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Game Masters, or GMs, are volunteers within Conquest of the Horde. They are the moderators of the server and watch over it to solve problems, disputes, and sometimes discipline people disobeying the rules. You can create an in-game petition (usually called a "ticket") to alert the GMs to certain problems you are experiencing, contact them through whispers (you can pull up a list of available, logged-in GMs ingame with the use of the ".gm ingame" command) or PMs. You can also submit reports and concerns in a designated subforum to contact the entire GM team at once. On Conquest of the Horde, GMs may have specific duties to perform.

Who Are the GMs?

A list of the current GMs and their general activity level can be found here.

What Does Each GM Do?

Kretol: Kretol is the admin, and is pretty much the person in charge who also primarily takes care of the coding that goes into operating and updating the server.

Grakor: Grakor is the "vice-admin." He's the one to go to with any disputes that may not have been able to be resolved with another GM, and he's also pretty much the head 'law' GM.


Similar to GMs, the orange Overseers are the interim server managers in the absence of the administrators. They have the authority to make executive decisions, take care of forum management and act as a point of communication in staff-related disputes. In short, they have lesser administrative permissions to take care of related tasks when the administrators are unavailable temporarily. See this server announcement for more information on this recent addition to the staff ranks.


The same shade of green you are all used to, the job of the GM is to take care of a variety of on-server tasks, such as NPC interactions as well as some spawning. They serve as the Racial Leaders, Guards, and are the driving force behind events. That said, what good would be a production without a stage, props and lighting to set the mood and tone? They also have the task of working in the background and making sure the scene is set for the players and their fellow GM's to act out whatever plot the community has prepared.

The GMs also help with watching and making sure chat rules are followed, and any sort of metagaming or blatant powergaming is quickly and effectively dealt with. Someone causing trouble or need to PM a GM some screenshots? Send it to them!

Think a capital city needs to be improved? Need some props added around a zone for a large group of RP'ers? Have an idea for an adventure? Send it over to these guys!

Trial GM

The dark green Trial GMs are recently promoted GMs who are learning the ropes of their new positions. They aid the other staff members in their duties.

Forum Helper

While not technically a GM, the purple Forum Helpers are part of the staff. They handle introductions, profiles and gruntship applications. They have no powers in-game, nor do they have authority anywhere outside of the three previously mentioned sections. As Forum Helpers aren't recruited the same way as GMs, see here for more information.

How do I become a GM?

You cannot become a GM via donations, which we are aware is common on other servers. Players may be invited to become GMs if they show maturity, a keen interest in developing the server, and trustworthiness, all of which take time for existing GMs to notice. Do not ask to become a GM. Don't call us, we'll call you.

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