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Player: Krilari

Character Full Name: Anean Al’shar

Character In-Game Name: Anean

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): Silvermoon City, The Magistry, The House of Nobles, House Al’shar

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Mage

Age: 1671

Sex: Male

Hair: Blonde, fading to strands of gray and white.

Eyes: Fel Green

Weight: 163 lbs

Height: 6'7”


Formality is lost on this aged mage. The most common wear for him would be a kilt of crimson that had been trimmed with gold thread and emerald gems. The cloth itself is of high quality, both elegant and durable for the trials and tribulations of a mage and his casting. Further up along his person would be his torso which is bare to the wind. Instead of cloth to cover it, it is instead coated in ink. An intricate phoenix covers his torso and surrounding it would be a series of arcanic runes. The torso itself reveals the man’s physical strength, or lack thereof. Despite the man’s height his body is fairly lacking in any bulging or attractive muscle. To match his frailer form Anean’s visage has soured with age.


Eccentric and enigmatic, Anean tends to be at a lack of anything that would be described as ‘sense’. He carries a lighthearted, borderline playful air most of the time. To oppose it seems as if he takes nothing serious, instead treating every situation as nothing more than a game to be won or lost with little expense in either case. This vivacious visage is only broken when it comes to terms of respect, as Anean still holds himself to treat both women and those deserving of respect with such. Though even that is only to a certain limit.


Arcane was his lifeblood. From a young age Anean reveled within the magical streams that filled the air. The first teachings of magic were instilled into him at a young age by his elder sister, Piroska, who at the time was visiting home from her time spent in Dalaran. Ever since the man strived to practice just as diligently as his elder sibling did. With such dedication he soon found himself as an apprentice to Silvermoon’s Magistry. From there on his life came to be found buried under tomes and pages of long-practiced magic.

Centuries would drift by with little meaning to the magus. Where his sister went on to become a skilled magus by the teachings of Dalaran Anean instead stayed home within the city of Silvermoon. His own teachings focused more upon the arts of evocation and conjuration than any other school, yet such a narrowed program allowed him to master the school that much faster. In due time he would be named a Magister in the eyes of Silvermoon’s Magistry. Once again his life would be buried under a mass of paperwork, leaving the man to spend most of his days writhing in work instead of socializing.

All the while his family continued on their way, mulling about the other noble houses as the pressed their trade. Al’shar, like any respectable house, had it’s primary business and this business came to be in the dealings of weapons and other tools of war. Since the city’s founding the Al’shar family has had it’s fingers dipped in every armorer and weaponcrafter the city had, thought following the Second War this would not come to be. Much to the house’s dismay Anean’s Uncle, who was incharge of the Al’shar family, had choked on a fishbone. Despite the tragedy business had to continue, and thus the house’s responsibilities were put upon his father.

Flocking to his father’s wing along with Piroska, the two tended to the man in hopes of preventing him from damaging the house’s finances or reputation. For the longest time this act ran well and the house had stabilized, though it would all come tumbling down when the mad prince Arthas went on his war path through Quel’Danas.

Deciding that the life of business was not for him, Anean’s father left the house’s responsibilities - and most of it’s debt- to his elder sister. As it was with his father, it was with Piroska. Anean provided what guidance he could to the elder as she steered the house out of crisis. With flying colors House Al’shar rose from the ashes of it’s debt and established itself as a quality source for anything war-related. Amongst all of the sucess, Piroska decided that the job was not the life she wished. Veiled under the disguise of a vacation, the woman left her younger brother to safeguard the house until her return.

Skills and Abilities

Stormborn - Years of training has brought Anean to a pinnacle of performance in terms of evocation, mastering the unorthodox spells relating to the manipulation of arcane-based Lightning and Water. However such a focus has cause the study of his other classes to fail. The only other school that is of any skill to the man is conjuration, as seen by the water elemental that is frequently his companion.

A Glass of Chianti - As a more personal interest than any duty of his house, Anean picked up the art of brewing anything from fine wines to cheap whiskeys. He himself keep a stash nearly one-thousand years old, filled with his finest (and most alcoholic) wines.