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Player: kindle135

Character Full Name: Percival Pavo

Character In-Game Name: Percival

Nickname(s): "Percy"

Association(s): The Alliance, The Kingdom of Stormwind, The Kingdom of Stromgarde, House Pavo

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Skills and Abilities: Typical paladin abilities, though considerably weaker than an experienced paladin.

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Hair: Bowl cut red hair parted in the middle.

Eyes: Green

Weight: 150 lbs

Height: 5'5


Usual Garments/Armor: Usually wearing a dulled silver breastplate with matching gloves and chain pants, otherwise he wears the clothing of a commoner.

Other: Percival is what many refer to as a late-bloomer and is still deeply in his adolescence. Percival is baby faced with many freckles and has a voice prone to cracking.


Alignment: Lawful Good

Percival, underneath his teen awkwardness and adolescent social ineptitude, is your typical paladin. He values honor, respect, courage, and altruism. However over that he still has his overt social inequities. Percival is a meek kid aspiring to be a grand heroic knight, his frequent floundering in this aspect causes him to have a low self esteem. Percival will show an uncharacteristic valorous machismo in presence of his mother or motherly figures, however, a behavior taken from his new found patriarchal stance and a long time attachment to his mother.

In regards to other races, Percival is the typical son of the Alliance, disdaining Orcs, Trolls, Undead, beast-men Ogres, demons, political dissenters,and Elves with a sense of fear and loathing, however he is always too timid to act on his feelings unless he is somehow forced to.


The Pavo family had long been part of the Arathi nobility, some brazen claims even laying stake that the family were among the original founders of the Empire of Arathor. Though never proven, the family was linked with Stromgarde and ultimately declined along with the empire. The family once again rose to prominence when Percival's grandfather, Leonardo Pavo, fought valiantly in the Second War. His valor earned him and his family large land grants and Leonardo became a member of the Order of the Silverhand. Leonardo's only son, Aureliano, who fought alongside his father in the war, worked at Hammerfall as an overseer for a couple years, fathered Percival, and went off to continue his family's valor in Draenor, never to be heard from again.

This left the young Leonardo II and Percival without a father, causing Leonardo to once more assume the mantle of his family, despite his age. Leonardo worked ardently to train young Leo to be a great soldier like himself; he neglected Percival, claiming him a momma's boy and stating he'd be better off as a scholar. Percival enjoyed his easy life with the clergy up until the Third War, when his new home of Stromgarde - the family moved there after the disappearance of Aureliano after selling all of the land - was invaded by bandits, trolls, and ogres. Young Percival was only nine at the time and young Leo only 18. Leo was already a knight of the court by way of his grandfather's connections. In the convolution of the ransack, Leonardo, Percival and Percival's mother were separated from Leo, who is presumed to have fallen protecting the city.

The Pavo family was now reduced to the meek Percival, a now aged and depressed Leonardo, and Percival's mother, Edith Pavo. The family lived in a shack at Refuge Pointe for a couple months until at last Leonardo pulled himself from depression and rallied what gold he could and moved the family south to the last great bastion of humanity, Stormwind. In Stormwind Edith was forced to become the main provider for her family as Percival was too young and Leonardo was too old. Despite Edith's insistence Leonardo would not sell his prized silver breastplate and gauntlets, nor his sword and shield. Leonardo insisted he would train Percival to take the helm of the family, however Percival's training did not begin until he was 14. The training was slow and by the time Percival was 18 he was still not finished, however, Leonardo was senile and on his death bed. In his final act as patriarch of the Pavo family and as a knight of the Silverhand (at least in his own eyes he was still a part of the order) he knighted Percival, who indignantly dawned the armor that didn't quite fit him right and assumed the helm of his family, promising his dying grandfather to not only continue the family line but restore it, and pledging to his mother to deliver her from poverty.

In Stormwind Percival took to an order called Order of Virtue for their seemingly pacifist nature, as Percival dreads combat being the physically inept thing he is. Under this Order Percival worked small courier and clerical jobs for money to sustain his family, doing little to no work as a paladin. After the cataclysm Percival found considerable amounts of work as a healer. Miraculously his elderly mother survived the cataclysm and their small Stormwind cottage was still standing after the devastation.