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Player: WingedReaver

Character Full Name: Vynthia Blackfire

Character In-Game Name: Vynthia

Nickname(s): “Vyn”

Association(s): The Scryers (formerly) Silvermoon City Magisterium

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Mage

Age: 207

Sex: Female

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Fel green

Weight: 54kg (119lbs)

Height: 1,72m (5’6”)

Usual Garments/Armor: Vynthia can often be seen in the exaggerated clothing of a Scryer, despite having left the organization. However, if she wishes to be a tad more casual, she will instead wear a crimson and gold doublet with a matching skirt. She also wears gray and red robes, after the ordeal with artifacts.


Vynthia is a blood elf that simply wishes to enjoy the gifts of life – unless it brings harm to others, or distrupts order. In truth, she is a caring and fragile soul, willing to put her life on the line if necessary.

However, her usage of the word “necessary” tends to differ from most. Unless a fellow elf or Quel’thalas is threatened, Vynthia will hardly deem the situation necessary to be involved in.

Against her enemies, the former Scryer tends to be somewhat forgiving. If the people who have been forgiven by her wrong her again, her wrath is uncontrolled and at times, chaotic. This has caused her to lose control of her temper. Realizing this, Vynthia tries to keep calm as much as possible.

After having a rather unpleasant encounter with numerous lost artifacts of unknown origin, Vynthia developed a somewhat eerie lust for power. This lust for power, thankfully, did not affect her to the point of excessively consuming fel. However, she has begun to seek higher positions both socially and hierarchically.

Vynthia's temper is a tad calmer, strangely, but she has grown more calculating. She has grown more impulsive as a result of her experiences, but is still quite rational in what she does, unless they are matters which have limited time to attend to. Her attitude is closer to "the ends justify the means" nowadays.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral


Vynthia Blackfire was born to a wealthy family of Quel’thalas, two centuries before the Dark Portal had been opened. Her childhood passed without much conflict or spectacular events, growing up as any other high elf would have. She did display talent in magic, which made the family support Vynthia’s decision to study magic. She did so for many years, becoming a powerful mage in her own right.

Despite her skill and mastery, Vynthia refused to become anything close to a magister, repeatedly voicing her disgust of political games and schemes for power.

Her family was killed during the Second War, when the forest of Eversong was torched by the orcs and their dragons. As she was trying to get back to Silvermoon during the attack, her parents were trapped by falling debris. After the flames had subsided, Vynthia had only found their charred remains.

Their deaths did not affect Vynthia much, except for the brief depression she slipped into for a week. During this time, she met her future husband. Their relationship grew quickly, and within a year, they were wedded. The two lived quite happily, but Vynthia was hesitant on bearing a child, often causing conflict with her husband. In time, these arguments grew and Vynthia finally decided to leave the house, finding refuge with a friend.

Her husband was not pleased at all with her. Instead of following her, however, he simply shut his doors and never interfered again in Vynthia’s life...or so it seemed.

Years later, when the Scourge were advancing towards Quel’thalas, her husband had defected to the Scourge, his soul corrupted with hatred and bitterness over being refused a child.

Vynthia herself survived the attack. She had hidden with some others, mostly children. The place where she had been had reached her former husband’s ears, however, and the place was soon assaulted by the Scourge. Despite her power, she could fend off the waves of undead for so long with only three capable men.

As she thought they were gone, a catapult hit the foot of a tower nearby. The tower collapsed onto the entrance of their hiding place, closing the entrance to the outside world. Hours later, Vynthia awoke in the lap of a priest, inside a cave – made by the debris and ruined architecture, with a feeling of thirst. It did not take long for the group of elves to be freed, Vynthia doing whatever she could to help.

The feeling of thirst, unfortunately, was not of water. She craved magic, and being a mage, she was almost crippled by the absence of the Sunwell. Because of this, she fled with Prince Kael’thas to the ruined world of Outland, trying to secure a new source of magic for her people. It was there that she first consumed fel magic.

However, she realized what a dark path the Prince had been taking her people. Along with Voren’thal the Seer and many others, she defected to the Sha’tar, meeting the Naaru there. Specifically, she was fascinated by the wisdom and understanding of A’dal, and she started to appreciate the Light once more.

Years passed. Vynthia returned to the rebuilt Silvermoon, trying to aid in the war against the Lich King as much as possible. She never went to Northrend, however, preferring to stay safe in Quel’thalas. Again, she refused advice by her friends to try and join the magisters, still voicing her disgust of political schemes and power games. She also left the Scryers, deciding that she wanted more from life than just reading.

Nowadays, with relative peace over the lands, Vynthia travels Azeroth, hoping to see everything there is to see – her longevity as an elf being an advantage.

During her adventures involving a badly-prepared portal, Vynthia found herself in a seemingly abandoned Necropolis in the frozen continent of Northrend, with quite a few other people. Being the only person capable of getting the group out via portal, Vynthia led the party in scouting the place - a sign of her growing impulsiveness - and eventually found a spot where she could create a sufficienly powerful portal with which she could evacuate the group.

However, the portal destabilized the Necropolis. Vynthia seemingly knew that this would happen, and had stayed behind. The reason for this was her insatiable hunger for knowledge about the numerous devices and artifacts the Scourge had left behind, for mere books and sculptures no longer satisfied the former Scryer's lust for more knowledge about her enemy.

The Necropolis crashed, thankfully somewhat close to an Argent Crusade camp, and Vynthia was heavily wounded as a result of the crash. She wrapped her wounds as best she could with her very limited capabilities, but her more serious injuries were still quite dangerous. It was at this time that an old friend miraculously had been sent to investigate the downed Necropolis - for it was quite a rare occurrence - and found Vynthia's almost dead self.

The paladin quickly healed Vynthia to the best of his capabilities, and took her to a safer place. To this day, she believes it a miracle of the Sun that she hadn't died, or the Scourge hadn't found her. After recovering completely, she started to study one of the artifacts she had managed to take with her.

This artifact started to change her personality, and she eventually realized what was happening. Presuming that the artifact was made of Saronite or a similar material, she managed to muster the willpower to get rid of it as soon as possible, by throwing it into a river on the ruined world of Outland, hoping it would lead to one of the endless chasms of the Twisted Nether.

The changes, however, seem to be permanent. Vynthia now desires to be thought of as a successful mage instead of a hard-working but forgotten mage, and has begun to work harder than ever, having earned the valued position of magistrix.

She, of course, has conveniently 'forgotten' her hatred of their political schemes.