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Characters Characters






  • Gnome maleMage Professor Ficklespitz
  • Undead femaleRogue Joandre the Created
  • Human femalePaladin Inquisitor Madhin
  • NightElf maleDruid Shan'do Mennar
  • Troll femaleHunter Minion Rij
  • BloodElf maleRogue Surotan of the Scryers

Guilds Guilds

About the camel
What to tell about myself...? I've been a pathfinder ever since the age of six and I have enjoyed every minute of it, even the wet and freezing. I simply love the outdoors, from making a kitchen including an oven and grill out of mud to a bed several feet off the ground with hand-hewn birch poles. Nothing beats the smell of a campfire or the fact that you cannot really wash it off you for days. When at home I like to cook and bake, generally anything you expect a good house-wife to do, although I best handle the dishes when I'm pissed off. I am a warm-blooded person that almost always moist and cannot really handle heat well, guess that's why I like living so close to the polar circle. I have a bachelor degree in nursing but also studied science, psychology and some odd courses of various creative subjects.

About roleplaying
"The Fellowship of the Ring"-movie piqued my interest in fantasy though I had read both Narnia and Harry Potter before. My scoutmasters at the time introduced me to Live-Action-RolePlay and some of my friend and me went to a LARP-introduction-weekend in the next town over. Admittedly I was hooked from the start and now it has been over a decade and almost one hundred events, roughly a dozen I've arranged myself. Some mates of mine told me to join them roleplaying on retail World of Warcraft, a week or so before the release of the Burning Crusade. I rolled a draenei and joined a guild devoted solely to their race, the guildmaster became my mentor and soon enough I ran my own storylines and guild. Roleplaying with WoW as my platform became creative-crack that I indulged in during the low season of LARP:s, also called scandinavian winter.

One thing led to a third and a few years later I was living with my best mate and his ex who are both LARP:ers and my friend more or less guilt-tripped me into joining his pen-and-paper roleplay set in Warhammer 40.000. About a month later I wrote my own world and scenarios visually based on Hellgate: London and hosted it at a convention. Shortly after Skyrim was released I decided that I would dungeonmaster a campaign set in the Elder Scrolls universe. I did a short trial-run on CotH forums which quickly died, though the real campaign has been much more successful. A blog has been created by me dedicated to this project of mine which can be found at: I have also been working on my own fantasy universe for a LARP-campaign which might also get a blog but in swedish. It is heavily inspired by the Elder Scrolls franchise as well as the Dragon Age universe but adapted to be live-action-roleplayed. I'm even writing a language for it! This project will most likely get a blog and wiki but both in swedish.

About my time on CotH
I stopped playing retail WoW because it simply became too pricy compared to the time I could pour into it and my lack of income. As mentioned above, I moved in with two close and nerdy friends and we dove into Conquest of the Horde together because it was the top result on googled when we looked for private roleplaying servers. My first character was admittedly a blood elf rogue that together with a corrupt blood knight and a savage tauren druid hosted Crimson Ring gladiatorial battles. I tried various characters on the side, like a wasterwander paladin with heavy inspiration from arabic culture and a drunken dwarven field surgeon that kept an over-sized spider around for swift anesthetic. After helping some people out with their draenic profiles I was convinced to roll one myself and create some roleplay for the Exiled Ones and that is how the Draenic Pilgrimage was born in February of 2010, see I got loads of other plans and projects that are just waiting for the opportune time to be released upon Conquest of the Horde. Such as the return of Witch Hunt, an expansive storyline focusing on a few character and their horrific lives as they hunt down evil.


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