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Player: Valicor

Character Full Name: Kuzz Grenn

Character In-Game Name: Kuzz

Nickname(s): K, KG, K-man

Association(s): The Horde, The Grey Militia

Race: Goblin

Class: Merchant

Skills and Abilities: Basic combat skills, learned through the various work he has come in contact with. He has also spent a lot of time around the arts of pick-pocketing and silver-tonguing. (That itself isn't a skill, but it's something he's good at.) Kuzz has the ability to hold large amounts through his pouch weaved of enchanted thread. (A "bag of holding".) - This pouch has the spatial capacity of a large sack. Large things in this bag would indeed cause it to weigh more, but not the equivalent weight of the contents. There -is- a holding limit, so it can't just fit any and everything. (Kuzz usually travels light, anyways.)

Age: 27

Sex: Male

Hair: An unkempt, slightly long blonde mass. The back of his hair is usually pulled into a ponytail.

Eyes: Light Violet

Weight: 110 lbs

Height: 4'2"


Usual Garments/Armor: His reddened leather suit, his pouch always laced to his belt if not in his hands.

Other: Kuzz can sometimes be seen wielding a silver bottle by the neck. This is his preferred weapon in combat.


Alignment: Chaotic Good

Kuzz is the gob who literally brings the party. He's outgoing and flirtatious. He may not be willing to share much about himself to others, but he regards friends highly in his life. He's very direct, and is usually straightforward and honest with people, even if they're strangers. He's distant to place trust in people, but he's very trustworthy with friends. He truly is a "people's goblin".


Kuzz Grenn was born about 27 years ago, near the end of the First War. He was born to two goblins that were unimportant in goblin society. Three years passed normally. Being too young to be put to serious work in the mines, he grew up much like any other young goblin would.

After these three years, the major technology feud between gnomes and goblins erupted. Kuzz's family in particular wasn't deeply involved by this feud, but like all the other goblins, his family aided the goblin's advance in technology.

Being a teenager, Kuzz's parents would begin to pester and convince him to find work, causing him to go out and search for a source of coin. He then scoured to find any sort of pick-pocketing, stealing, or selling work he could in the Undermine.

Kuzz assisted in some groups selling goods during the Third war, generally staying out of too much trouble. He managed to find a decent amount of coin in this process, and soon began purchasing various goods to sell as a merchant.

Kuzz had little success as a merchant, but slowly began to grow in wealth as his sales picked up. In little time, Kuzz found a customer in which he set up many deals and sales with. This customer, in payment, weaved Kuzz his pouch of enchanted thread. This pouch is much bigger on the inside, but is conveniently small for Kuzz to carry around. He now carries all his belongings in this pouch, which he always keeps in his grip or laced to his belt.

After the volcanic eruption on Kezan, Kuzz had abandoned the goblin jobs and sales in search for coin all over Azeroth. He sailed to Orgrimmar and spent some time there. From there he traveled to Ratchet, and from there he sailed to Booty Bay where he then spent a good amount of time. He, soon after, was recruited by a neutral mercenary group, The Grey Militia. He joined in hope to gather some coin in sales, and make some friends.

Now Kuzz, roughly 27 years old, continues to find refuge in this new dysfunctional family known as the Grey Militia. He resides in there current home, (funny enough) the Undermine. Kuzz remains out of contact with his family.