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Player: Krent

Character Full Name: Rofupi Sprogglegyro

Character In-Game Name: Rofupi

Association(s): Gnomeregan, Stormwind (criminal), Steamwheedle Arena Circuit

Race: Gnome

Class: Warrior

Age: 46

Sex: Male

Hair: Spiked up black mohawk. It is the source of his ultimate power.

Eyes: Purple.

Height: 3'2", Rofupi towers above the average gnome by a whole 2 inches!


Whatever rags he can find. Rofupi cares little about style, getting by with ripped blue pants and whatever shirt he could scrape by.


Brash, reckless, and very immature. Rofupi's a total dick when you first meet him. He's unapologetic when confronting others and their problems, quick to point out the flaws in everything. This brutally honest nature of his often alienates others, but if one were to work through the obvious tough-guy act, they'd find a few hints of kindness.

He's also very racist when dealing with non Ironforge individuals. Especially humans.


Once upon a time, after having spent years working on machines and engineering projects, two gnomes met each other. Ropni and Laen. One was a man who had spent his life fixing the braking mechanisms on steam tanks. The other was a woman who had spent her life as a subterranean network engineer. They met. They fell in love. They married, and had a 3 children together in the pits of Gnomeregan.

Malyin, Jegnas, and Rofupi. These were the three children that the newly formed Sprogglegyro family came to raise. Jegnas being the oldest by 10 years, Rofupi being the middle child, and Malyin being the younger by 6. It was the peaceful kind of family that the parents had wanted.

It was a good family. Nearly perfect. The parents loved each other, had stable employment, and were looking forward to raising their children. What more could they want? As it had turned out, money. They weren't doing too bad down in Gnomeregan, but in order to pay for all of the children's engineering schooling, the parents needed more money. Such an opportunity presented itself when, while Rofupi was in his 20's, the High Tinker announced an innovative project. The Deeprun Tram. It would be a natural fit for the family. Rofupi's mother, Laen, would be one of many gnomes working on constructing the tunnel while Rofupi's father, Ropni, would work with others in working on the braking system.

The family left their modest life in Gnomeregan to settle to the newly reconstructed Stormwind. The city, having suffered devastation in the previous war, was not in the best condition. The Sprogglegyros found living within the "Dwarf District" of the city cramped, smoke-filled, and crowded. The humans presented themselves as either being overly pompous, wary, or outright hostile to the presence of the gnome immigrants. To make matters worse, the engineering academy present in the Dwarf District wasn't nearly as advanced as the ones in Gnomeregan.

But, the pay the Sprogglegyros received for the Tram's construction was enough for the family to endure all the hardships. They had planned to save up all of the money from this project and move back to Gnomeregan in more luxurious conditions. The children would enroll in the top engineering academies while the parents would look forward to a comfortable retirement. Except, once Rofupi was 34 years of age, a slight problem arose.

Gnomeregan no longer existed.

The ultimate tragedy had struck. The only member of Rofupi's extended family to have escaped was Aunt Haljya. Everyone else the Sprogglegyros knew either perished or mutated into a deranged leper. The event was a great shock to the family. That fleeting dream of going back to Gnomeregan vanished instantly. But, the family considered themselves extremely blessed, so much so that Ropni seriously considered converting to the Holy Light. Laen quickly talked him out of it, citing basic statistics that disproved any aspects of divine intervention.

So the family pushed on with their life in the Dwarven District. Thankful to be one of the few gnomes untouched by the greatest tragedy of their race. Rofupi, Jegnas, and Malyin grew very close together during their lives in Stormwind. They had to be close, as the average human held a great deal of hostility towards the immigrants. Especially those living in the poverty-stricken area of Old Town.

Life went on as it did, until another great tragedy struck. It came from the very vessel that was supposed to bring the Sprogglegyros prosperity; The Deeprun Tram. Aunt Haljya was such a lonely, worn woman, having lost her husband and children in Gnomeregan. Once the Deeprun Tram was built, the Sprogglegyros made a routine to visit her every chance they could. The tragedy came during one of these visits.

Laen and Malyin went to go visit Aunt Haljya. The men couldn't go. Rofupi and Jegnas were buried in their engineering studies, where as Ropni had work to do. The women boarded onto the tram after saying a quick goodbye, promising to be back by the end of the day.

They never came back. A malfunction occurred in the Tram's braking mechanisms, resulting in the vehicle increasing velocity when it should have decreased. Little remained of Rofupi's mother and Malyin. The event was traumatic for everybody, particularly Ropni Sprogglegyro, who felt responsible for the incident due to his involvement in developing the brakes.

Fate had decided to treat the Sprogglegyros with a great deal of irony. The statistical odds of the braking mechanisms failing in the way that they did was less than .001%. They were one of the very few gnome families to be unaffected by Gnomeregan. How could the family be lucky enough to dodge the greatest tragedy of the gnomish race, but end up suffering from something that only had a .001% chance of happening?

They were never the same. Ropni had taken the blow the hardest, having lost the woman he loved and one of his children from a device he helped design. He became an empty shell of a gnome turning to drink and depression. Near lifeless, he all of his time either drunk or sobbing. Jegnas, Rofupi's older brother, grew to become cold hearted and distant from the rest. His coping mechanism came in the form of complete dedication to his academic studies. Shut off from the rest of the world, Jegnas became an anti-social engineer who rarely interacted with others.

As for Rofupi, he had placed all the blame on engineering. The gnome had struggled in his classes before, and with this tragedy came to loathe it. Rather than let himself properly grieve over the loss of his caring mother and dear little sister, he acted out with a new found aggression. It didn't take long for the gnome to drop out of his classes.

Rofupi underwent a complete attitude change. It started with his mohawk, then moved onto his manner of dress. Before he was a typical kindhearted gnome who loved playing games with his siblings. Now he was a rebellious tough-guy, out pick a fight with everyone around him. The Sprogglegyro household became a scene of chaos. Ropni getting into heated arguments with Rofupi's new way of life. Rofupi and his father would spend night after night screaming at each other, while Jegnas calmly adjusted his glasses and used his studies to ignore the dysfunctional scene.

Soon it became violent. Rofupi and his father fought each other. Many things in the household broke. The end result was a bruised, bloody, and spiteful Rofupi limping out of his house, swearing to never return. He knew from that moment on the Dwarf District would not be a place he could stay. There was only one destination for a homeless gnome without an education.

Old Town. The poverty stricken slum of Stormwind. Nothing but petty gangs, pick pockets, drug pushers, and beggars rotting along the streets. It wasn't a welcoming environment for anyone, most specifically a lone gnomish immigrant that screamed 'easy target'.

Which Rofupi was. His small stature and racial identity, combined with his stuttering common, made him far too tempting for the vicious criminals. The gnome was attacked daily. Anything he managed to scrape together was quickly stolen. The humans used the small gnome to take out their aggressions on. They humiliated him every chance they could, using his small size as a source of amusement.

Such treatment brought Rofupi two things. An extreme hatred for humans, and an unique fighting style born out of survival. Rofupi didn't have anything other than his bare fists and his life depended on him learning to use them. After a few rough months of struggle, Rofupi went from being an easy target to a small-time figure in Old Town. Earning the name 'Lil Wrecka' for his ability to smash in the faces of those who took him lightly.

And that's where the gnome was by the time he reached 40. A mohawked punk strolling around Old Town, starting fights, swilling booze, and wrecking face. Rofupi became notable enough to attract the attention of a small gang that ran an illegal fighting circuit in the infamous Cutthroat Alley. The illegal street fights soon became Rofupi's main source of income. He found it to be such a beautiful system. He'd walk in, fight someone, and get enough money to drink and smoke until the next day.

Which became his routine for the next couple of years. A blurry mess of promiscuity, violence, and intoxication. It was a hollow existence which only offered fleeting comfort to the pain swelling within the gnome. Eventually it would catch up to him. After setting fire to a tavern in wake of a fight he picked with a Night Elf, Rofupi was arrested and sent into Stormwind's maximum security prison. There he faced five whole years under horrible conditions. That long period of time locked with the worst of Stormwind's criminals provided ample opportunity for the gnome to reflect upon his future. He sat face to face with murderers, rapists, and deranged sociopaths. Was this the type of life he wanted? Did he want to end up like them?

Introspection took it's course during those long 5 years. Looking upon the gnome he was today in contrast to the one he was so many years ago brought nothing but sadness to Rofupi. What would his mother think of him if she saw him like this? What would his sister do? Thoughts like that plagued the gnome's mind during his time within the prison. Eventually his prison term ended, Rofupi having lost 5 years of his life within the cells. Walking out of the darkness and back into the sun caused Rofupi to look for a new way to live.

But it wasn't easy. Rofupi had turned his back on engineering. His resentment for it was still strong within him. He might have been the only gnome in Azeroth who couldn't tinker to save his life. Rofupi didn't have any other professions to fall back on either. No skills in blacksmithing, no skills in alchemy, weaving, or scribing. Hell, the gnome could barely speak common, and turned out to be quite illiterate. When it came down to it there was only one thing Rofupi could rely on. His fists. They helped him survive in the turbulent slums of Old Town, and perhaps they'd help him find new life as a free man.

He couldn't go back to street fighting though. Not back into that den of small-time thugs and drug pushers. Rofupi would find going back to the wild blur of intoxicated thug life far too tempting, with the potential of committing the same mistakes once again. No. The gnome needed something more. A new horizon to strive for. A new dream.

Which Rofupi ended up finding in a dirt-covered flier for the Ratchet Arena. A professional fighting circuit would be just what he needed in order to find purpose in his life. No more roughing up thugs for a handful of copper, it was time to test his skill against the true warriors of the world. After a long and ardous journey, Rofupi found himself in the arena of Ratchet.

It did not end up as Rofupi would like. The gnome was great when he fought against the average gang-banger in Cutthroat Alley. But when it came to fighting against a real warrior, the skill gap was quite noticeable. Rofupi's arena career wasn't a glamorous one. He kept a constant 6:1 loss ratio, and barely made enough coin to cover his medical bills. Yet despite it all he kept training. Going out to the Barrens to work out, trying to hone his own fighting style. His skill in unarmed combat and strength steadily grew because of this. Rofupi thought he was on the verge of turning his losing record around when someone presented themself to him.

An old friend from a long time ago. A gnome he had known as Piken. Piken told Rofupi of a great plan to reclaim Gnomeregan, one with great ambition and courage. Knowing of Rofupi's strength, Piken requested his aid in this ordeal. Rofupi agreed, and his career in the Gnomish Special Forces had begun.

The experience introduced him to a whole new family. Gnomes from all over who had to endure similar hardships that Rofupi did. Through his time spent there, he came to remember what it felt like to be needed again. A strange feeling began to grow inside of Rofupi, one he hadn't felt in decades. Happiness. He realized that he nightmare known as Old Town was now far behind him. Now he could now do something good for the entirety of his race.

But the war for Gnomeregan was not an easy one. Just as quickly as Rofupi had found new companions to care about, he had lost them in the war. Many good gnomes died in the battle to reclaim their homeland, including Rofupi's friend Piken. The hardship of war proved to be too much for the young gnome to handle, and his mind quickly cracked from experiencing the loss of loved ones again.

The war failed. Rofupi trekked back to Ironforge as a manically depressed mess. He took up his old habbits of alcoholism and drug abuse. Soon he stepped back into the life style he swore himself away from. Wandering through Ironforge in a blitzed out mess, bringing anarchy and violence in his wake.

It was here that another figure approached Rofupi just as he was on the verge of a drug over dose. Though unlike Piken, this individual was completely unknown. It came waddling to him in dark brown robes with a hood covering it's face. This individual was Rhaecrion Harrowcrag, an old dwarven woman who had an incredibly strong fighting style that was shrouded in mystery. She offered to teach Rofupi on the ways of the fist. Knowing the woman's strength first hand, Rofupi accepted, feeling as if she could show him the true path of a fighter.

And so, Rofupi trains. Under the guidance of this mysterious old woman, the gnome has steadily improved on his fighting technique. Though her methods are strange, Rofupi believes he will become a better fighter because of it. To what purpose it serves remains to be seen.