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Player: Dae

Character Full Name: Morgen Windermere

Character In-Game Name: Morgen


Association(s): Gilneas

Race: Worgen

Class: Druid

Skills and Abilities: Technically proficient with the use and maintenance of small machinery. Competent with the construction and repair of fine watches, and milling of small machine parts. Competent in the development and maintenance of firearms, though does not care to use them herself. As a druid, she is still young and has a lot to learn, but she has a passion for the Old Ways and an affinity for restoration-based druid abilities. Morgen is capable of shapeshifting, though for her, it takes a greater amount of focus and concentration, due to her inexperience.

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Hair: ruddy brown (when in human form)

Eyes: Hazel

Weight: 140 lb (human) 250 (worgen)

Height: 5'3" (human) 6'7" (worgen)


Usual Garments/Armor: Morgen, like many Gilnean citizens, enjoys finely tailored outfits, though she prefers the feeling of pants over dresses and skirts to the point that she would avoid them, despite the detriment to her clothes' fashionability. As a Worgen, however, Morgen has issues with the sensation of clothes on fur, and prefers loosefitting dresses or outfits that do the minimum to satisfy social customs of modesty, fashion being behind comfort in her priorities.

Other: As a worgen, her fur is an earthy, chromatic grey and she has pale, uneven "boots" that reach midway up her calves and forearms. Morgen's teeth are quite pronounced in human form, but make for an impressive, worgen maw.


Morgen is a very introspective young woman, prone to spending a lot of time to herself, or in the company of other quiet people or the subtle wind and trees. Socially, she is a bit self-conscious, but when faced with a serious situation, she is often one of the first people to stand up and take action in the most rational way she sees possible. The things that are important to her, such as fine craftsmanship, the liberty of her people, and the sanctity of nature, she finds to be self-evident. Morgen is the sort who is content sitting in the corner of a room with a good book or puzzle.


Morgen is the bastard child of Alicia Windermere and a man whose identity she never knew, and assumes does not know of her existence. Morgen's mother was young and irresponsible, and time only changed her age. Being raised by an incompetent mother, Morgen adapted, taking on as much responsibility as she was able to. This small family was initially shunned by their relatives for the first part of Morgen's life due to scandal, the famine that struck Gilneas changed the dynamic of her small, rural home town. Everyone came together as food became scarce, and Alice's poor parenting became too great a risk for the rest of the family to ignore.

Morgen's grandparents took her in and provided her with a stable home, while her mother left to try her luck in the city, as she found herself unsuited for an agricultural lifestyle. Morgen's grandmother, a follower of the Old Ways, took interest in Morgen's contemplative nature and allowed the young girl to come with her as the local naturalists attempted to cultivate their skills as Harvest Witches. Though she did not pursue the path of a Harvest Witch at this time, she developed a love for the forests and embraced the ideology of the Old Ways. When Morgen was 14, her grandmother suffered an accident, shattering her hip and lower spine and succumbed to illness months after. Her grandfather, having an increasingly difficult time supporting himself, moved in with his daughter who had managed to straighten herself out (to a degree) and was working in a fine millenery. Morgen also joined her mother's household, though she struggled for a year with the fast pace of city life until she gained an apprenticeship to a watchmaker. The delicate work of such tiny machinery suited Morgen well, and helped fill the void made by leaving the fields and forests of her hometown. Morgen's life became fairly routine for several years, though her skillset extended to the machining of small parts for any delicate machinery, as Gilneas's technologic boom provided demand for any sort of technical skill.

As the Worgen threat loomed ever closer to her urban home, she fled with her watchmaking employer and his family. Her grandfather was too weak to travel, and her mother refused to leave him behind, though she was thankful that her daughter had a better chance at safety. Morgen's wagon of machinists did not stay together for long, though she managed to elude the feral packs for months before succumbing to the curse herself.

After being apprehended and tended to by her fellow cursed countrymen, Morgen regained her sentience, and she pursued natural magics as a way to cope with the overwhelming recent experiences. She trained under the Harvest Witches at first, but leaped on the opportunity to train under the ancient Night Elves, learning of the broad possibilities offered by practicing druidism. Through patient tutelage within the Cenarion Enclave, she learned the principals of the elves' druidism and worked to consolidate her knowledge of the Old Ways of Gilneas with this new information. Though Morgen enjoyed her training, she found herself alienated and a bit overwhelmed by the surreal, arboreal majesty of Darnassus, and left the city for her demure, foggy homeland.