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Player: muhaha8

Character Full Name: Ysraeth Swiftpaw, formerly Fetharius Eldaragun

Character In-Game Name: Ysraeth

Nickname(s): Traitor, Feral, Bastard, and various other obscenities, namely those directed at him from his family.

Association(s): Green Dragonflight, Gilneas Liberation Front

Race: Highborne Worgen

Class: Druid of the Pack [Green Dragonsworn]

Age: 11,551

Sex: Male

Hair: Scruffy and grey-black. It’s somewhat unkempt on his head.

Eyes: Glowing amber.

Height/Scale: 1.15


Ysraeth most often dresses in leathers given to him by a Gilnean Worgen woman. They are primarily dark colors--matching with both his fur and the current coloration of Gilneas itself--with patches of green-dyed leather sewn onto it for extra padding in critical places, from the gut to the neck and everywhere in-between. The set came with gloves, which he does not often wear. Instead, they are tucked beneath his belt, stored away for whenever the need arises. Similar could be said about the simple daggers--four in all--stowed in a pouch-sheath on the belt; their presence is solely as a last resort.

Ysraeth himself is covered by a thick coat of grey-black fur that incidentally allowed for him to blend into Gilneas fairly easily during the time he spent there. Across his body, there are patches of missing fur, though they are few and far between. These are the leftovers of old scars from the War of the Satyr, wounds that, while they healed, have left their reminder on his body--a reminder of his mistakes, and what not to do in the future. For a Worgen, he is fairly intensely muscled, somewhat akin to an individual who often engages in hard physical labor. This significantly contributes to his overall size and bulk, making him a large, imposing creature. On his right hand, beneath the fur, is what’s left of an old signet ring, that has been partly buried beneath the flesh. This ring denotes him as a member of the once-proud Highborne noble house. Looking closely, some of the markings and images have been crossed out or removed entirely, telling of his abandonment of his family and people. As well, around his neck is a gold chain with an emerald pendant hanging from it. Due to having laid around his neck for nearly ten milennia, the chain has fused into the flesh, similar to his ring. This necklace signifies his servitude to the Green Dragon Shalara, though he knows it is only to be used in situations where revealing this is absolutely necessary. The pendant itself is hidden beneath his leather armor.

Other: As an early member of the Eldaragun line, Ysraeth falls in line with the familial sizing; namely, he is significantly taller than average, even among his brothers.


While he might be considered an angry person from time to time, Ysraeth has grown apart from his familial roots at his core. While he still exhibits a general distrust of the Kaldorei people as a whole, he finds himself being forced to confide in them for his own sake. He is prone to fits of anger and frustration, a side-effect of embracing the primal rage granted by Goldrin, but since he was cured of his insanity in Gilneas, much of this has died down significantly. It is, however, still a present worry for him, as he occasionally slips into fits of rage. As a result of his turning into a Worgen, he has to more or less constantly deal with an unnatural impulse to cause harm and violence upon others. This is kept mostly in check through the cure to the Worgen curse, as well as years of practice and slumber.

As a left-over part of his upbringing, Ysraeth suffers from a level of aloof snobbiness that puts an awkwardness into most interactions that are not with other Highborne. Even then, though, a significant degree of his interactions with other Highborne end with severe aggression on the part of both sides. This is due to his history of abandonment of his people, and moving to assist the Kaldorei Rebellion in their efforts to stop Queen Azshara from more or less ending the world. As such, despite the fact that he genuinely feels that he is more right--and therefore better--than almost everyone else, this is tempered by a general feeling of doing right by the world, tied into his controversial inclusion into the Kaldorei. He often finds himself, despite his best efforts, with a mixture of anger and regret toward the Kaldorei. This deals directly with his actions during the War of the Satyr and shortly thereafter. He regrets losing control of himself in that period, and regrets the deaths of his allies he caused. At the same time, he finds an irrational, deep-seated anger toward them for throwing him into a prison--intending for it to be for all eternity--instead of attempting to fix the problem at hand. Despite the overall negative connotation of the Cenarion Circle, combined with the purpose of its existence, he is cautiously optimistic for its future and goals, and is tempted to set aside his hate for the sanctity of the world. The neutrality of the organization--specifically, its current openness to any Druid willing to fight for the natural world--gives him the optimism required to overcome his hate for its previous goals.

As a young man, Ysraeth was raised to be a sorcerer. This has colored his way of thinking for much of his life, as he often finds himself heavily weighing the benefits and costs of things. As well, he often considers more esoteric things in his reasoning of anything. This leads to what appears to be an irrational form of reasoning, as he considers the repercussions of his actions in all sorts of strange and unique ways. This was carried over into his early years of Druidism, as he came to care about the results of his actions in regard to nature and the world around him. This tied in with his innate level of aloofness as a result of his earliest years, as he often found himself doing things that overall caused harm to people around him, but benefitted the natural world. This puts him at odds with those he works with, as he is just as likely to disregard the wellbeing of any given person for the benefit of the natural world.

On a factional basis, Ysraeth has little personal opinion. He is haughty and aloof when it comes to the Kaldorei, though he often catches himself experiencing a level of inferiority--which he compensates for with an undue level of anger under certain circumstances--due to his failures at every turn with Druidism, brought about by a lust for power, combined with a willingness to use any shortcut he could find. This puts him on a slippery slope when dealing with most Kaldorei, who tend to view his kind--Highborne and Druid of the Pack both--with a level of fear that is not too terribly undeserved. When dealing with the Horde races--with which he has had minimal experience--he is treated with distrust and hatred, as they assume him to be just another Worgen, despite his vehement arguments that he is otherwise. Against all odds, he tends to find himself in situations with extreme negative connotation involving the Horde, which drives him to avoid them at almost all cost.

He views his Blood Elven descendents with a significant degree of anger, as they have opted to follow the same dark path that Azshara did, as far as he’s concerned. He sees their outright willingness to drain the energy of the demons as a display of weakness on their part, knowing that someday they, too, will fall to the same things that once tempted the Highborne of old. Having seen what went wrong in those days, he fears for the future if the Blood Elves fall to the promise of power. He, however, only becomes more terrified by the day as he learns of their actions in the past decade. Memories of wars fought long ago resurface when he thinks about them too much.

When it comes to the rest of the Alliance, Ysraeth has a mild superiority complex. The Dwarves, humans and Gnomes are races that he tends to look down on, as though he felt his extreme years of experience gave him the freedom to act as he pleased. This often causes problems in the long run, as they tend to raise severe differences in how one acts inside of society. These differences draw from a combination of the more modern ways of the younger races, combined with the fact that Ysraeth has hardly seen the light of day in close to 9,000 years. He does, however, make an effort to set aside his haughtiness for the Gilnean Worgen and, indeed, Worgen of all types and from all kingdoms. He makes special efforts to engage in kindness with them, as he recognizes that it is his people's fault that the Worgen curse spread as much as it did. As such, offering support for these new Worgen is important to him, despite his general aloofness.

Out of all the surviving factions of Highborne to this day, Ysraeth holds nothing but utter contempt for the Shen’dralar. This draws primarily from stories told to him about their deeds in recent memory. While he thinks they were certainly in the right for joining the Kaldorei Rebellion years ago, he sees in them the same tendencies that he saw in Azshara--much as he sees in the Blood Elves of today. He holds them as nearly subhuman for their desire to prolong their existence by living off of the energy stolen from demons. This significant deepening of his hatred when compared to the Blood Elves becomes understandable when the fact that they saw the dark things that Azshara did with her demons in the War of the Ancients, and yet they still believe it is acceptable to use demons to further their goals.

Of all the possible factions to exist in the world, Ysraeth finds himself with the greatest affinity toward the Green Dragonflight. However, this is not always reciprocated, as he finds himself in an awkward situation where he is hardly trusted as much as he once was. Because of this, he strives to regain his footing with the Flight; above almost all else, this is the key important thing to him. This by far tops any wishes of his to regain his status amongst any other society. While he might still wish to re-enter Kaldorei society again, it is not nearly as important as re-establishing his patron’s faith in his abilities and sanctity of mind. His feeling toward the other flights is purely on a professional basis, with the exception of the Black Dragonflight. He despises the Black flight for its deeds against the other flights, as well as his own people.


Ysraeth was born, fifth of seven sons, to a high-ranking Highborne Commander of Queen Azshara's troops. His childhood was lavish and enjoyable, as he spent most of his early years engaging in basic training to take control of the Arcane magic that more or less constantly flowed around the world in those early days. The family owned a ship that doubled as an enormous estate, afloat in the vast oceans off the western coast of old Kalimdor. As such, for much of his early life, he maintained a steady set of sea legs. During this time, he even learned swordplay aboard ships, being plenty capable of fighting on the deck of a ship in pitching waves if totally necessary. All during this time, his study of magic was going well. The first few hundred years of his life were, as such, bookwork and study day in and day out, the basics of magic, and the study and practice of swordplay strategies.

By the time he had reached the earliest days of adulthood, he and his brothers of the time were almost constantly engaging in contests of strength, endurance and skill aboard the ship decks. This was largely started by simple, stupid squabbles about whose spellcraft was better, whose footwork was better, or some other inane argument. Their father, however, stopped every single fight before any harm came to his sons. This meant that the brothers had a healthy level of competition between them, but no one was ever truly hurt in their squabbles. As well, there was very little animosity amongst the group, as any aggression they might have had was quickly beaten out by their contests, and subsequently fixed by their father’s long monologues directed at them.

As he reached five-hundred years old, Ysraeth was sent off to Zin-Azshari to finish his apprenticeship in the Arcane ways of the sorcerer. He was sent using the power and influence of Commander Eldaragun, receiving the opportunity to try to gain entry into the Moon Guard, Queen Azshara’s most loyal spellcasters. The time he had spent practicing was not in vain, as he gained entry within a year after his arrival. He owed this to nepotism, to a degree; Commander Eldaragun exerted his significant influence, and one of his elder brothers already inside the order eased the path even more. Nonetheless, his entry was not well-earned. His years were spent within the great capital, studying closely the ambient magic of the city--and drawing power from the magically-charged place. The beauty of it often got to him, and he became overwhelmed with the volume of magic flowing freely from the Well at its center. It was in this magic-filled place that he spent much of his time. Similarly, it was in this place that he disappeared from the lives of most of his family. Some of them he would never see again.

His time spent in the Moon Guard was well-used, however, as he gained a significant grasp over the Arcane during this time. He came to specialize in the more offensive arts, befitting his occasionally more violent side. He learned to manipulate and mould the raw Arcane of the Well into whatever shape he pleased, turning it against whatever he pleased at the time. As a simple rule of thumb, though, he did not attack anything that did not attack him first--or at least anger him enough with its actions. During this time, he uncovered his slightly hot-headed temper, and strove to control it through whatever means necessary, be it meditation, fasting, concoctions given to him by apothecaries, or whatever was the new fad of the week amongst the Highborne.

It took a long time, but Ysraeth and the rest of the Moon Guard began to grow apart from the rest of the casters of the city. They came to view themselves as superior to all others. Others saw them as haughty and spiteful individuals who never had to work for a thing in their lives. Regardless of how they were seen by others, they forcibly elevated themselves to higher and higher positions, their hubris never failing to grow with them. This would eventually cause problems, as when Azshara began causing problems in the lead-up to the War of the Ancients, they stood by her side, subjugating those who failed to turn to the Queen. During this time, his elders were summoned to the shores of the Well and ordered to channel their energy straight into it. Through this event, Ysraeth and others saw the folly of their Queen’s deeds as she brought forth the first of the Burning Legion from the depths of the very font of the Highborne’s power.

This horrid summoning caused him and others to flee in terror, believing that the foul beasts brought forth had taken control of the city. All he saw as he fled were buildings burning in the distance, and great spires of green flame rising from the ground as greater and greater horrors were brought forth, tainting the once-beautiful city. He and his compatriots assumed that this was the beginning of a hostile takeover of the Kaldorei people, and fled to the Rebellion to tell the stories of what had happened. It was during this escape that Ysraeth abandoned all ties to the Highborne, symbolized by marking out the runes on his signet ring.

Now on the march toward the Well of Eternity to save their Queen from the beasts she had unwittingly brought forth, Ysraeth partook of the fighting as often and as liberally as he could. He butchered the beasts that came for him--often with the help of massive salvos of magic from his fellow Moon Guard members. They marched ever onward with the intent of freeing Azshara, never truly knowing that she was willingly working with the creatures. This, however, became apparent when he saw Highborne--some he knew well from his younger years and his training--fighting alongside the demons. The emotional struggle he came to deal with when he realized he would be murdering his own people nearly broke his spirit. The only saving grace for his sanity was the death of a dear friend from his years in the Moon Guard, impaled on a rod of ice conjured from the ground beneath him. The fact that his former friends were so willing to murder drove him to destroy those he saw with utter contempt and rage.

After a long, long battle, the Kaldorei Rebellion made its way across half the known world, and to the steps of Zin-Azshari. Many allies had been lost along the way, and among the most important were the Flights, and Neltharion himself. Back at his home away from home again for the first time in years, a certain level of panic overcame the sorcerer. He was back at the place where he’d witnessed it all beginning, and the finality of what he had hoped would happen here was something he wasn’t sure he was willing to fully accept. Everyone secretly hoped that Queen Azshara wasn’t a part of those planning this, and that she was being held hostage by someone within the city--perhaps even the voice that it was told she had heard from the other side. However, this was not, and could not be so. He and his Moon Guard brothers were sent in as part of a distraction attack, aimed to cause an opening for a last-ditch suicide mission to enter into the Well chambers. It worked, and the rest was history.

As Ysraeth fled from Zin-Azshari for the second time, he found himself dwelling upon what had occurred. So many deaths, so much violence, and so very close to the end of everything. The vast majority of his power was cut off when the Well of Eternity imploded, sinking Zin-Azshari. As such, he had little control left over the Arcane, and what he did have was deeply flawed and useless. Furthermore, he saw the power he once wielded as the root cause of it all, and chose to forever abandon his past, moving onward to a new life of silence and contemplation. Almost all of the Moon Guard who survived to this point came to this conclusion on their own, and in their last meeting, they abandoned their ways officially and disbanded the group. Many of them, Ysraeth included, chose to join the first of the Druids under Malfurion and his students to attempt to remedy the misdeeds they felt they had done. Ysraeth, at this point, chose to take it a step further, and abandon his family’s name, as a symbolic gesture of severing his connection to his old ways completely. No longer would he be Fetharius Eldaragun.

As a growing Druid amongst the early ranks, Ysraeth was a valued member of the community for the varied knowledge he held of many things, but specifically dealing with the workings of the world from a magical perspective. He built upon the knowledge he held through his Druidic training, and spent years with the others in and out of the Dream. He himself gained a significant talent with the more feral forms available to the early druids--such as the dire bear and the cat--though he could never master anything like the Treant or the Stormcrow. However, with the constant strife surrounding the drive to rebuild following the collapse, he became an advocate for research into the art of making the Pack form safe for common use.

During this time, Ysraeth fought to purify and uphold the sanctity of the land with a mathematical precision lost to his comrades. He found himself able to apply his understanding of how Arcane manipulated the world around itself to the use of Druidic magic to balance the natural world, and was able to prevent several potentially disastrous actions that would have likely caused entire species to go extinct. He, as well, found himself in situations where he was forced to commit brutal acts of slaughter in order to prevent entire ecosystems from being overrun by an overpopulated predator. While certainly harsh, this often proved the best and fastest way to uphold the sanctity of the wilds, and provide for the care of everything in nature. His willingness to do what was necessary often set him at odds with his friends, but earned him a modicum of unknown respect with the Green Dragonflight, for few were often willing to kill so many.

The trial was no easy task, to say the least. He found himself in a part of the Ashenvale woods controlled by a pack of Satyr. Into it, a lone woman had wandered, lightly armed and armored; few expected any real violence for the time being, as the forests had been relatively safe since the end of the War of the Ancients. She was struck down by the Satyrs in a matter of moments. Ysraeth--in the area following two deer--heard the screams, and gave chase. He followed the sound back to its origin, a clearing in the woods. At its heart, he saw four smaller Satyr and one large one surrounding a woman, lying on the ground with several stabbing wounds on her body. The larger Satyr was the primary threat; the smaller four were simply present as back-up. Enraged by the assault, he leapt into action, shapeshifting into a bear. The fight was over in a matter of moments, Satyr corpses strewn throughout the clearing; Ysraeth was not without his own injuries, however. Exhausted and bleeding significantly, he used the last of his conscious moments to heal the woman’s wounds before he went under.

He awoke in a home built out of the roots of a tree, laid down on a simple moss-bed. His wounds were well-tended to, and those that could not be healed with magic were sewn shut and bound with cloth. He saw the woman on the other side of the room, boiling strips of cloth to replace his bloodied ones. Her eyes flashed green--something he’d never before seen in any Elf. She explained to him what had happened after he went unconscious, and who she was--the green Dragon Shalara. Originally scoffing at the statement, he quickly shut up when she sprouted the wings of a dragon. She begrudgingly explained that the incident was a farce, with none of her wounds being that legitimate. She wasn't in any real danger throughout the entire situation. The Satyrs, however, were very much real. After explaining all of this, she offered to him a golden chain with an emerald pendant, as a sign to any who might need to know that he was a servant of the Green Dragonflight. He readily accepted the offer. Thus began a relationship that would end in catastrophe.

The instance of Satyr activity in that region of Ashenvale was not a lone incident. Across the breadth of the Kaldorei lands, the Satyr had been raising armies, the size of which had not been seen since the days of the War of the Ancients. Many feared that these massive hordes would again herald the return of the Burning Legion, and a whole new war for Azeroth would begin, shattering it once more. As a result, the Kaldorei raised their own armies and went to war. The battles were long and bloody, but eventually the war was won. During the process of this, however, Ralaar Fangfire had managed to, using the Scythe of Elune, perfect the Pack Form. The results of this were disastrous, as all those who joined the Pack form were turned into mindless, ravenous half-elf, half-beast creatures that attacked both sides equally. Among them was Ysraeth who, in an effort to save a village from a Satyr onslaught, gave into the beast within himself, falling to the beginnings of the Worgen. When the war reached its conclusion, the Satyr were crushed, but so too were the Kaldorei. The Worgen--for their murder of countless Kaldorei as the battles raged--were rounded up and thrown into the Dream, where they were to sleep for all eternity beneath the tree, Daral’nir.

Nightmares and twisted visions of horror invaded Ysraeth’s mind for the intervening thousands of years. However, to him, it hardly felt like more than a night’s sleep. The visions of slaughter, bloodshed, and death of Kaldorei on a massive scale had him in an uneasy, yet unbreakable slumber. He and his kind were to never awaken from it, left there for all eternity to remain and rot forever. However, all was not to happen as planned. The Scythe of Elune was found and ended up in Gilneas, the peninsular kingdom of old Arathor. Once Ralaar Fangfire--known now as Alpha Prime--was summoned, the Worgen began pouring through in numbers untold since the last war. Ysraeth was among those who escaped. The slaughter began anew, a milennia-long rest bringing forth new desire for bloodshed in the feral Worgen. Eventually, however, with the help of incoming Kaldorei, the Worgen were restrained, and a cure for their insanity was found. Thus, the rampant spread of it among the people of Gilneas was halted. Among those to be cured was Ysraeth.

Now, in the modern world, Ysraeth struggles to discover the life that he lost beneath the tree for nine milennia. He remains ever vigilant of those he knew beforehand, and his anger toward the Kaldorei that sealed him away grows by the day. Despite all that he sees them as having done, though, he still struggles to re-integrate into society so that he can atone for what he did while under the influence of the feral pack form. As well, he currently seeks out the green dragon Shalara once more, so that he might be reinstated as a Dragonsworn.

Skills and Abilities

Ysraeth lost his ability to shift forms ages ago. He cannot leave the Pack form. This is a result of milennia spent stuck in it with no desire to leave. Now, his primary power over Druidism lies within his abilities to enhance his physical prowess--be it speed, strength, endurance, or one of the senses. He retains much of his former offensive magic capabilities, but some of this has gone to the wayside over the years. He is only capable anymore of casting a very small amount of healing magic, if any at all. Doing so, however, is a tiring experience for him these days, and as such, he does not choose to do it often.