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Player: Saiyuu

Character Full Name: Aellia

Character In-Game Name: Aellia

Nickname(s): Ael, Ellia, Chicken Girl;

Association(s): Ebon Blade;

Race: Draenei

Class: Death Knight; Formerly a mage;

Age: 329

Sex: Female

Hair: Short, messy, brown-colored;

Eyes: Runic Blue

Weight: 189 lbs

Height: 5'5 (Below draenei average height, reason will be explained in her history);


Aellia wears a long armored robe. Part of it is the kind of robes she wore as a mage, except that now she has added mail and plate pieces to it, since her newly gained strength allows her to carry it without it being an issue. She wields a broad sword, formerly golden but now decorated with glowing blue runes. She carries it in a sheath behind her back. Aellia is ashamed of her condition, so tries to hide it as much as possible; Her face is covered up to the nose by a black, cloth mask, her head hidden into a thick cowl with holes for her horns. Not much other than her eyes is seen through the hood, though in cities, when asked by guards, she will remove her cowl and mask temporarily.

Other: A faint cold air usually can be sensed around Aellia, akin to standing close to a block of ice. Her skin feels rather cold, not only dead, but actually cold. She can control her temperature, making it more neutral, but is required to do an effort to do it. While not relevant to her story, Aellia had growth problems due to early manipulation of arcane. For a while she tried to fix this by increasing her food intake, but her attempts failed and she remained with a shorter than average height until now.


Aellia is a very reserved person. She tends to be distant and formal, not expressing much of her real feelings, though usually showing signs of stress or fear. She's intelligent, capable of coming up with bright and creative ideas when those are needed. Her attitude tends to be humble and submissive, docile. Despite being a death knight she does try her best to avoid conflict, sometimes to the point of being accommodating. She still holds some of her moral codes from when she was alive, bound to certain rules, holding a deep dislike for killing and causing pain. This usually causes conflict in her mind since she –is- obligated to kill to survive, or at least cause some pain, this being one of the reasons why she hates being what she is. She's shy and easily intimidated, though can become very aggressive under pressure. One peculiar perk of her personality is apologizing, she tends to do so whenever she hurts or kills anyone (even if willingly).

Her self-doubting nature sometimes stands in the way of her objectives, along with insecurity and a bit of self-blaming feelings. Despite this she is organized, disciplined and is willing to work as a team whenever needed, often acting as a brain rather than as a blade. She regrets her past, regrets having become a Death Knight and having brought death and pain while under control of the Lich King. This often takes her to urges of depression and loneliness. Aellia can still find happiness in the simplest things of life. One of them is her personal pet, a white chicken named “Sheryl”, which she's very affectionate to. Aellia also spends some of her time helping at a local Orphanage in Stormwind, despite the worries of the matrons about her nature. She managed to prove them of her trust and so far she's allowed to visit and help out with what she can.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Skills and Abilities

Usual abilities of a Death Knight, following most of the Frost Spec though with some aspects of Blood spec (weaker ones) as well. Despite hating to kill (even though she has to), Aellia can be a reliable and deadly warrior when put under pressure, or when there is need for such. She's able with a sword, but is better at employing it in combination with ice spells, usually spreading cold diseases upon her enemies or using ice to amplify the damage (shatter damage and whatnot). Aellia also tends to try and freeze armor/weapons so they'd be easier to break. Her affinity with the frost spec also makes her more resilient than the average. Her strength doesn't lie in her combat skills, but in her mind. Aellia always was more of a thinker than a fighter, and the memories of it remained, giving her a good degree of tactical insight and creativity.


Aellia was born a few centuries before the Draenei arrival at Draenor. She led a rather peaceful life, despite the hardships the Draenei had with the Legion. Her childhood was well-lived, she had few, reliable friends, good parents and a rather aspiring career as a spellcaster. During her teenage she got infatuated with a draenei man named Korben. The two grew together to adulthood and by the time, they became mates. Oshu'gun crash-landed at Draenor and the couple migrated to Shattrath once its building started. Her life had both good and bad points, good happenings such as when she had her first child, but a sad one once it died in the sack of Shattrath, along with her mate.

After this she dedicated her life to helping with rebuilding the city, turning into a more recluse person after the bad happenings of her life. When she heard the draenei at Zangarmash were readying for an assault on the Tempest Keep, she moved to join them. Unfortunately, things didn't happen so well. The Exodar was captured, but sabotaged earlier by the Sin'dorei. The ship crashed at Azeroth and while not seriously wounded, Aellia turned her efforts to help around with rebuilding it into a city, along with rescuing the wounded and trying to work on a solution for the radiation caused by the crystals.

Years later, Aellia recruited herself on the Argent Dawn forces. She had hopes for them in helping defeat the Lich King, but soon found the group close to being decimated by the new death knights, third generation ones. She was killed by Scourge forces and raised as a Death Knight during one of their many battles. While unable to recall much of her past, or rather, too busy being controlled by the Lich King, she was ordered to kill her old companions, along with other death knights. With battle raging at Light's Hope Chapel, the Lich King found himself losing his grasp on the mind of his death knights and so they rebelled, taking over the Acherus under command of Highlord Darion Mograine. The Ebon Blade was formed afterwards and upon regaining her mind and realizing what she had become, she had no choice but to join them.

Aellia in fact wanted to die, she considered killing herself multiple times but also found she was too much a coward to die, either by her own hands or by anyone else's. She only encountered sadness in her new life. No friends, no family, nothing left to her but rage and anger. It was one day when she walked randomly upon the forests of Elwynn that she stumbled upon her first object of affection, a simple animal, a chicken. She thought the creature would simply run, or hate, or attack her in some way, but was surprised once it came to her and tucked under her robes comfortably, as if not caring about either her coldness or her dead nature. Aellia took the chicken as her pet, naming it Sheryl (without any reason, just thinking a human name would be fitting).

The second source of peace was found in the figure of children. Aellia once passed close to Stormwind's Orphanage and saw some children playing. She stopped just to stare at them, thinking of her own lost child. While some kids promptly got afraid and ran away of her, some others stayed and actually invited her to play. Ever since, Aellia stops by to play with them, and has been known to make frequent donations to the Orphanage and the Church of Stormwind, managing to gain some trust from the adults responsible for the former. She was allowed to visit the children, outside the Orphanage, but still never allowed inside for being what she is. Today Aellia still clings to those small things as a reason to still exist.

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