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Player: Anji

Character Full Name: Mabel Vandermeer

Character In-Game Name: Mabel

Nickname(s): Mab

Association(s): Unaffiliated (strongly favors Alliance)

Race: Human

Class: Ranger/Rogue*

Skills and Abilities: Mabel is a ranger, and with that she is apt at hunting, tracking, and fighting. Though she can fight competently with a bow or a rifle, she prefers to fight with swords and daggers. Mabel is good at sneaking around and hiding from her enemies, but she relies more on her tenacity with blades than she does on ambushes.

(*When we switch to Cataclysm, she will be a Hunter)

Age: 31

Sex: Female

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 165 lbs.

Height: 5'10"

Usual Garments/Armor: Mabel wears an assortment of dark hides and leathers, sometimes accompanied by a dark, hooded cloak.


Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Though her lifestyle is free-spirited, Mabel is well-disciplined, reasonably honorable, and a devout follower of the Light. She is slow to trust others, but she can at least socialize and befriend those she judges to be respectable. Mabel strives for a greater good, but her concept of 'good' can sometimes be subjective. She holds a strong prejudice against orcs, trolls, and other "savage" races. Mabel reveres nature, peace, and order above all things, though the life she lives is harsher than her ideals.


Mabel Vandermeer was born the illegitimate child of Dick Vandermeer, a married pig farmer who lived on the outskirts of Lakeshire. Dick, a man of moral integrity, felt obligated to take care of his accidental child, despite the objections of his infertile wife, Esther. After Mabel's poor, young mother cared for the babe for a year, Dick took full responsibility for the child, and Mabel never saw her mother again. Esther never pretended to be Mabel's mother, and shunned her throughout her childhood.

Not long before Mabel's second birthday, the Dark Portal opened, and the failed orcish attack on Stormwind Keep alerted the humans of the threatening Horde. Dick Vandermeer was conscripted by the army of Stormwind, and he was deployed to Elwynn Forest. The first battle Dick faced was far worse than he expected, and he ran away to save his own skin. He returned to Redridge, but to avoid the consequences of his cowardice, the deserter Dick Vandermeer took his family far away from Lakeshire.

The Vandermeer family settled up in the mountains, in the far west of Redridge, where neither humans nor orcs could find them. They were self-sufficient with a small pig farm and a vegetable garden, and years passed before they made contact with other humans. The Alliance's victory in the Second War made it safe for the Vandermeers to visit towns for supplies, but Mabel's father was still too ashamed and afraid to return to society. These circumstances only worsened the relationship between Mabel and her step-mother, and between her step-mother and father.

But despite his shortcomings, Mabel was very close to her father. He taught her how to hunt, how to garden, and how to raise pigs; he taught her self-defense and how to use a bow; and he taught her to worship and revere the Holy Light.

Still, the lonely girl yearned for some variety in her life, and she wanted to live among more than two people. On her seventeenth birthday, Mabel left home to join Stormwind's army. At home in the wild and naturally agile, Mabel made an excellent scout. She was assigned to a post in Lakeshire, which made her more enthusiastic about her work.

During her years of service, Mabel slew quite a few orcs, and was proud to contribute to the defense of her homeland. When off-duty, Mabel resided in Lakeshire and socialized with townsfolk and soldiers alike - but she related to nobody as well as she had hoped. Disappointed with the people around her, Mabel left Lakeshire after she finished the three years of service she had enlisted for. When she returned to her mountainside home, she found the corpse of her father, dead from an untreated wound. She saw no sight of Esther.

She realized that she felt at home in the wilderness, living the lifestyle her father was almost reluctant to teach her. Mabel lived as a self-styled 'ranger' of the southern regions, travelling throughout the lower half of the continent and hunting beasts, orcs, and other fiends alike. She would visit towns only to rest, resupply, and find out how she could best protect the people. During the past decade, Mabel's lifestyle hardly changed, though in more recent years she has found herself riding farther than she had before.