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Player: Paylonas

Character Full Name: Lydan Sunfire

Character In-Game Name: Lydan

Association(s): Silvermoon, House Sunfire, The Horde

Race: Sin'Dorei

Class: Warrior

Age: 81

Sex: Male

Hair: Lydan's hair is very similar to his mother's, Reigen, hair. Long black locks that flow to the middle of his back when allowed to dangle freely, usually it is tied up into a knot behind his head.

Eyes: Green

Scale/Height: .98 / 5'11" / 1.8 m

Weight: 165 lbs / 75 kg


Usual Garments/Armor: Lydan can often be seen donning a set of black and dark grey plate armor that is trimmed in blue, it covers most of his body except for his head. He does have a helmet but it is often clipped onto his belt instead of actually placed on his head. Any gaps in his armor are colored crimson from the cloth garb he wears underneath, there are very few gaps in his armor however. Engraved in the shoulder pads and front of his chest plate is the insignia of House Sunfire. Lydan also dons a large, black, and fluffy fur cloak with a hood that is wrapped around his body and latched in the front, leaving only enough room for his right arm to be exposed.

Other: Lydan has an iron fist replacing the one he lost on his left arm.


Lydan can be deemed as loyal, despite the rough past he has had with his house, his kind, and his family, he is still loyal to them above all else. He would give his life for any of them if need be, defending them in any chance he has whether verbally or physically. Beyond this he is rather quiet and keeps to himself in most scenarios, even in company of family or friends he seldom speaks and does most of his communicating with action. While he tries not to show openly his prejudice against other races, he does indeed have one, specifically against anything that is undead. Lydan also prefers to avoid conflict if he can, there's a fine line drawn between conflict and his family though.

Alignment: Neutral


Born into House Sunfire under Reigen is Lydan, one of many children and one of the youngest. While growing up he did not have much contact with any of his siblings due to the age difference, he as well was very distant from most of his family members and mostly brought up by servants of the house. Despite this seclusion from kin he was still relatively the loud, energetic, and adventurous child, and any time family did come home he was likely found by their side to pester. His time would've been preoccupied on his family and why they were gone for most of his upbringing, the times spent with them pleased him enough to keep out of these affairs and accept the answers of "Business" he was often given. He had generally found himself wanting to leave the household to go on 'adventures' away from his homelands, his requests always denied and told he should instead focus on his academic and scholarly pursuits for the improvement of himself and the house. Lydan had not found himself too engaged in the Arcane and only learned what was necessary for it, only taking to studies of mathematics, history, literature, etcetera, to please. Instead the child find himself much more captivated in the books of adventure he found, the books constantly displaying a great hero leaving his homelands to fight a common evil; something he had dreamed of doing. After long hours of putting together a decently thought out request and many nights of persuasion he had finally gotten something close to what he wanted, a tutor who would teach him the art of combat both in physical and intellectual forms. The appetite for adventure, the lust to escape his home, and the sorrows of distant family had been mostly sated by this, his mind preoccupied with his training.

Lydan was 57 when the Second war had begun, and unlike Reigen's husband and stepfather he decided to keep himself at home while they took off to fight. Word had gotten back to him that they had died, he had an underlying sense of guilt that if he were to be involved in the fight then perhaps it would not have turned out as it did. Sorrow for his mother also filled him, even if his relationship with most of the family had not developed until the more recent years. Lydan brought his studies in combat to a complete halt, gave his departing remarks, then went to employ into the armies of his people incase any threats came to his homelands in the future and he could prevent any further family from dying in war.

Lydan, within the limited time he had with the military of Quel'Thalas before the next disturbance came, had managed to work his ways up the ranks and create a small name for himself outside of being a Sunfire. For his services and skills provided outside combat thus far he had earned the rank of 'Sergeant' and given a blue-purple colored Hawkstrider which was dubbed 'Quincy'.

Soon after getting both title and bird, Lydan was presented with the opportunity he had been waiting all his life for; to defend his homelands. Ever since he was younger he had yearned for the chance to prove himself in combat against a formidable foe, the petty brawls he had gotten into at younger ages did not count as formidable to him. The scourge army in Quel'Thalas that was lead by Arthas did indeed count as something he could put himself up against, even this he thought was not any match for him. His confidence in his own skills had gotten the best of him, he was one of the first to react to the oncoming forces and one of the first to fall. Arthas and his army had ripped through his homelands and its defenses, ultimately destroying the Sunwell and leaving the nation in temporary ruin. Lydan had been on the brink of death, sprawled across the ground while his mostly uneventful life had passed by his eyes; his only saving grace being his Hawkstrider, Quincy. The last thing Lydan remembered before blacking out was his blue-purple feathered bird and struggling to bring forth the willpower to mount him. Lydan gained consciousness a couple of days later in the mostly untouched part of the Sunfire estate, he was once more overcome with guilt and grief, he as well was a hand short. During the battle his hand was damaged beyond repair and would cause more harm if they did not amputate.

Lydan suffered from the collapse of the Sunwell and the war that led up to it just as much, if not more, as everyone did. He was not in any condition to follow his family or Kael'thas through the portal and into Outland, instead deciding to stay behind and helping out however he could. Most of his time was spent in private grief, his involvement with the army declined even though he had been promoted for his sacrifices in the war.

Lydan himself was rather unaffected by the discovery fel energy, he was indeed happy for its finding though, it meant that much of his family could continue their practices again and regain their previously diminished powers from the Sunwells destruction. He himself had not directly taken place in any draining of the crystals from the crystals that were brought back and placed very generously around him, he was constantly exposed to it though. Lydan was also indifferent about joining the Horde, ultimately backing the decision to do so as it could help him and the family get back on their feet once more.

Reigens absence from the house had left things in disarray for him and his siblings, her disappearance affected him very minimally; he was not the first choice for heir of the house and everyone knew, he was likely the last due to his lack of skills in actually taking care of the Sunfire name in situations like this. He helped his siblings in any way he could, mostly fending off other houses whenever need be. Time taken spent rebuilding and repairing the house as his grandmother assumed authority for the time being. With time the situation had only worsened, Lydan's time to step up and perhaps be of any use had already passed, the only thing that could save them would be Reigen; and she came to the mental calls for help.

With Reigen's return and most of the repairs or rebuilding on the estate that he could've accomplished alone done, Lydan had gotten himself an iron fist to replace the hand that he lost, began to train once more, and got involved with Silvermoon's military once more.