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Age Guidelines help players determine the ages of their characters. It is generally a requirement of all characters profiles that the character's age be at least adulthood; characters that fall below the appropriate ages may result in immediate rejection.

Ages Table

Race Adulthood Life Span
Blood Elf/High Elf 18 2,000
Draenei 18 ???
Dwarf 18 252-450
Gnome 18 203-500
Human 18 72-110
Night Elf 18 2,000
Orc 18 82-100
Tauren 18 114-150
Troll 18 70-79


Forsaken do not age, as they are already dead. While technically immortal, some Forsaken exhibit signs of old age, losing their identities and eventually sentience. They appear as dying old humans, feeble and scared, with a cold growing inside them, and forgetting who they are. They are losing their mind to the Scourge, and would eventually become a "mindless one" - an unintelligent zombie. All forsaken fear this process, as it means they revert to the Scourge's will and lose themselves to the Lich King and his dominance. The Forsaken will often kill these poor souls, perhaps as a form of mercy.

Night Elves

Until nearly a decade ago, night elves were immortal. As such, they reached adulthood and stopped physically aging shortly thereafter. However, with the destruction of the World Tree Nordrassil during the Third War, night elves are no longer immortal; they will age and eventually die. The life span listed is the estimated duration which a night elf would live without immortality and night elves born after Nordrassil's destruction could expect to live. For example, a night elf could have lived 10,000 years as an immortality and approximately 2,000 years afterwards.

The process of aging varies between each night elf.


It is not known how long Draenei live, as none have yet to die of old age. However, it is believed that one would be treated as an 'adult' or as an 'elder' at certain ages. Velen is known as the oldest living Draenei, and as such, none can consider themselves 'older' than him.

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