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Rate Multiplier
XP 5x
Quest XP 10x
Money Drop 10x
Green Drop 2.5x
Blue Drop 2x
Purple Drop 1.5x
Skill Increase 2.5x

Welcome to the Conquest of the Horde Wiki!

Conquest of the Horde is a private World of Warcraft server dedicated to roleplaying.

To everyone that has been coming in from Google searches or following links from one of the list sites or elsewhere, welcome! CotH is a private WoW server that focuses primarily on roleplay within the Warcraft setting, which is probably what drew you here to begin with. Keep in mind that everyone is expected to RP, and while the ruleset for the server is RP-PvP, that's only to assist in providing a more 'immersive' experience. Visiting the Rules of the server will set you off on the right direction, and then browsing the rest of the Wiki will help you learn a lot as well.

Keep in mind that this isn't an 'insta-80' server, per se. Nor do we have oodles of custom items. It used to be both of those in the past, but after much consideration and feedback, we decided to nix the items (they were too much of a timesink for the few GMs we have, and also a bit difficult to balance the world with); leveling to 80 is still done, but only after a certain point. Be sure to read the FAQs for more information on that, and other things!

CotH isn't a totally "Blizz-like" server. However, it also doesn't have absurdly increased rates. Check the table to the right to see how the server differs from a normal one, rate-wise.

The base server mechanic is RP. However, toggling /pvp will set your flag to FFA-PvP.

Despite the name of the server, Alliance characters are also welcome. I haven't had Alliance outposts or cities taken over by the Horde or anything. Admittedly, most of what I add by ways of extra NPCs or items to vendors will first be done in Orgrimmar, however I also seek to outfit Stormwind in a generally-similar manner.

In addition, all characters can speak Common/Orcish. After all, everyone was able to talk to each other before WoW, and the language barrier was added simply due to the MMO setting (ie, preventing gankers from easily cussing each other out). Bear in mind, however, that due to built-in game mechanics, Forsaken are unable to understand Common. Furthermore, custom emotes will indeed be seen cross-faction, so don't worry about needing to 'emote in says,' so to speak.

How to Begin

Step 1: Read over the Rules, FAQs, and Policies.

Step 2: Post an introduction. Make sure you read the stickies in the Introductions forum, as well as this thread.

Step 3: Once your introduction is posted, create a server account by clicking the *Game Account* link in the top-right corner of the forums. Keep in mind the login name and email must match your forum login and email (it's case-sensitive), and please ensure your password is alphanumeric to prevent any issues with logging in.
Note that if you've failed to follow the previous step (posting an introduction in the Introductions forum), you'll receive an error.

Step 4: Read the information on Connecting to the Server as well as information for Once you're connected.

Step 5: Read the information on Creating a Character.

Step 6: Get out there and RP!

Step 7: If you like the character you're RPing, write up a profile and post it.

Step 8: RP more! Earn your three vouches.

Step 9: Profit.

What's Here


Decided to actually keep an updated list on the forums. You can find it here.