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Player: Stealthscout.

Character Full Name: Julie Wildthorn.

Character In-Game Name: Julie.

Nicknames: Lily.

Associations: Ashwatch vigil.

Race: Worgen.

Class: Druid.

Age: 31

Sex: Female.

Hair: Light brown.

Eyes: Green.

Weight: 123 Ibs (human) 202 (Worgen)

Height: 5'3 (Human) 6'8 (Worgen)


Usual Garments/Armor: Julie is a simple woman; she walks with a over sized robe. In case she will need to shift and thus it will fit her. Vine accents her robe. Julie is barefoot and most likely not wearing nothing below her robe besides leaves and vines.


Julie is calm, precise, and merciless at times. She is a vicious, and may be like an animal in times. The only thing she cares about are the forests and her druid training, the leaves and the trees. Julie dedicates her life to aid the Kaldorei in winning back the forest.

Julie tends to lash out with remarks if interrupted with her work, but if she has to 'act' nice, because she thinks she has to be nice to the kaldorei, they did help her after all.

Besides that, she would rest upon a tree or go pick up flowers and make a crown of it if she could. Julie is grumpy towards human beings, and feels 'connected' to the forest but her 'connection' to human beings is very off. Julie like walking in worgen form more, she thinks it makes her become one with the beast.

Julie shifts back to human if she is needed to communicate or rest.


Julie Wildthorn. First born of her family of harvest witches. Julie was a cheerful girl, filled with energy. She liked skipping in the fields of grass and picking flowers, making crowns for her mother and father. Unbeknownst to Julie, when she was only one years old the First War began.

Upon reaching the age of six, Julie took to decorating the house and helping her mother with housework. With her unharnessed energy, Julie flitted about the town helping anybody and everybody with a smile; it was something she enjoyed.

At the age of seven, the Second War began. Alarmed by the change in her environment when the Gilnean Wall was built, Julie felt herself filled with fear. She didn't know what to do and began to grow restless, frequently visiting the forest just outside of her home. She felt as though the forest held the peace she needed.

Julie grew into her teenage life. The civil war was just lurking around. Everyone had a feeling like something just needs to pop and then everything will go down. Julie hated that feeling. She tried lighting up the mood by doing cheerful events like a festival made with people who are willing to cooperate.

Julie continued helping the people, she learned how to become a harvest witch,, and thus she was able to raise crop for the simple folk. She became a harvest witch to continue her family tradition of harvest witches. She did it because she felt she must continue this family tradition of druidism. She started off with making flowers and grow, and from that evolved to the magics she knows today.

Someone made the bubble pop. It was too quick. It was a normal day and suddenly someone flipped a table, gun shot, swords kissed, and shields bashed. Julie ran away to the forest, because the forest seemed like her last resort. She felt safe in nature, because she is an harvest witch, she feels like it is her neutral habitat. The clumsy girl with her clumsy robe, fearing the outcome of what may happen to her family.

Julie decided to live in the forest, where she can protect herself, because she knew it that good. Julie made a spear out of rock and wood, and lived by growing some apples or seeds for herbs and by hunting animals brutally. Her life while being in the woods was hard, her personality changed, and she slowly closed upon herself, only having the nature for her, she grew to like it, just it. She learnt it all from being a child and her druid training provided her of more knowledge.

Julie also expanded her knowledge by making all kinds of traps so she can capture food even when she sleeps, if she encounters an enemy she just runs away. The forest being used as cover.

The worgen came to her first, unfortunately she was out of the city. Julie could only defend herself with her meek spear. Julie ran away, but while she ran away she got bite at the shoulder. She healed it, but it seemed to affect her. By the time she turned worgen the Night elves got to her, and helped her.

After seeing a Druid shape shift. She showed him her magic, and asked him to teach her the ways of the druid of the claw. The Druid agreed after thinking about the subject for a couple of days. The two set out to Ashenvale. So they could train and help the Ashwatch Vigil.

Skills and Abilities

Flowery: Julie likes picking up flowers and doing all kinds of nice things with them. Like: Crowns, and such. She also knows a bit of alchemy and the aspects of nature in healing, from her Druidic training.

Spear mastery: After living in the wild for so long, she learnt how to use the spear.

The law of nature: Hunt or be hunted. Julie is a predator at heart. Knowing how to survive nature itself, because she spent all those years in the forest.