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Player: WindZealot

Character Full Name: Ninde Moonwhisper

Character In-Game Name: Ninde

Nickname(s): Ninny. Nin. Only her sisters refer to her by those names.

Association(s): Cenarion Circle, Darnassus, Ninde is also most known by a few to have assisted the Thornsong Coven during the Wolf Hunt.

Race: Night Elf

Class: Druid of the Wild

Skills and Abilities: While Ninde has no abnormal skills for the Druid class, she has figured out how to manipulate her Entangling Roots to throw people around. She is also a novice at playing the lyre.

Age: 201.

Sex: Female.

Hair: Ninde possesses short, azure hair.

Eyes: Silver.

Scale/Height: 1.04


Usual Garments/Armor: Ninde wears a leather kilt as well as a tunic. She also wears a pair of green and brown gauntlets, and can sometimes be seen donning a headdress. Her staff generally tends to hang from her back. She tends to forego shoes.


Ninde comes off as several things to different people. Complete strangers may find her being a bit defensive, even hostile, at times, or a tad bit fearful of them. To her friends, she is shown to be much less of the aforementioned, and a lot more patient, and understanding to a few. Lastly, to her family, which, as of three weeks ago, now consists only of her, her twin sister, and her younger sister, would come off as very, very doting, caring, and understanding of her siblings, though she might get a bit touchy when it comes to certain subjects.


When Ninde's parents, a Druid and a Sentinel, became mates, they were quite hopeful for children, and a peaceful life in Ashenvale. What they weren't expecting were twins, two healthy girls. Ninde and Laineth. The two shared a rather strong bond, growing up. They both were striving to be Sentinels. At 33 years, her younger sister, Narina, was born. This is where Ninde became a doting older sister to Narina, who was rather shy. Though, eventually, at least a hundred years after Ninde had reached physical maturity, on one of the rare times Ninde got to see her father, she became curious as to what occurred within the Emerald Dream. Her father, after reluctantly describing it, had inadvertently caused his daughter to rethink her calling in life.

Ninde wanted to be the thing she wasn't allowed to be. A Druid.

Her father, even more reluctantly, agreed to be her shan'do. Over the next several decades, Ninde was instructed in the ways of the Druid in secret, becoming a Druid of the Claw, in secret. She also had stopped training to be a Sentinel around that time, stating that she had to "help her Min'da with housework."

She kept it a secret as long as she could. However, the Orcs and the Legion struck during the Third War. She did all she could to assist. Her mother fought, alongside Laineth and Narina, and when the Druids awakened from the Dream, her father was among the awakened. He did not return. Her sisters, on the other hand, were not very ecstatic that Ninde was a Druid, as they had learned in the aftermath, and Ninde eventually came to terms with her own mortality brought on by Hyjal.

She joined up with the Cenarion Circle for a brief while, eventually becoming an official Druid. She had also learned that she could learn the other forms, at the cost of her power in following the path of the Claw, to accommodate for the forms of the Cat, Sea Lion, and Bird. Though she had not learnt the form of the Moonkin at the end, she had essentially become a jack of all trades.

Eventually, we come to the Cataclysm. Ninde had taken to living within Darnassus, and in the aftermath of The Shattering, has taken to primarily working in Ashenvale, and Elwynn Forest. This had gotten her to make several friends, particularly in the form of a fellow Druid, and a young Harvest Witch. Recently, after she had assisted the Thornsong Coven in banishing a feral spirit to the Dream, she has taken back to alternating between the two continents.

As Seen by Others

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