able to survive the world, as the death of his brother showed him what happens if you can't, his true training and hopes were in what he learned on those nights. He'd read during down time, was allowed to make deals during closing hours under his boss' supervision, and fell in love with the librarian's daughter. She was the only one who shared the same wonder for the world, and in fact, hers was even stronger and hopeful in the types of people she should cheer people on to become. Her first success would be with Renzo, as by the time he was sixteen, he decided to completely abandon his father with no qualms, explaining that he was in return using him all this time as well, and that he didn't intend to be a bruiser like him and instead see the world somehow.

When his girlfriend turned sixteen and himself seventeen, Renzo decided he'd learn to hunt for food so he could spend the little money he made so the two of them could room together and be able to live with one another, but given many hunters didn't need some Goblin tagging along, he had to figure it out on his own. He began with just his mace and shield and eventually scavenged weapons off the dead men and women he sometimes encountered in the wild. The first was a traditional bow, the second was a rifle, the third was another rifle, and the fourth was a crossbow. He found that the crossbow gave him the best results in hunting, not to loud, not too difficult to master, and it would become his favored weapon for the rest of his life. That being said, it didn't help him from a good mauling from an animal he failed to kill here and there, and gained a few scars in that process. But he toughened himself up and cultivated discipline in being able to save money through finding food instead of buying it. After attempts at having children with his girlfriend, after marrying her when she turned seventeen a year later, he blamed himself (correctly) and tried to abandon his new wife so she could find somebody else who could give her children. For the next four years he would become a guard for, ironically, a merchant ship, and witness how deals are made, modified, and broken. As well as when to do each. During this time he learned Azeroth not through books, but eyes this time, and began to grow lovesick over the girl he abandoned out of fear. Not wanting to run away any longer, he searched for his old wife, and the search wasn't hard. She was still in the same home, having gotten an extra job to afford the rent, and didn't date anyone else during those years knowing he'd return to her after he was at peace with himself.

They never officially split up, but it felt like remarriage despite that, and so the both of them made new wedding bands. Having enjoyed the creation of it, Renzo's wife learned to make jewelry herself after saving up for the training and the expensive materials. Not wanting to leave her again, and instead wanting to support her, Renzo quit his job with the merchants and became a bruiser just like his father. He learned quickly after becoming one that two years ago his father died of alcohol poisoning. While he told himself he didn't care, he knew he did, as did his wife. The moment she was done learning how to make jewelry she decided to build a network for the next few years while perfecting the craft, and eventually became a personal jeweler for various business moguls and noble houses. She decided to rescue Renzo from working to job his father worked by buying her own boat and deciding on that as their new home. Having learned the world before she did, and expanded his language and cross-cultural communication skills, he became a salesman for his wife and helped her bring that networking into fruition. Not only that, but after the both of them gained more money, they traded their smaller boat in for a ship and began to offer ore trading as they traveled to sell jewelry because they had extra space.

Having been successful in his expansion of the ship and the new sales, Renzo came to the conclusion that he should make this into a business, and from there on he began Sharpwell Shipping from a small boat and with his other half at his side. Everything he learned growing up came into play. His studies his grandfather put him through, his time as a merchant, the necessity of sometimes unfortunate violence as pirates would attack their ship now and then. Ever faithful to her husband, Renzo's wife stopped having the boat travel towards places where she'd sell her jewelry and instead had Renzo take charge and ship what needed to be shipped based on seasons and demand. Her allowing her husband to steer the ship led them to eventually abandoning it. They'd finally found themselves able to live in their own home in Ratchet but even there they were not content with wasting money that could be made to further profit, so they made it their headquarters on the second floor of a three-story building in Ratchet. This is when the competition with other shipping companies became real, and Renzo would had to exert himself as the best provider of shipping services, so he had the few people he hired to gather information on where demand is highest and what for. They would learn their competitors supplies and clients through infiltration and this became a key asset in outcompeting: growing a network while having his workers hold the connections together strongly in order to expand the services his company offered and becoming one of Azeroth's go-to shipping companies. Writing a good contract and benefiting from debt when clients went bad here and there was surprisingly lucrative for Renzo as well so he became better and better at writing contracts that would keep a client leashed and bled if it was necessary.

For the next twenty-some years he would invest more and more outside of shipping as the money from good business strategy enabled him to, and learned that investment was the key to company longevity. During one of these twenty-some years he found himself the target of his own bodyguards here and there, being his bodyguard was a desirable position to attain, and so he would find his employees embezzling him and betraying him. Renzo often took walks to shake off his anger and reflect on those betrayals. One day, while walking through the streets near the outskirts of Ratchet, Renzo happened upon a thirteen year old half-orc half-ogre who was crying over being rejected not just by his people but by those he thought he could find a job with, the bruisers. The bruisers in return were bullying him out of boredom and the understanding that he's still underaged. Renzo happened upon this situation and watched it. When the bruisers left him alone, hoping he'd wander off into the wilderness, Renzo stopped him and gave him not just a job but means of education in return for becoming his bodyguard. He'd not only teach the young half-ogre how to fight as experience has taught him but had him learn from others as well. It wasn't just fighting either, but a full-blown education, hoping to make what he knew would be his long-term bodyguard into a personable person. Having been the only person who showed him a kindness and an investment as a person, his bodyguard would become a close friend and learn all that Renzo could teach him even if it was something he didn't need to understand, such as the chess game of investing in the right companies or turning some against each other to bring the best future into his fortune. He'd send his bodyguard out for the use of force to get debts paid from a contract he intentionally convinced some of these people to sign. And in return, the bodyguard could come to his own understanding of the chess board Renzo was playing and challenge himself with the complexities of life, something the both of them enjoyed doing together, especially on Renzo's part when he noticed his bodyguard wanted in on competitions not just in business but in the sports and games Renzo would often play in his leisure time. He even became trusted to guard Renzo's wife at times and learned a different perpective from her as she performed her own job with heart and grace as opposed to Renzo. The two of them have raised the bodyguard as if their own son and grown closer with one another when they realized that their employees were their children, the offspring of their investments. Renzo, in his last few years, has only grown more manipulative if just to shower his wife with vacation time and luxury. He plays a cold game because the warmth of her heart provokes him to.