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Neutral ghaskan
Title <Derp>
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Unknown
Age 18
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Affilliation(s) Herself
Alignment True Neutral
Status Alive

ghaskan is a human female from Portugal.


ghaskan joined Conquest of the Horde (CoTH henceforth) in the month of December of 2010, and made her first, and then only character, Grazmot, who has undergone several changes since. She lost interest in the server before she had completed a month of activity, but eventually came back in late 2011, the year in which she became a grunt and profiled Grazmot, along with a couple of new characters she then made. ghaskan eventually left CoTH once more, only to come back during 2012. Ultimately, she went inactive for over a year due to school, and is currently attempting to be once more an active member of the community.


ghaskan is a college student who is majoring in Biology. She has a variety of hobbies, including reading, watching weird Japanese cartoons known as anime, playing video games, and, naturally, roleplaying. Little more is known about this individual, but she appears to be open to communication with others should they be interested in gathering more information. See External Links.


ghaskan possesses a variety of characters at her disposal, although, for some mysterious reason, all are males. She has stated her interest in trying to create at least one female character in the future.


Characters that are currently active.

orc maleShaman Grazmot Windseeker

draenei maleWarrior Nikuun

Dwarf maleWarrior Durgan Mudbeard

worgen maleMage Rolland Evans (+)

worgen maleWarrior Vincent Reynolds

tauren malePaladin Ponwa (experimental)

Extra info about these characters


Characters from before the Cataclysm restart that might come back, slightly rewritten or not.

tauren maleDruid Kashu Dawnseeker (Storyteller)

undead malePriest Roger Paine


Characters that no longer work in their creator's mind and were dumped. Might come back if heavily rewritten.

tauren maleHunter Arrok Stonehoof

night elf maleWarrior Darothan (Sentinel)

human femalePriest Anita Foxer (Fashion Designer)

dwarf maleWarrior Name forgotten by the creator. How lame. (Armoursmith)

worgen maleRogue Samuel

Future Characters?

tauren femaleDruid Owachi. ghaskan is still trying to figure out how Druids work exactly ICly (quite shameful for someone who "mained" a Druid in retail) and what to do with her personality.

orc maleWarrior Profile being worked on. Read it here.

Scarstripe (Maybe?)

External Links

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