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Player: DuskWolf

Character Full Name: Corwin Duskraven

Character In-Game Name: Corwin

Nickname(s): Cor, Doc, Dr. D, Death Doc.

Association(s): Forsaken

Race: Forsaken

Class: Necromancer

Age: Unknown to him but he is 42, (undead for 10 years)

Sex: Male

Hair: Very dirty Blond

Eyes: Yellow

Weight: 110lb

Height: 5'10”

Scale: 1.0


He wears a long pale red coat that buttons up past his mouth. With leather straps and harnesses sewn all over into it to carry all his surgical tools equipment including a cleaver, scalpel, scissors, bonesaw, spreaders, and needle and thread. All is topped off with a pale red wide brimmed hat matching perfectly.


He can be quite cruel having no pity for the living whatsoever. On the flip side, he will have great concern for his undead brethren and sisters doing whatever he can to help and improve their situation. Overall you could call him an optimistic undead, although he no longer feels happy he does his best look at the bright side of unlife. He finds his undead situation quite ironic and often makes puns about it. Also he does his best to be polite and respectful to all members of the horde though the closer you are to death the more he likes you. However, his civility ends there turning into almost murderous toward the alliance who he feels betrayed his kind.


Corwin's mind came back to him like a brick hitting his head, in fact that is exactly what happened. As soon as he could again look through his own eyes he saw a large red brick flying toward his head, he turn and tried to dodge it but his joints felt stiff and, crack! Right on the back of the noggin. He could tell the brick hit his head but it did not hurt like he thought it should. Looking around all he saw were angry humans some had swords and other weapons, but most looked like they were using whatever they could pick up chairs, bottles and the like.

"What are they doing?" he thought, "Are they attacking me? Why?" After a few more seconds and rock hitting his back he no longer cared why and just ran, well it was more of a shambled as fast as he could to get out of there. He had to push his way past some people, and knock over others. He approached one with a hatchet in his hand seeing no way around he took a swing at him cracking him in the head. He went down and he continued to run as fast as his stiff legs would carry him. Just as he could see an opening in the crowd, a way out, he felt something else, his right leg buckled and he fell. He tried to get up again but could not, he look at his leg someone had thrown a large rock and hit had crushed his right foot and now he was stuck. The humans were closing in on him. He had to get away now. He pulled and pulled on the leg until "Pop" it came off right at the knee. Just as he started to wonder why he was not screaming in pain, an arrow slammed into his back and he saw it jutting through his chest, and he was on the move again, this time doing an odd hop crawl. He was able to make it to the river and plopped himself in letting the current take him far away from his pursuers.

As he floated and as night fell the pieces of what happened to him started to come together. He was an undead; the plague had got him, but now he was free from the Lich King. He had his will back, but why? Another a more burning question haunted him, who was he? He tried in vain to remember before the plague but nothing came to mind. Shaking his waterlogged head and seeing it was fully dark he decided it was time to get out. It was a struggle to pull himself out of the river and stand up, but he managed with the help of some trees. As he was looking around to get his bearings he saw the flickers of light in the distance, it was the next town. He could not survive like this he needed some help; he made up his mind to go check it out. As he neared the town he found the cemetery but it was not peaceful like most graveyards. It was all dug up with some corpses lying across graves. Other graves were just empty holes. Nearing, one of graves that was dug up but still had a corpse in it, and he plopped down next to it. Reaching down he grabbed the leg of the man and pulled just like his own with enough pulling it popped off. Then reaching into his own tattered pockets he found twine holding it up to look at it, his mind's eye flashed memories, of stopping bleeding wounds and sowing cuts.

Doing the best he could under the circumstances he attached the ligaments and tendons of the leg to his own and sowed the flesh around it, what was left of the flesh anyway. He stood up he could swing the new leg back and forth but in no way was their life in it. He was not going to win any races but at least he did not have to hop any more. Frowning at his life less limb, at least he thought he was frowning as the dead skin on his face did not move much. He then looked up at the head stone of the grave, and it had the name Corwin Smith written on it.

"Corwin" he said out loud "I like it, but I need a better last name, one not of the living" he is not sure where it came from but the name "Duskraven" popped into his head. "Corwin Duskraven" he said quietly to himself, nodding he started off again into the darkness.

Corwin wandered for some time, trying to get use to his new unlife. Eventually, he found the Forsaken and he was told what Lady Sylvanas did for them. He was eternally grateful to her and took up the Forsaken cause with zeal. The one thing he figured out about his former life was that he was some sort of practical healer, and that was not that useful to the undead queen. Unsure of any other skills started training with the sword but it quickly became apparent that with his leg not at full capacity he did not have much of a chance to join the death guards. After some searching he gained a few friends among the mages. He found that he did have some talent with magic but he did not love it like most of the other mages. He did not see why casting a fireball was such a great accomplishment. He still practiced on with the sword not fully relying on his magic, which was somewhat looked down upon by the other mages. In fights he liked to be within melee range mixing sword attacks and Icy magic.

Corwin now able to contribute to the forsaken cause in a meaningful way, was still not satisfied, he was still not whole. As he was limping through the undercity it came to him. Even though he could no longer heal the living does not mean he could not still heal the dead. At the time necromancy was a somewhat forbidden and feared art of the arcane for the forsaken because of the ability to control the undead. However, this did not stop Corwin from pursuing the texts and teachers. Having to delve deep into Azeroth underworld to find those that were willing to teach him without requiring some commitment to a temple or lich or other dark god. It was in the catacombs that Corwin was finally free to delve into his studies and experiments. Unlike many necromancers he took a very clinical approach to the art. He was not in it for power or to control an undead army. He wanted to only improve the unlife of the forsaken. He has spent years studying how the undead body works and how it relates to the necromancy power. He never master many of the diverse necromancy spells or became skilled at raising masses of undead, or of twisting pain. Though he has found death coil to be quite useful.

He has done a lot of experimenting with the reattachment of limbs and other body parts. He started with himself, bringing unlife to his dead leg. Then moved on to more complicated parts of the undead body. He is always looking for ways to improve his techniques to make his undead brothers and sisters faster, stronger, and live longer. He has even started to work with cross species manipulation though the testing has not progressed to humanoids yet. He never held with other necromancers who enslave the dead to do third bidding. Slavery in any form is unconscionable to him. Though he has no qualms about using animals to serve him, in life they were bred to help man, in death they are only improved. One of his favorite spells to use, when in combat is summoning his bonehound. A vicious skeletal dog that is fiercely loyal to its maker, Corwin.

After the death of the Lich King and the Val'kyr joined the forsaken ranks necromancy became much more widespread and acceptable. As the forsaken started to spread out expand Corwin was able to find space in Brill to set up his own sawbones practice. He is still getting the word out. He has found a few patients and is making many house calls to wherever he is needed.

Skills and Abilities

Death Coil - Harms the living and heals the dead

Summon Bonehound - Can summon a Bonehound from the Shadow Realm with the aid of corpse dust. (It is just a skeleton dog)

Animate Bones - Once a limb or other part is reattached he used this spell to animate it and give control to the host

Control Undead - This is a spell he is still working on. He uses it to wrest control of an undead from their master and set it free. Although the spell was created for the caster to take control of the undead he does not use it that way.

Corwin is above all else a skilled surgeon. He also studied Frost magic before necromancy but never got to a very high level of it. He has the basics of sword work but is very rusty and does not even carry a sword any more but prefers to use his cleaver if that kind of work needs to be done.