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Player: Paylonas

Character Full Name: Nina Ella Struever

Character In-Game Name: Nina

Nickname(s): Ella

Association(s): Alliance, Church of the Holy Light (Former)

Race: Human

Class: Mage

Age: 26

Sex: Female

Hair: Oil black medium length hair.

Eyes: Light honey eyes.

Scale/Height: .95 / 5'3" / 1.6002 m

Weight: 142 lbs / 64.4 kg


Usual Garments/Armor: Her garments change frequently, although she is most commonly seen wearing a set of black and white robes.


Despite being unable to use the Light and now training in the Arcane, Nina still share a very similar mindset in her days of being a priestess. Attempts to be respectful, kind, forgiving, and generally good willed can be found. She believes that there are more people who can be forgiven than cannot, as well she does not typically label anyone as an 'enemy' or 'foe'. While her faith has wavered she is still a firm believer within the Light, simply not wishing to call unto its powers anymore. She no longer believes the light is the answer to every ones woes though, through life she has believed this to be true.

Nina doesn't care too much for the war among factions, in fact she had wish the war would blow over, she is not silly enough to think it will though. Her services are available for anyone who she thinks can use them, so long as they want her services as well.

Alignment: Lawful Good


Born in Lordaeron under Elric and Ella Struever two years before the Second War had begun. The youngest of four children and having grown up in a house which supported three families, including their own. Living conditions weren't great, but she was raised to the best of Elric's and Ella's abilities. Education could not be afforded, as Elric was a simple Private of the military force and Ella was a general store manager. They were provided with a basic level of education due to Elric's enlistment in the military, and so life had begun into a daily routine of boredom and work until an opportunity rose.

As opportunities rise, tragedies fall. Elric Struever had died in service and Ella Struever could not afford to raise Nina and her brother Jack alone, Richard and Adam were older and enlisted into the military, they tried to help out as much as they could; even then it was not enough. The opportunity presented itself through Richard, he had done some poking around and found that the Church of the Holy Light were looking for young recruits to become a future generation of priests and priestess. Nina had elected to go in place of Jack, and so the letter was sent and she had a remaining month with her family. Within the month she said her goodbyes, gave and received things to be remembered or remember, and visit her fathers grave one last time. The grave was where the 14 year old was approached by Lady Charlotte and her two other apprentices, both much older than Nina, with that she was whisked away to Stormwind for her training as a Priestess to begin.

The first six years of her training had been trivial, despite being constantly taught in the art of first-aid she mostly was a squire or page. She learned the history of the Light, theories, managing to become well versed on some scriptures and literature; but never was she taught how to put this into action. Finally her hands on training had begun, and apparently just in time. Lady Charlotte pulled Nina from Stormwind and set off across Azeroth to teach Nina the Holy Light and how to use it. Nina's most expected part was to head back to Lordaeron and see her family again, this was not so. She had been sheltered from the news purposely, most of Lordaerons citizens were now forsaken, and clearly Charlotte had hidden this from her on purpose. Her heart was near broken and her faith in the light began to fade as they continued their journey, her faith and loyalty to the alliance only continuing to fade with the years to come. They had finally traveled over the sea to Kalimdor and the Exodar, the priestess deciding to tear apart from her teacher and stay to see what the Draenei could teach her.

Nina's faith in the light was restored thanks to the Draenei, as well did she have a differing point of view to look at. They shared cultural values, traditions, and thoughts. While never willing to follow them completely or truly, she would take aspects from it to mold the person she is now. She had not hatred, but instead sympathy. She had return to Stormwind through a portal, to thank Charlotte for her years of training, only to find her Mentor had 'corrupted' and brought a group of disciples along with her. Nina stayed in Stormwind for a while, officially recognized as an ordain. Life within the city was too dull for the priestess, and so she sent forth into adventure once more.

The priest had gone through many challenges on her journey, but all were worth it in the end, she had gotten word of a group attempting to restore her homelands; The priestess head north in attempt to join their cause, and found herself easily able to do so. The Argent Crusade welcomed Nina with open arms, allowing her to work the ranks up to a private for the time being. Along the way she met a Forsaken mage named Edgar, after a while Edgar became an instructor for the crusade and Nina opted to train under him in the arts of the Arcane.

Skills and Abilities

Nina's still a novice under Edgar J. Barlton's wing, she knows little of the Arcane arts in theory and next to nothing in practice. Slowly but surely she will make her way up and into a stellar mage.

Despite her loss of the light, Nina is not completely hopeless in the medical field. She was raised and taught first aid throughout her life, and still retains those skills.