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Bella. Oh god.

User: Secrettom

Character Full Name: Bella LaMarr

Character In-Game Name: Bella

Nickname(s): Belle, Sister, Madwoman

Association(s): Stormwind

Race: Human

Class: (Shadow) Priest

Age: 34

Sex: Female

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Weight: 140

Height: 5' 7"


Bella can usually be seen wearing long, elegant dresses that show off her supposed "Beauty" she also carries a small dagger around her waist at all times.

Other: Bella is quite ugly, if this is due to her personality or simply looks; it is unknown. Even though her face is squashed-looking, she always tries her best to look fashionable, and her hair, clothing, clean skin and painted nails expresses that. She thinks she is the best. She wants to be the best. So she must look the best.


Bella is quite haughty at first glance and in personality. She can be loud, scheming and quite rude when she feels that the person she is speaking with is below her. In fact, she sees most people as being below her. As for how she see's people she respects and even fears, she shrinks down into nothing more but a submissive servant, and not daring to show any of the tendencies she would show to those she has no real respect for. If given the chance, she will lose control; and let her corrupted power attack those who she feels deserves it.


Bella was born into Stormwind city as a very poor girl. Her parents had been farmers in Westfall who often travelled to Stormwind to sell their exports in the streets. The little girl knew what it was like to be the lowest of the low, standing in the rain and selling fruits and flowers to anybody willing to step by her families rickety old cart; Only to make the hour-long trek home with her family- Empty handed. She was being ignored and generally neglected due to the adult worries of money and the oncoming Defias and other monsters that lurked in Westfall.

It was around the age of 14 that Bella put her faith into, well....Faith. She had decided that her life was to be given to the light, and worked her way as a lowly student in Northshire to a priest-in-training inside the great Cathedral of Light. The Cathedral, unlike the small building in Northshire always had constant visits by royalties, Nobles and even people from visiting nations...and it was there when she had met her husband. Steven LaMarr was a small, heavyset man who was a somewhat-respected Noble of Stormwind city. It was not for love that Bella had fallen in love with him- It was lust. Lust for the power he had. Lust for the fortunes that his great family carried in vaults beneath the city and lust for the simple idea of status.

They had quickly married and Bella had slowly forgotten her training in The Light. They say that Greed and Lust are corrupting, and this is true, but even more for someone who had trained so hard mentally and physically for her great faith. As her material possessions had gotten the better of her, her mind, heart and even her very abilities where tainted. Bella soon realized, that even after leaving her life of the light behind, the Shadow still remained....And soon she soon had no faith in the light whatsoever. The shadow gave her even more power that she lusted so much over, and soon learned to refine her control in secret, on her own.

So now we see the Bella you meet now...a dry, material woman who only cares about what she can do to further herself. Her shadow powers still remain of course, and she will use the basic psychic shockwaves and means of attacks as forms of punishment for any of those who make her angry.

Her mind is slowly ebbing away, only leaving a husk of a body that only cared about the hairstyle of next week...