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Player: Kiffles

Character Full Name: Josie (Jehosephine) Twinkleblast

Character In-Game Name: Josie

Nickname(s): Jo

Associations: The Alliance, particularly Ironforge and, presumably, the Gnomeregan Exiles.

Race: Gnome

Class: Rogue (Demolitionist IC)

Age: 54

Sex: Female

Hair: It fluctuates in color, albeit less in more recent years. Her natural hair color, we can assume, is the blonde that it usually is and more often than not it is put up in some practical or extravagant fashion.

Eyes: Green

Weight: 37 lbs.

Height: 2'8"


Josie's up on what she thinks are the "totally hip and smokin' trends." Corsets, studs, buckles, spikes and black leather seem to fit her fancy just fine. She's also partial to vibrantly colored goggles that fit both practicality and her unique little fashion sense.

Other: She seems to fancy piercings. Girl wouldn't pass the metal detection test at the Ironforge Airport to save her life. Most of the time she's carrying some form of explosive with her, and usually has a match tucked behind an ear.


The Gnomette demolitionist has a very cool, flirtatious, silver-tongued personality to her, topped with just a pinch of eccentricity and danger. She has an unsettling love for blowing things up, and creeping people out in the process. On the other hand, she's surprisingly safe about executing demolition work, proving that she'll only talk big to try and look cool.


Jehosephine had been one of the luckier ones. She had survived the fall of Gnomeregan, those terrifying last few days before that terribly cold trek to Ironforge. Mother, father and eldest sister had been taken from her, leaving her with only her brother and uncle as blood relatives. The siblings were taken in by him when they moved to Ironforge. Her uncle, however, turned to a life of drinking after those traumatizing events, to which Josie would just roll her eyes. He wasn't an abusive drunk, n'aw. Just lazy. Her brother was the first to get fed up with it all, leaving to learn more about flying machines. It was finally when her uncle told her that she should get out and "see the world," that Josie actually left. He believed that she had potential for something better than sitting around at home, making explosive sparklers.

So, with a rucksack full of gunpowder and cheese sammiches, the little Gnomette traveled to Stormwind. A solid week or so of settling in, and she'd found herself someone to instruct her further in the way of demolitions and explosives, as well as some friends who shared her love for big booms and the smell of gunpowder. For a time, she took up a position on a Gnomish demolition team that worked almost exclusively with the Goblins down south in Booty Bay. All the better for her, she thought, as she was able to pick up even more on making not only big, but deadly explosives.

She hadn't forgotten about Gnomeregan, or the terror that had been wrought in its downfall. She was going to make sure that, if a time like that came again, she was going to be prepared.

Fast-forward several years. Her return to Ironforge saw her set up shop and toil away many midnight hours, perfecting explosives, researching chemical compounds and mathematically equating proper gunpowder ratios to pressure. She took what she'd learned and, slowly but surely, applied it to make several of her own destructive little devices. As careful as ever (and even moreso now after watching some of her friends' failed attempts at blowing things up) she continued her career of 'sploding things by continuing to do her own explosives work for other people, as well as selling her bombs.