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Player: Dareksar

Character Full Name: Lentoran Windfury

Character In-Game Name: Lentoran

Nickname(s): Lenty

Association(s): The Cenarion Circle, Darnassus

Race: Night Elf

Class: Druid

Skills and abilities: Lentoran is a Druid of the Antler and therefore able to transform into an advanced stag form.

Age: 10,200

Sex: Male

Hair: Long, light blue.

Eyes: Glowing amber.

Weight: 100 Kilograms.

Height: 2.10 Meters.


Usual Garments: Reddish robes with leather in it. Shoulderguards made of wood.

Other: His staff is the shape of a stag.


Lentoran is old, dreamy, gentle and wise. He gladly gives advice and guidance to the younger kaldorei.

Though he does not fully trust in the rest of the Alliance, he keeps them a neccesary evil for the kaldorei society. If there is something he loathes, they are orcs and demons. Lentoran rarely leaves the kaldorei lands, usually strolling around the woods or staying in some residence, and when he leaves he usually goes to some of the Cenarion Circle encampments.

Lentoran tires easily, sometimes being very absent minded forgetting what he was doing. He somewhat gains a better perception and endurance when transforming into stag form, but when transfering back into the humanoid form, he often finds himself very tired.

There are certain people Lentoran respects over everyone else, one being his teacher, and the druids of Cenarion Circle being a portion as well. He also respects highly the Priestesses of the Moon and Lentoran gladly assists in plagueshifting and other such acts, where land is cured and new growth begins.

Lentoran has never had love in his life and not exactly a romantic person by most standards.


Lentoran was born in Zin-Azshari with amber eyes, and chose to take druidic training in a very early stage of his life, and along his druidic training he showed a great competence to druidism.

Lentoran's mother was a priestess of the moon, and his father was a druid that never really succeeded. Her mother was attracted by his father because of his personality, not traits. Though he was very young back then, he hated the highborne for feeding too much on magic, and eventually leading to the War of the Ancients in which Lentoran lost many friends. Also, the demons passed into Azeroth resulting in the Great Sundering.

Lentoran became very depressed when Nordrassil fell. He felt like a big part of his life was taken away. That said, the Kaldorei lost immortality. Lentoran can remember the wave of energy after Archimonde's defeat, the feeling, the sight. He also remembers the moments of just sitting and looking at the devastation, his soul weeping. After this, Lentoran has been hibernating in the Emerald Dream for the next 10,000 years. Lentoran lived like this for a long time, but he was awoken when the Burning Legion invaded through the Dark Portal, led by Kazzak the Supreme. That is when Lentoran took the offence.

After the attack was thwarted he has been actively contributing in preserving the nature and creating new growth, including trying to revive the world tree, Nordrassil. Lentoran has recently changed his interest to the east, and north, trying to shift the plague left by the Scourge.

Finding the plagueshifting project very fatiguing, Lentoran has withdrawn from most frontiers. These days Lentoran is rather old, and has been less active, though has done many things to aid the Cenarion Circle and Night Elves. He lives a rather peaceful life nowadays, mostly strolling across the night elves lands communing with the nature and animals.

After the Shattering, Lentoran has had more grief brought to his life. Seeing the nature in pain and hearing the world cry, Lentoran has felt a certain sense of duty to help heal the wounds left by the event and so is now somewhat more active in aiding different causes.