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Player: Paylonas

Character Full Name: Urr Rockfist

Character In-Game Name: Urr

Association(s): Dark Horde (Former), Horde (Occasionally)

Race: Blackrock Orc

Class: Striking Runemaster

Age: 45

Sex: Male

Hair: Red-Purple, mostly bald and done into a ponytail in the back of his head.

Eyes: Hazel

Scale/Height: .98 / 6'4" / 1.9304 m

Weight: 292 LB / 132 KG

Skills and Abilities

  • Rune of Stoneskin: This rune acts as both as a passive buff without duration aswell as an activateable skill. The Passive buff makes his skin as tough as if he had a layer of stone above it, however he can activate it to make a certain part of his body as strong as plate. Activating the rune takes a lot of energy to do, and can quickly exhaust him.
  • Rune of Weaponry: Urr can make strikes with his hands or feet that are as strong as if he were to have weapons.
  • Rune of Grappling: Urr's grip can be matched by few people. Easily bringing people closer to himself and holding them to prevent swinging of blades, shooting of arrows, etc.
  • Rune of Strength: Despite Urr's size (for an Orc) he's still rather strong attributed to these.
  • Rune of Agility: The rune is pretty much as titled, Urr's quick and agile.


Usual Garments/Armor: Urr often is without and shoes, and instead treads with a leather harness, brown leather bracers, and faded red cloth pants.


Urr isn't your a-typical, 'THROM'KA, FOR THE HORDE, DEATH TO THE ALLIANCE.' Orc. Instead he's rather peaceful unless provoked and tries to remain friendly with all that he comes across, he'd much rather have educated conversations of talking then attempting to yell over someone else.

In the end, Urr is a member of the Horde and tries his best to prevent himself from getting into any fights with other members of the Horde. Usually taking side with his Kin or allied races of the Horde over that of Alliance and other variants in places that he might go.

Alignment: Neutral


Urr was born fifteen years before the Orc's left their homelands of Draenor and invaded Azeroth, born the son of Blackrock Orcs, as well as the son of a blacksmith. From a young age he did as did most Orcish children, play around and goof off. Even with his playful demeanor he was soon to be apprenticed by his father as a Blacksmith and perhaps further his skills in the art, over the years he didn't get much hands on practice; but instead he had gotten many valuable lessons, both in life and in Blacksmithing.

When the time came for Urr to go through a process called "Om'riggor" he was ready. The ritual of rites had never really been shyed away from him growing up, he knew very well what was expected of him and what needed to be done. During this time the slaughtering of the Draenei had already started, and he figured what better beast to kill than his people's natural enemies. No one in the village had heard or seen him for several days after setting off on his journey, later coming back with the head of a Draenei around his age. It was presented to the clan's shaman as required, soon after the official ceremonies for children in his age group commenced. He was the last to return, and the last to be given a full membership to his clan.

As the time had passed between the ceremony of Om'riggor, Urr had continued to practice Blacksmithing and had actually gotten some more hands on experience with it. It appeared he had a knack for working with metals, he had already created blades, armor, and conducted repairs on his own. They weren't anything of a master's quality, but they were done rather well for the age and limited experience given so far.

The time had come, forces were assembled, people were in their armor and held weaponry, crossing through the portal and into Azeroth. Unlike many of his kin, he didn't really follow the same path of serving as a warrior of some sorts. For the duration of the first War, Urr kept to smithing. The political turmoil at the top of the Clan meant little to him. The Second War was much the same, and when the Orcs were defeated at the shadow of Blackrock Mountain, Urr was safe and sound with other Blackroucks in the mountain itself.

Within the mountain Urr had become loyal to the Dark Horde from it's beginning, he enjoyed the idea of Orc's ruling over Orc's and hadn't a problem with being in a seperate branch. Through this time he continued on smithing underneathe his father who aswell joined the Dark Horde, but viewpoints quickly changed. As Nefarian came to the Spire and took control of the Blackhand brothers as well as the forces under their control, Urr happened to be under their control. Urr didn't enjoy the thought of being led by someone or something that wasn't an Orc, and like many were desperate in attempting to get out.

Years had passed, battles were fought, people had died in a variation of ways. Old age, injuries, execution, brawls, etc. His father had died in an incursion that happened between the Dark Horde and those who wished to leave, Urr was filled with remorse but was aswell promoted to being one of the Master Blacksmith's for his clans; thus giving him the opportunity needed to flee. The only thing needed now was a place to go, and directions on getting there.

After a batter had taken place the area around the peak of the mountain Urr was allowed to go out and scavenge and metal scraps that he could for smelting, while he expected to find very little in the smoldering ground; he found much more than expected. A very large creature which was hoofed and had horns, aswell as fur. The Tauren came without any weapons, only clothing and marking adorning his body; otherwise Urr would've attacked. The Tauren had begun to idly talk with him as he gathered scrap metal, unsure on why an Orc was so far away from home, this is when his interest was grabbed. After some talking between the two Urr learned of the New Horde and how it actually had an Orcish leader, Urr fled from the mountain with the Tauren. The only positions he had with him were the clothes on his back aswell as the skills he had gained over the years.

Through his travels through the Eastern Kingdoms the Tauren had told him of Runes, how to obtain them, and how they work. They're trip to Kalimdor and Orgrimmar was delayed while they travelled across Azeroth and began to cover Urr's body with these markings, practice with them, and then move on. He had obtained enough knowledge of runes himself in which it was decided that they'd travel to Orgrimmar and Urr would continue the developement of runes on his own.

In more recent times the journey to Orgrimmar had been severly delayed by the Cataclysm caused by Deathwing, having to bunker down in Souther Kalimdor until they had the chance to cross the lands up to Orgrimmar.

Upon the Tauren's returning to Orgrimmar and Urr's arrival to it, many things had changed. Thrall had stepped down from the position of being a Warchief for the Horde, and in turn Garrosh had taken his place. This had meant very little to him, as time with the Tauren had changed much of his opinions, while he did want to be apart of the Horde he could care less for the political part of it. Much more content on travelling Azeroth and learning more about runes and adding more to his collection.