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Owner Aidan Medren
Creator Aidan Medren
Type Two-Handed Sword
Age Recent
Size Large
Weight Moderate
Place of Origin Khaz Modan
Material Elementium
Magical Yes
Status In use


Silverflame is a greatsword of masterful craftsmanship with a strange forked tip. The blade is an alloy of Elementium and Thorium, giving it great strength and (when combined with its enchantment) a great resistance to heat. Its hilt and guard are pure Elementium, giving it a natural purple color, and is inlaid with the four Abyss Crystals that contain its enchantment.

The hilt is wrapped in a long Core Leather strip (chosen for its fireproof qualities). Tied to the end of the leather strip is a medallion bearing the image of a lily overlaid on the Crest of Lordaeron: the image of the Order of the Lily, a fraternity of Lordaeronian Death Knights and undead dedicated to restoring their kingdom for the sake of the living.


Silverflame bears an enchantment of ancient Elven magic laid over its foul Death Knight runes. It glows with a faint silver light that grows as bright as an open flame when it is storing magical energy.

Aidan Medren paid a hefty sum to a Highborne sorcerer to enchant this weapon, which was created to absorb and redirect the forces of magic. The enchantment can disrupt spells and damage elementals when they are struck by it and, with the proper application of Runic Power, can forcefully eject captured magic in an unfocused bolt or blast of energy. However the blade's enchantment is too greedy to keep spells as they are for long. If more than one spell is absorbed the first spell's elemental energy will be converted into Runic Power and replaced by that of the second.

Mechanically, this means that magical attacks can be absorbed on a successful block in combat. That magic can then be used in a subsequent attack of the same element, but only one spell's energy can be stored at once.


Forged in a forgotten Dwarven hold deep in the mountains of Khaz Modan, Silverflame is a weapon designed for one purpose: to bring an end to the Twilight's Hammer. Since its forging the blade has been used on many elementals in the Hyjal offensive, drinking deep of the essence of its enemies and slaking its thirst on many magics, from fire to Fel and unholy shadow. Aidan has carried Silverflame far and wide since then, and even now he carries the blade with him at all times. Its worth has been proven to the Death Knight who made it, and it may well forge its own legendary history in time.

For a deeper look at the creation of Silverflame you can read the short story Candle Against the Dark here.