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Player Name: Majyk

In-Game Name: Blaudia

Character Full Name: Blaudia Marianne Nihil

Given Name: Blaudia

Nickname(s): “Blaud”

Association(s): The Horde, The Undercity

Race: Forsaken

Class: Priest

Skills and Abilities: Blaudia, being a shadow priest, has the typical spells and abilities that you would expect. Mind Blast, Mind Flay, Shadow Words, Shadowform, etc. She isn't all that powerful or weak, but she is on the climb to power (sort of.)

Age of Death: 24

Age: 33

Sex: Female

Hair: Platinum Blonde. It's stringy and ends three inches above her shoulders.

Eyes: Shadowy orbs of what she once had.

Weight: 98 lbs.

Height: 5ft 6inch


Alignment: Lawful Evil

Blaudia, while she was alive, began to only look out for herself. But in death, this trait almost flip-flopped and she began to regard the Forsaken, as a race, as if they were her children. Her selfish streak comes out every now and then, especially if a promise of power is made. She also rather likes to tease the more responsive of the Forsaken. While she doesn't really feel emotion, she feels the shadows of them, so she isn't totally ignorant of emotions.


Blaudia lived in Hearthglen when she was little. She was a fairly normal child, except she had an abusive father and a super-passive mother. She also had some siblings, two brothers and a sister. Being the youngest, she learned to hide when her siblings wanted to take their frustration out on her. She began to get rather good at hiding. Her favorite places were dark. She hid in the dark so much that she began to see it as a safety blanket of sorts.

As she got to 16 or so, she was fed up with life at home and fled. She didn't really care about her family as she didn't have a particular love for any of them. She travelled all over Lordaeron, stealing her coin and sleeping in hidden nooks and crannies. She heard the horrible rumors of the plagued grain and the fanatic Arthas. She didn't care for them because she thought they were just flights of fancy. That is, until she attempted to go to Stratholme after the culling.

She then decided that it was time to settle down and attempted to do so in the capital of Lordaeron. Not too long after that, Arthas came home from his campaign in Northrend. She managed to get out of Lordaeron alive and fled to where a group of priests were, hoping to convert. She told herself she was there to help, but she was really there to save her soul.

The Scourge had no trouble with their little sect of Light wielders. The camp was overrun and the people were all converted into weapons of the Scourge. Blaudia did terrible things as a member of the Scourge, as all did.

Blaudia was one of the lucky ones that had the will of the Lich King waver on. She was part of the army that helped liberate Lordaeron from the remaining Scourge and didn't know what to do with herself after that. She just sat around and eventually her memories came back. They played back in reverse, actually. She saw herself as a priest first and went to join the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow. It wasn't until later, after her priest foundations were laid nice and tight that she remembered that she wasn't really a priest. But the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow preached that all Forsaken were born of shadow and that appealed to Blaudia. She learned how to manipulate the shadow magic and that she must exert her will on the universe in order to change it. She rather liked the philosophy of the shadow priest and chose that as her calling after all, she had a better connection to the shadow than the light. She forgot her real last name and decided to make one up, something to further her connection to the shadow.

She went about learning shadow magic and philosophy while helping any injured Forsaken she could. She felt a special kinship to her fellow Forsaken and she couldn't put a finger on it. She wasn't all that pleased with the Forsaken joining the Horde, but she also didn't have a mind for war so she just shrugged and went about her duties.

Eventually, the Battle of Undercity rolled around. Since she was not loyal to Putress or Varimithras, she left the Undercity as the two claimed it for themselves. As she basically just stood outside with groups of other Forsaken, the Horde showed up and began to assault the Undercity. She stayed outside, healing any Forsaken that would need it. She was absolutely livid when she found out what really happened but then she waved it off, something she couldn't control or influence in anyway.

Then the orcs came, replacing most of their guards. That wasn't right. She believed that the Forsaken had taken Undercity back for good and that the orcish presence wasn't needed and would fume as she kept at her work. Eventually, she noticed the fliers for the Hand of Sylvanas around. Perfect, she thought. She would then attempt to find a place in the organization to finally rid their beautiful city of their orcish jailors.