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Neutral Ce
Ce Portrait.png
Player Geoni
Gender Male
Race Draenei
Class Templar
Age 36,299
Height 7’6” (1.01)
Weight 422 lbs.
Eyes Glowing blue.
Hair Bald, but he has a short beard, the color of the facial hair being a solid white.
Affilliation(s) Mac’Aree, Oshu’gun, Telredor, Shattrath, The Exodar, The Argent Dawn (ex), The Argent Crusade (ex), The Cenarion Circle (ex)
Occupation None
Status Alive/Wanted


Usual Garments/Armor: Ce has lost a great deal of his old armor and supplies. He only owns two sets of clothes at the moment: A large hooded coat that looks like a patchwork of various furs. Underneath the coat he wears a matching set of shirt and pants that are made out of thick brown leather. Underneath this he has a thin shirt of chain-mail that extends to his elbows and thin chain-mail leggings that extend to his ankles. His belt holds a coin pouch, a canteen, a small lantern, and a sheath at the right hip for a blade to fit in. He has a large wooden backpack that has compartments on the sides. On the back of the backpack there is a large slot for a shield to latch on. This shield is made out of scrap steel and held together with ropes that crisscross the metal.

His other outfit is a more casual one and rests in his backpack. If he's wearing it, it is a thick blue and white striped woolen long-sleeved shirt and a similar pair of pants to the ones he wears on his main outfit.

Other: His only accessory is a beaded necklace made from ancient wood. The spheres of this necklace are so old that they appear like dry sponges rather than smoothed wood. He also has two runic tattoos on each of his upper arms.


His mind is a wide expanse, filled to the point of turgor. It’s a turgor that he experiences every few hundred years, an explosion of forgetfulness that is triggered by a traumatic event; these events occurred frequently for the Draenei. So while he may have tens of thousands of years of knowledge under his wings, these wings have been clipped by time and horror. He claims to have a good memory, but much of it has been changed by the life story he would prefer to tell about himself rather than his real life story – what hadn’t been kept in journals over the years was subject to this mental revision. He is a quiet and intense person, and prefers to use his eyes and facial expression to communicate before he resorts to words. Generally, he’ll use both expression and words when he’s in a social mood. This being said, his favorite mode of communication is action. At his age he has come to realize that what people do for him and for each other speaks much more than lingual communication. Intensity is often a word thrown at him – this is both due to his social status and the aforementioned mentality.

His views on his own social standing have always been somewhat delusional, ever since the events that took place on Argus. His familial upbringing was an unusual one, so it didn’t help and has never helped as a positive identity builder. Instead, he relied on his partnership with Zokhirr to define who he was as a person. Ever since he lost the man he loved, he has clung to religion and veneration as a means to assert that he is a member of his own race even if at the core he knows that he is devoid of happiness and remains uncaring about both The Light and his own significance as a member of the Draenic people.

Job history plays a part in his personality – two mindsets that are constantly in conflict with one another: the mindset of a knight and the mindset of a scientist. In the public eye he tends to lean towards what a knight of his stock might value: bringing aid and kindness to those who are in need of it, remaining dutiful to his vows and expecting this from other people, upholding a sense of authority, and promoting the use of The Light. As an officer and a man who has lost both family and love, he treats both his fellow officers and subordinates as his own family and can become protective over them if they are threatened, despite how many of them he has problems with on the surface. In his private life, however, he is a researcher who values the scientific method and can sometimes make unethical decisions rather than ethical ones in the name of the experiment. At conflict with the bullheadedness that comes with being a templar, he is open-minded and curious in his private endeavors.

He is very unenthusiastic about approaching people and involving them in his life, yet he is absolutely open to those that want to come into it. While he is firmly held in his Draeneic beliefs and customs, he only practices them in the public eye and can be caught disregarding them in solitude. He has always been a Draenei and has lived through all of his race’s history, so he is unable to empathize with other ways of life and living so he only understands them at an observational level. And he has observed many things from Blood Elves, Orcs, Forsaken, Humans, and the others. And a good portion of the things he has observed haven’t exactly had a good impression. Despite this, he tries to be a worldly person and appreciate other cultures because that is how his mate was in Argus. Ce is the type of person to look at the details of things rather than the entire picture, and he gets quite caught up in those details – this can result in a variety of behavior that can be considered quirky when compared to those who look at the big picture, or understandable to those who take as much neuroticism in detail as he does. This stems from his time as a plant caretaker on the Oshu’gun, and from the sense of perfection he was trying to attain from his garden. This quality is one that he cannot shed, and it often drives him to a temporary state of mania. He expresses an acceptance of imperfection in people, and yet on a personal level strives for perfection just as his parents did, despite swearing to himself that he would never become like them.


Age of Utopia

Fast asleep in the womb, Ce already travelled the world before he learned to crawl. His mother, a woman who spent millennia to reach a state of inner bliss and self-actualization, left on her second journey around Argus. This was the first time she would go it alone, as her mate killed himself in silence, shattering the wholeness she felt about herself, and shaking the foundations of her identity. She was as torn as the nearly blank note he left underneath the empty bottle of poison. As she realized that she was with child, she realized that her mate finally accomplished all that he wanted to in life, and decided that it was time to leave it. As a result, he bastardized Ce from the very moment of his conception.

Her water broke the moment her feet touched the edge of the sea, as if it were the expanse of the water that pulled the child out from under her belly. She sought rest at a nearby port, and before she left by ship, she had a ceremony held for her newborn child, where she would toss her mate’s suicide note into the fire and name her child Ce, after the single and unfinished word that he left on the split paper. The ink that faded by the second letter was the last inch of the parchment to remain visible before the entirety of the note was reduced to black ash. For the duration of the oceanic voyage, she nursed and cradled her child in her arms as she created a wrap to carry him in from crystal weave.

By the time the ship set its anchor down against the seafloor of its destination, Ce’s mother had already decided her own fate, and the fate of her son. The first words that Ce learned to mutter and shout were those that he overheard in his mother’s prayers, and the first of his toys were the beads that she pressed her fingers against as she projected said prayers. Though there were many towns and villages scattered among the shining rivers of the planet, she never settled in one place. As a result, Ce had a childhood without many friends or role models; he learned the devastation of loss as he made and had to leave friends as his mother continued on her journey around Argus. Until she had taught all that there was to teach her child, his mother made this journey a number of times, until hundreds of years passed by. By then, she had already told him all the stories she could tell, taught him all the virtues she could teach. The two of them eventually returned to the capital and his mother settled there so that Ce might find a path for his life. He became a mage's apprentice for a few centuries, learning as much as he could about the arcane energies of his world, and through this process he learned of portal making and the important purpose it played for travelers, fragmented families, and the economy. He became a portal specialist and an archivist, listening to all of the stories travelers would tell him.

The high point of Ce's first full career was when he published his first encyclopedia of Argus. Having gained a comfortable amount of wealth from being a portal maker, he was able to fund the mass production of this encyclopedia, which was sent to schools and libraries around Argus. It was at this time, when out of the blue, Ce's mother took her life. She had been living off of the money that her son generously provided her through his work, but rarely spoke with him because she told him that he needn't worry about her and that she will always have fulfillment with Ce around. She told this to him again and again for centuries, until he fully believed it. When she read through Ce's entire encyclopedia she ripped out one of the blank pages at the end of its last volume and wrote her final words on it:

Suicide Note

“My dear Ce, I have given you all that I have to give. You must continue to give to others as I have given to you. This is love. It is written bold on every page of these books. My last wish is that you never let go of what you have attained in this past millennia: a love for everyone.

I grow cold and weak with this emptiness. No, perhaps it is that I'm too full. You must now move past hating me for having left you alone just as you were able to move past what your father did to us. I myself now understand it, that nothing lies beyond the experience of a moment where you feel everything is in a state of sheer perfection, and that since forever is not promised, that time and one's personal universe have aligned. He felt that when you were born. I felt that when I finished these books. I have reached my own perfection, and that perfection is you, Ce. Know that your father loved you, and that I loved you, as we wrote our last words. We may be dead, but you are our immortal vow, alive with grace.”

Ce only felt bereft because of this. He could not forgive himself for being unable to sense that his mother had spiraled into this deranged philosophy that occasionally plagues the immortals of his world, an existential summit too clouded to climb down from. After he buried his mother, he buried the drafts of his encyclopedia's second edition with her. After he closed her casket, he closed all of the portals he made. He decided it was time for him to travel the world alone for himself, if just to get away from Mac'Aree. During these travels, Ce found that he had become addicted to the use of the arcane as incidents arose during this journey where he found himself abusing it. He stopped himself before it got worse and returned to the city in less than a year after leaving it. He approached one of his old teachers about ceasing the use of the arcane and she agreed with Ce; she organized a plan to wane him off the use of it by staying within a controlled environment for a little over two years. During this time Ce reflected on what it was he really wanted out of life and realized it was time to travel again, but this time with a clear mind. His trainer endorsed the idea of Ce giving travel another try and released him from the program she made.

Ce set out once again, and thanks to his teacher's program he truly did so with a clear mind, so he was able to absorb a truer sense of each atmosphere he found himself in. Each town held the souls of the hands that built them, each mountain or forest its unique smell and climate, and each person an experience to pause for. It was through this journey when Ce realized the absurdity of his mother's philosophy: nothing is perfect, every thing and every person is dynamic to a molecular level. One morning, as he nearly reached the end of his journey across the planet, he sat at the table of a small bed and breakfast that a lovely artisan couple ran and had a conversation with both of them that lasted until dinner, until he had to stay another night just because they spent an entire day doing nothing but reflecting and sharing thoughts. When he left that next morning, he'd made up his mind that he would attempt to run an inn if he could get everything he needed to do so. First, he needed a few lessons on how to run an inn and so he traveled the entire world one more time so he could get tips and suggestions from those who ran their own inns or bed and breakfast. He learned that the most important supply to build and run an inn, which is hospitality in its purest sense, was something he already owned. The rest was learning about business, applying for a grant and license, and finding an ideal location to build one.

(drafting pause)

For thousands of years, he would remain alone as the building’s only permanent resident. With all of his will and effort, he provided sporadic travelers with a warm room, meal, and conversation. Though these visitors he was able to love his planet, ever changing as he was, as he learned about its many denizens and developments. Even if they were to stay with him for a few days or less, Ce became a friend to many travelers, and to a select few, a lover. However, passing the millennia in this way became a burden to Ce, so he often escaped in his dreams, spending much of his time sleeping.

One night, Ce had an unsettling dream. In this dream, the planet was frozen over and he was the only person alive. He walked across an icy wasteland, finding nobody but himself. Eventually, he stumbled across two large creatures, giant beasts often used as mounts in Argus. Both were completely frozen to the ground, unable to do anything. One had died this way, but the other was struggling to break free of the ice. Ce could see behind the layer that the creature’s eyes were open, moving, and terrified. He lit a torch and held it before the creature, hoping to free it of the chilling capsule, but woke up to find out that he had lit his building on fire with a candle and that he was trapped within it. He had to jump from the second floor of the building to escape, and injured himself as a result. Yet, he felt blessed that on this night because nobody else was staying in the building.

Eventually, Ce was found lying beside the rubble by a colorful traveler named Zokhirr. The man was clad in clothing from many different cultures throughout Argus, but despite the delicate threads he wore, he carried the injured Ce on his back until he was able to recuperate. As he was being carried, Ce told Zokhirr the story behind his injury and the pile of rubble he was found lying beside, and compassionately, Zokhirr made an offer to Ce, “You have done so much for travelers like me and expected nothing in return, and now that you are without any home, I want you to stay at mine for a while.”

Zokhirr’s home, as it turns out, is one in the blessed city of Mac’Aree that he had recently purchased. With Ce’s experience, he was able to find a job as a tutor in Mac’Aree, while Zokhirr himself tutored Ce on the workings of magic that the many citizens of Argus practiced. Eventually, the nature of their relationship turned from friendship to love, and Ce and Zokhirr shared vows as mates. Now that he wasn’t alone, Ce didn’t find it to be as much of an existential burden to pass the millennia when he could pass them with Zokhirr, even though Zokhirr’s parents disapproved of Ce because they thought his parents were, as was much of his upbringing, full of insanity. Ce himself recognized this, but asserted that it was the future that mattered, and caring for their son that gave him a satisfying purpose in life. Yet, peace never lasts forever, not even for the utopian city of Mac’Aree.

The conflict that Sargeras brought to Argus was one that would forever change as he disturbed the triumvirate, a disturbance that led to Velen’s theft of the ata’mall crystal. Having been one of the hundreds of the trusted, Ce travelled with the others to the mountain on that fateful day, and Zokhirr pleaded Ce to go ahead, that he would arrive shortly after he did. At first he was unable to convince Ce to go without him, so he set his robes on his shoulders and sent him away. This was to be the last Ce would ever hear from Zokhirr. When he was escaping the city, he found his nextdoor neighbor alone with his son. The son was named Tavus, a man who was bound to a wheelchair due to a deformity. The father asked Ce to take his son to the mountain with him. Ce agreed to wheel him up, if only as a mindless obligation to keep himself from worrying about Zokhirr. Other eredar offered to help so he took turns wheeling him up the mountain with them, but eventually carried him on his shoulders after the rest became frustrated with how much this slowed them down. When he reached the summit, he waited. His heart pounded as he could hear the man’ari scrambling up the mountain, and it wouldn’t stop beating in such a way until the vessel appeared above the untainted few and lifted them up into the sky. Ce stared to the ground as he was being pulled away, and felt the resistance in his ascension as he realized that he would never see this place again.

Age of the Voyage

Having lost everything that he held dear, Ce embraced the only thing that he had left, something new and full of warmth: it was the light of the Naaru. At least that’s what he tried to use it for – after the incredible amount of loss he recently endured, the only thing that could bring him out of a fugue state was feeling welcome among his people – and so he worked hard at being a pious man in order to achieve this feeling. Despite this, life on the Oshu’gun wasn’t something that Ce was able to settle into comfortably, nor would he ever fully settle in an emotional sense. He found work in exploration of new planets, work that would always end in the same result of retreating back into the Oshu’gun because of the impeding Burning Legion. Like many of his people, he felt hunted and displaced.

“How fitting…” he would often think to himself, “to be considered one of the exiled ones.”

Though urges would sometimes prod at his being, Ce resisted finding new lovers on the Oshu’gun, still wounded by the loss of Zokhirr, ever dutiful to his memory, worship of the Naa’ru, and to the work of exploration. It was a job that he found hope in, being able to step hoof across the fertile soil of life-sustainable planets. Some of the planets were cold and icy. Some of the planets were dry and vast with deserts. Other planets were lush as a rainforest. No matter where he went, it was as if Ce was travelling through the dreams that he once passed his time in during his early years on Argus. But like many dreams, they would turn to nightmares and eventually be forgotten.

Because he began to understand the nature of dreams, they eventually became a hopeless thing to cling onto and didn’t matter to him any longer: instead, he would find a plant on each planet and take one from each, bringing along enough soil to sustain it on the Oshu’gun. Eventually, he removed even his bed to make room for all of the plants that he gave home to in his small room. Some plants were kept inside glass boxes for humidity, some were kept under lamps so that they received plentiful heat, and others grew beside a small body of water that Ce carved into his floor. Friendless for millennia, Ce meticulously groomed and took care of all his plants and estranged himself from most of the others he shared the Oshu’gun with. He eventually became a botanist and a director of in-ship agriculture in order to make it seem like he wasn’t mere luggage, cramped up in the ship.

Despite feeling alienated from the others, he was still close to Tavus. Ce had fallen into a deep depression, but here was a man who was unable to go anywhere off the ship but was able to remain hopeful and joyful in his own pursuits. He became a jewelcrafter, and as a gift of thanks for carrying him up the mountain, Tavus gave Ce prayer beads made from crystal as a way of saying thanks. He barely prayed in his solitude, but after recieving the gift he felt obligated to pray. And so, just as his plants stretched their leaves up into the air, Ce would keep in touch with the light by kneeling down each night and counting each bead in his hand. Eventually, fate as twisted as the vines that crawled up the walls of Ce’s room led to the crash of the Oshu’gun on Draenor. In the crash, Ce’s entire room was destroyed. Much like his dreams his plants had been uprooted, shattered out of their containers, their soils mixed together with displaced fruits and seeds. Due to his room being closer to the crashing end of the ship, even the walls were crushed and distorted beyond recognition. Yet, it didn’t matter, because Ce would never lay eyes on it again.

Luckily for Ce, he wasn’t in his room at the time of the crash, and had been attending service with the same priestess who kept watch over Ce, making sure that he was close to the light and that he didn’t go insane taking care of his plants. With the help of other worshippers of the service, he was able to escape the Oshu’gun safely. Eventually, these worshippers would become something of a family to Ce as they built a village together out of raw resource and learned what it meant to depend on one another beyond just spirituality.

Age of Sustainability

Labii and Skotav are two interchangeable words that Ce often uses when recounting his past. Both are names for the village in which he once resided when he lived on Draenor. When he lived within it, the village was called Labii, the village of light. It earned its name for the bright crystal that was erected in the middle of the village so that travelers could use it as a landmark during the darkness of the night. The pillar that held the crystal shot up out of the ceiling of the village’s temple, the center of worship. The name of this temple was Skotav.

Worship in Labii was the most important part of life there. It is here where Ce learned what it meant to be a pious man, not just on the surface, but now in his mentality as well. This is because ritual was integrated into every possible facet of life: before eating he had to completely bathe himself, residents carried compasses so they could pray in the direction of the Oshu’gun and Ku’re, all work was put to a halt when an important service was called, and many other rituals. Being one of the more limber men, Ce found work as a hunter. He enjoyed this job for a while, as he always wanted to learn how to use a weapon. However, all hunters in Labii were to be instructed by a weapon specialist who taught hunters how to kill an animal as painlessly as possible and what to do in respect of its spirit once it has been killed. From that point onward, may they be used against man or beast, Ce would use weapons carefully and gracefully as he used them during his stay in Labii.

A hundred years after his stay in Labii, Ce began to learn more about the Orcs he shared the planet with when he stumbled upon an Orcish caravan on a hunting trip. Orcs were not allowed within Labii, just as Draenei were not allowed in Orc settlements, but Ce knew that these races met somewhere, and after they greeted each other with friendly gestures he knew this was the place he wanted to be: a crossroad of cultures. He began to converse with the Draenei that led caravans through the Orcs’ routes, and found out that many of them were in need of bodyguards to protect them from the dangers of the wild. Experienced with that wild, Ce decided to apply for the job and was accepted. From then on, he no longer considered himself a citizen of Labii, but a citizen of Draenor.

On one of the crossroads of Nagrand, Ce met an Orc caravan once again. It wasn’t until the second time meeting this specific caravan when he noticed that one of these brown men looked just like him; they locked eyes the first time they met, but said nary a word. Yet, there was a connection between the two when they met eyes. Ce knew that here was a man who lived in an entirely different world than himself, but lived a very similar life. He wanted to know the man and what he was thinking, but knew any sense of intimacy would remain a passing thought due to the cultural barriers. Despite the inability to connect with him, it was at that moment when Ce felt at peace with the Orcs he shared the planet with, a feeling he forcibly reminds himself of in the present. As years passed by, he watched these men grow old and die, and he would keep track of one after the other over the centuries, feeling unsettled about his lifespan when compared to the lifespan of theirs. He often felt jealous of this short lifespan. Eventually, being a ‘citizen of Draenor’ became too mobile and Ce turned from the life of a caravan bodyguard to that of a farmer, wanting to settle down in Labii again. It only took a few years of living in the town before he grew tired of it once again. Sure, he had put effort into befriending the others, and they had befriended him, but they would always talk about the same things, and Ce became incredibly irritated by this to the point of becoming antisocial and genuinely angry whenever somebody tried to talk to him for more than five minutes. However, he did still have that passion for agriculture and growing plant life, so he decided to travel around Draenor and help other people improve their crops by applying all of the knowledge he gained both during and after the voyage on the Oshu’gun. Most of the time, he helped various Draenic towns – his own people grew vegetables more often than the Orcs, who had little roughage in their diets and what Ce assumed were irritable bowels. That being said, Ce did introduce a method or two to the few Orcs that were open enough to accept his horticultural teachings, even if they only applied this knowledge to grow plants with ceremonial use.

Ce was amazed that he got that far with the Orcs, since the general mentality seemed to be that each race kept to their own. Unfortunately the improvements of interactions with the Orcs along with that age of sustainability ended soon after Ce began that job, as the Burning Legion had finally caught up with his people and the Orcs were the perfect victims of persuasion. At first, Ce could only be suspicious as to why Orcs were following him around. Something seemed tainted about the once peaceful people that were now skulking behind him. Eventually he had to clash with an Orc and wrestled him to the ground, fortunately breaking an arm so that he could run away. He was alone, and had only one place to run away to.

It wasn’t until he arrived at the village of Labii when he realized the horror that followed him there. It was night, and it was dark. Never before had Labii appeared so dim. When he entered the village, he found out why the light of the crystal no longer shined: it was covered with blood. The crystal pillar had been torn from the top of the temple, with the decapitated bodies of worshippers and the priests tied onto ropes that wrapped around the pillar. Ce walked into the place of worship to find the villagers seated in the pews, many of them with hands clasped together, all of them dead.

Ce couldn’t stay in the village, not even to mourn for or bury his old neighbors. The threat of those following him seemed clear at that point, and with the three surviving members of the town, he fled to the last refuge of the Draenei in Telredor. There, he reunited with his old friend Tavus who by that time had found his legs through technology and become a vindicator. He taught Ce the ways of the vindicator so that he could stand strong for his bastion, aiding in the fight against those who sought to destroy him and the last of his people. There he discovered the mastery of battle and learned that the way of the sword was his calling. However, as warlocks entered the fray, Ce noticed that this attracted a demonic corruption that would turn them into broken versions of what they used to be. From then on, he had to continue fighting knowing that he was at risk of becoming a broken himself. These battles lasted over seven years until things finally settled down. They were grueling for him, but they also gave him a stronger backbone than he had before.

During his few years of stay in Zangarmarsh, Ce also studied fungal ecology and learned about the struggles of the Sporelings when he wasn’t on the battlefield or helping out with things in Telredor. He made a promise to a Sporeling child that he would one day return to this place to drive off the monsters that threaten to exterminate the Sporeling race. However, plans were being devised in Telredor about escaping by taking the Tempest Keep, which was guarded by the Sin’dorei at the time. Ce was one of the first to raise his sword and urge the others to aid in the storming of Tempest Keep. And though he was victorious there, he lost many comrades in that battle, and earned himself a permanent burn mark on his right arm.

Age of the new World

Being one of the first few to find his way out of the wreckage of the crash, Ce saw the purple trees and felt the damp air. The air was still, but behind him were the moans and shouts of those still trapped; he had no time to admire the scenery. The first few days were exhausting for Ce, as he volunteered himself to be one of the wreckage removers, which meant the lifting of many large pieces of rubble and that he had to carry people two and from the medical tents that were set up. However, as the Kal’dorei arrived to the scene and helped them out, things moved along faster and smoothly, and all that could be saved were saved.

Meanwhile, Ce would learn about Azeroth from one of the Kal’dorei as he continued to help out in the medical facility over the next few months. Once he learned about all of the wars that had been going on while his people were struggling to stay alive, he knew that he would readily join Azeroth’s forces to fight back against the corruption that had followed him there. But on a personal level, he wanted to meet all of the different peoples the new world had to offer despite all of the negative things the Kal’dorei had to say about them. By the time he got used to Azeroth’s atmosphere, recruiters of the Argent Dawn arrived to the Exodar in search of able Draenei to fight for their cause. Ce, eager to fight the Scourge and the Legion, found the recruits before they found him. After an interview with one of the recruiters, Ce was immediately accepted into training.

For the next year and a half, Ce learned the ways of the Paladin as he trained his way up the ladder within the Argent Dawn. He respected the humans’ worship of the light and their interpretation of holy warriors, and felt that he was only following his own oaths by becoming a paladin. He knew that if he was willing to accept the virtue of chastity, that he could ignore his sexuality and not worry about feeling hesitant to settle down with a woman so that his race might be built back up again; Ce knew that he wouldn’t be able to ignore who he was, but he also knew that by doing so he would be ignoring a duty to his people. He did this often, and it caused him a lot of anger and grief with what he considered to be a condition.

He redirected all of his angers and frustrations into battle. His superiors began to take notice of his ferocity and valor, and pulled him away from the front lines to appoint him as an officer. He led his forces directly into Scourge territory without caution, yet he was able to pull all of the soldiers together and give them very specific directions as to how they should fight an upcoming battle – tactics he was forced to learn on Draenor when his race was threatening extinction. As a result, they were victorious most of the time, though a certain percentage of them were lost along the way. Not all of his tactics worked perfectly and this tended to bother Ce without end.

Soon enough, Ce became a person who gathered attention from people of various units, and when he did, he learned about the few who decided to take their holy powers to another length, the Argent Dawn Templars. With the ferocity he held inside of himself over the years, and the false sense of closeness he felt to The Light, Ce was much more accepting of the idea of using spells of divinity in a much more destructive and effective way. He caught the eye of a particular officer within that sect who would take him on as her trainee as a Templar, and found out that the man she was training had a life bound by duty and ritual; becoming a Templar was an easy feat for Ce. From that point onward, he dedicated himself to training newcomers to the Argent Dawn while researching the plant and animal life of Azeroth, along with the diseases and illnesses that wreak havoc among that world. With his free time, when he wasn’t trying to remain chaste, he dedicated himself to this research and taught himself a lot of medical knowledge. Many of the races he thought would have been nice to get to know were in fact mostly terrible people in their own ways, and so he distanced himself from being more social than was required of him and invested his time and hope into his research on disease. Eventually the forces dealing with the Scourge reorganized themselves and Ce found himself within the Argent Crusade. After sticking through a series of events in the organization, he was promoted to the rank of officer once again in a unit commanded by a man he had gotten to know since joining the Crusade, Krilari Dawnsend. Things were a lot different in this unit than in The Argent Dawn, as Ce was pushed to dedicate himself to interacting with and getting to know the newer recruits within the unit and applying their skills to the missions the unit was sent on, and there were many.

On one particular mission, demonic influence led to a scenario where his mind was tricked into thinking there was a man’ari standing in front of himself, even though it was his comrade, and he attempted to strike the man with a bolt of holy energy. At the last minute, he realized that his mind was being manipulated and pushed the man out of the way, being struck by his own bolt. This led to web-like scarring that covered his entire body for months and his own re-evaluation of his skills as what has been called a ‘Crusader Champ’. At that moment, and many others, he didn’t feel worthy of it.

Ever since the incident, Ce has toned down his application of light energies as a Templar and limits how much of the energy he uses. And in general, he calmed down in how much he became invested in his position. He benefited from taking a step back and reevaluating things, as it led him to understand the situation in the plaguelands better and how the he should fight within it as an officer, as well as what needed to be focused on. At the same time, calming down and reevaluating things has led him to the realization that he doesn’t care about his unit as much as he convinced himself he did. He led himself to belief that they were like his family and fighting alongside them gave him a good purpose in life, but he questioned the very idea of this being a means to give him purpose in life, and it was his research and independent travels that led to his demise.

Age of an Outlaw

(kind of a rough draft/WIP here, just a rundown of the details)

Ce was travelling around Azeroth when he was working with the Crusade to further his research for himself and to assist the Cenarion Circle. As he travelled, he met a man named Albert on his way back to Hearthglen on a small detour. He only wanted some water, since his canteen was empty, and decided to ask whoever was in this home for some. When he met Albert, he found what appeared to be a sickly middle-aged human man who had the gift of socially entrapping people, at least Ce. They spoke about many things and became good friends, and Ce visited often, but one day the man asked Ce a favor after telling him everything about his situation and getting to know the Draenei better himself. He asked Ce to assist him in a suicide. Ce denied the request but a conflict arose out of it that led to Ce giving in to his request. After he buried his body and exited the property for the last time, he realized the mistake he made when he checked the mailbox and noticed a letter from his daughter, who was supposed to not be in contact with her father anymore, speaking about hoping to return and recover their relationship.

Ce moved on from this event with silence and despair. He continued his work for both the crusade and the circle as if nothing had happened, but what he did soon came to light. Albert kept a diary in his room chronicling the events up until the day he died and this included information about his last friend, including his name, and what he was going to ask him to do on his last entry. Ce was quickly brought to court by his superiors, stripped of his title and belongings, and put in prison for almost half a year. During his imprisonment those who he thought were friends to him trusted not a word he said and didn't listen to his situation despite having been completely honest about it during the trial. His physical prowess slowly drained from him over the months but it was his mind that truly slipped away. He had never been imprisoned for the tens of thousands of years he had been alive and in his loneliness and loss he aired a thought of suicide to one of the other prisoners, who then snitched him out the next day. For his last two months, he was kept in chains.

An old face, a gnome that he caught committing a crime a few months in the past when he was visiting Dun Morogh, showed up one day in the cell next to his. It was Charlie, a man he blackmailed into serving the Argent Crusade instead of turning him into the authorities. At first, Charlie told Ce that he was actually preparing to break Ce out for a few months after hearing about his trial and imprisonment. Still holding Ce to his blackmail threat, he told Ce this was a means to make them equal. He didn't say much more about it to Ce, only that it would take a few days for his plan to work itself out. In the meantime he became a listening ear to Ce, the first person to show him kindness in over half a year, and it was then when Ce opened up to Charlie and told him his story and more about himself. A few nights later Ce awoke to find Charlie standing above him in his cell. Ce had been unchained, the guards were on the ground unconscious, and the cell door was open. Ce asked no questions. He escaped Hearthglen with Charlie through a little portal and a lot of stealth and made it to Ironforge where he lived with Charlie for a month before running into somebody what he knew from the Argent Crusade that recognized him. He was reported, and hunted down, and barely escaped into the wilderness alone. He has been surviving as an outlaw ever since. Upon the discovery of Pandaria, he saw the continent as an opportunity to escape from the lands he had spent his last few years on, and began to refer to himself as 'Azzan' to the natives. He befriended many of them and committed himself to assisting in their endeavors where he was able to as a means of survival.

Skills and Abilities

As a Draenei that has lived for thousands of years, even before his people were touched by the magic that was given to them by the ata’mall crystal. He has a strong knowledge base of magic that he has honed the use of over the years. His sense of valor in the here and now dates back to these years as well, carrying the virtues that his mother once taught him and the stories that travelers once told.

As a Paladin and Templar, Ce uses his holy powers for offensive uses more often than defensive uses, though he is still able to shield both himself and others with holy light. He is both a skilled archer and a skilled swordsman. The bow was the first weapon he ever used, and on Draenor he learned to use only one arrow to kill an animal as was this was seen as the cleanest and most merciful way to kill. Though he only has a few decades of experience with the sword, he has also learned to use it when necessary, as it was when he was trying to protect his people in Telredor. He prefers one-handed swords because they enable him to carry a shield in his other hand so that he can protect himself from blows.

From his work in research and the medical field, he has an extensive knowledge of known disease causers, antidotes and cures for them, and how to treat other illnesses.