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Player: Loxmardin

Character Full Name: Lord Nethemil Emeircenth

Character In-Game Name: Nethemil

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): House Emeircenth, the Magisters, Silvermoon City, Quel'thalas, the Sin'dorei, the Horde.

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Spellbreaker

Age: 120

Sex: Male

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Radiant fel-green

Weight/Build: Muscular and solid

Height/Scale: 1.05


Usual Garments/Armor: Nethemil is commonly seen in parts of his military attire, which consists primarily of dyed blue fabrics mixed with silverly blue, enchanted platemail with gold trim and details; chestplate and an armoured cassock. Usually he has his trusted sword at his hip and, rarely, he carries his large trademark shield with him if he's about to head into the field for whatever reason.

Other: N/A


Alignment: Lawful Neutral

As a result of a harsh and strict upbringing, Nethemil doesn't have much of a personality to call his own. He is a strong-willed man who walks through life filled with purpose, but he has a very distanced view of his fellow family and Sin'dorei. He takes a very practical standpoint to the challenges he's faced with and tends to leave emotion out of the equation; a stranger to the land of emotional turmoil since he was a child. As a result, interactions between him and others are chilly at best where no one can elicit much of an emotional response out of Nethemil, and he can easily take a perceived forceful and insensitive approach. Ultimately, he pursues what he believes are his family's best interests and protects his own and his House's integrity and legacy above all else.


Nethemil's future was staked out from the moment he was born. He came into the world a young elven boy of uncertain descent, nursed by his then young mother and the estate staff assigned to watch over her and her children. Nethemil was not the first or only child born to Nivala Emeircenth, but he would be the last. As Nivala's only son, he spent very little of his time alongside his mother as he grew up, and instead found himself spending the majority of it together with other descendants of the Emeircenth. The boys barely had time to learn how to walk before they started them on the path towards their future, carefully guided by the rest of the family.

Growing older, Nethemil proved himself to be a strong young man in body and soul, surviving the intense trials prepared by his older brothers, sisters and cousins. Like all other men born under the Emeircenth banner, Nethemil was to be trained to become a warrior and guardian of the household, standing out with promise and talent among the children born around the same time as he. He was forced to become an adult before his time and pressed through intense physical exercise before his body had completely matured. It was a grueling way to spend his childhood, but he never once questioned his participation in the family's training program nor did he relinquish the duties forced upon him as a future guardian and paragon of Sin'dorei society; he pursued his duties without a doubt.

The following years were filled with intense study and training. Not only would he be a warrior of remarkable caliber, but also a gentleman and scholar. No less was expected of the children of Emeircenth and the weight of their legacy was shared evenly among them all. His days followed a predetermined schedule from the moment he woke to the moment he fell asleep, packed with hours upon hours of exercise, homework and Arcane studies and lessons in etiquette, bureaucracy and science. He saw the same faces every single day but never truly knew any of them aside from the face of a beloved mother he was rarely ever spared time for. Gradually those faces started disappearing from his life one by one as others cracked under the pressure of the training program and abandoned their duties to the family line.

Nethemil never faltered. He went on to become a very skilled and powerful young warrior, scholar and enchanter and without question was admitted into the family council alongside his brothers and many sisters as a guardian. He served the household for several years before the Wars began, at which point his daily life took a dramatic turn. When his mother was suddenly elected the Head of House following the massacre during the Third War, she started to change. She valiantly tried to lead her family through the crisis that preceded and followed the destruction of their beloved city, but did not last long as a leader. Nivala prepared to depart to join Prince Kael'thas on Draenor and passed the title on to her son, despite the protests of the family council.

Following Nivala's abrupt departure from Quel'thalas, Nethemil assumed the role as Head of House with grace and gusto and led them through the desolation that followed their home and the Sunwell's defilement and subsequent destruction. He stood as a pillar for the rest of the House and managed to prompt them to regather, regroup and rebuild what they had lost. His strength of character has since been credited as what ultimately saved the Emeircenth line from being disassembled following the Third War, reinforced by his subsequent efforts to reach out to family stuck beyond Alliance borders to pave way for them to return home even after the Sin'dorei aligned with the Horde.

Skills and Abilities

Arcane Science: Nethemil, like the rest of his family, possesses an extensive education in the workings of the Arcane arts so to the degree that he could as well pursue a career as an Arcanist. Instead, his scholarly knowledge in the field of Arcane magic provides him with the necessary knowledge and know-how to be an effective Spellbreaker.

Spellbreaker: Trained as a warrior and Spellbreaker by the Emeircenth family and college, Nethemil is trained especially to combat magic users and be an effective counter against their magic, and possesses weapons and armour that are built specifically for withstanding the effects of the Arcane (to dispel/nullify magic with the shield and sword, for example). The armour itself is designed to provide a slight resistance and dampening effect versus spells.

Illustrious Manaweaver: Thanks to his extensive education in the Arcane science and theory, Nethemil was introduced to the art of enchanting early on and has since perfected the craft, showing from the start that he had an affinity for bending magic materials and channeling mana into weapons, armour and everyday objects alike.

Family Legacy: While he is primarily a warrior, Nethemil is also a lord. As a result, his upbringing has been coloured by his family's legacy and he grew through intense training and study. He is an educated gentleman with mastery of etiquette, many fine arts and sciences and, most importantly, politics and bureaucracy. He is intelligent and well-read, and not to be underestimated.

Head of House: As the Head of the Emeircenth House, Nethemil is in absolute control of the family's accumulated wealth and estates and possesses the keys to all the doors within the family's inherited facilities. His word takes precedence over any decision made by the family council and he functions as its chairman.