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Player: WindZealot

Character Full Name: Gobbis (His true name is Gilkoibbis.)

Character In-Game Name: Gobbis

Nickname(s): Simply Gob most of the time.

Association(s): The Burning Legion, Cair Roseheart.

Race: Imp

Class: Courier

Skills and Abilities: Gobbis is able to throw fel fireballs. He also bears his claws for use in combat.

Age: 8952

Sex: Male

Hair: Gobbis' hair is a wild mess of fiery red upon the back of his head. The Imp has horns protruding from it's cranium, as well as hair of the same fiery red color on his thighs and forearms.

Eyes: Gobbis' eyes are a glowing yellow.

Scale/Height: 1.0


Usual Garments/Armor: Gobbis is an imp. Imps do not wear clothing.

Other: This guy's got claws as well as burning feet.


To say that Gobbis is a respectful demon is almost akin to an insult. Gobbis is essentially summed up as rude, snarky, and very prone to flipping the bird at anyone and anything that has crossed him. The imp loathes being insulted for his size, much like any other short-statured being. He can also get cocky at times.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil.


Almost 9000 years ago, the Imp known only as Gobbis was formed within the Twisting Nether for the sole purpose of conquering worlds for the Burning Legion. He was particularly employed as a scout or a courier of sorts under the Legion, carrying their important bits of information from one Fel corrupted goat to the other. It was a steady life for the imp, seeing various worlds, moving throughout them. This was most of his life for years. He bore no role in the surge to go through the portal to Azeroth formed from the Well of Eternity. That was a failure anyway.

But thousands upon thousands of years later, Gobbis found himself being summoned in a shack by a young woman, with an old man looking on. The woman's name was Lucille, and to sum up a long story, Gobbis found himself bound to the woman. He was then basically used as a servant by Lucille up until the woman's attempted escape from Gilneas after the Worgen came and did what Gobbis saw as a pitiful attempt at being a furry, dog-like Legion. Lo and behold, even after his first mistress was cursed by the bite of the mongrels, he still served her. He stuck with his mistress throughout her days with the Solheim Society, and he stuck with her even after it fell apart. Up until her death at the hands of another Warlock within the ruins of Draenor. He found himself dismissed at that time, and since Lucille had died, their contract was broken. Gobbis thought he was a free imp.

Then he got summoned -yet- again to Azeroth. This time, it was some pretty boy elf named Cair Roseheart who wrought the ill-tempered imp. He was bound once again to yet another pitiful mortal, and this time to be a delivery demon just as he was when he was formed. The imp's future from here on is uncertain.