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Player: CappnRob

Character Full Name: Hrodebert Rivermouth

Character In-Game Name: Hrodebert

Nickname(s): Hrod

Association(s): Alliance Army (Formerly), Himself

Race: Dwarf

Class: Hunter

Age: 74

Sex: Male

Hair: Dirty Blonde

Eyes: Ocean Blue

Weight: 200 lbs

Height: 5'3"

Usual Garments/Armor: Hrod wears various outfits for various situations. Simple shirts and pants, leather boots, mountaineer chainmail, gryphon-feather cloaks, engineering goggles and more.

Other: Hrodebert owns a sea vessel which he uses the travel around Azeroth, and a gyrocopter which is often breaking down or in need of repairs.


Alignment: Chaotic Good

Hrodebert is happy-go-lucky, adventerous, and curt. He prefers actions to words, and is often quite rude with his to-the-point mannerisms. He can be volatile and defensive when his family are threatened, but is otherwise rather relaxed about other people and doesn't much care about what others do.


Born to a Bronzebeard mother and a Wildhammer father, Hrodebert was raised more in the wilderness rather than under the mountaintops. He grew up with an appreciation for nature and the forests, but due to not having a purely Wildhammer upbringing, was not revered well in shamanism, and came to enjoy the wonders of technology. As a child, Hrod was raised to hunt and shoot, and studied the wildlife of the Eastern Kingdoms. During his visitations to Ironforge, the young dwarf picked up an interest in engineering and tinkering, crafting his own rifles.

Hrodebert lived a mostly quiet life otherwise, for the first few decades of his life, a quaint living in the countryside, hunting, farming, and improving his shooting. This eventually came to an end due to the outbreak of the First War, which destroyed the kingdom of Stormwind and introduced the world to the orcs. With their presense an encroaching danger to the rest of the world, Hrodebert was conscripted into the building army of the Alliance of Lordaeron to defend against the upcoming Second War. When the Second War did occur, Hrodebert was stationed up north in Lordaeron in the Hinterlands to fight against the Amani trolls.

During his tour of duty, Hrodebert was part of the unit sent into Eversong to save Quel'thalas from the Horde armies which attacked from the mountains. After being part of the successful routing, Hrod stayed stationed on the hinterlands border to maintain the stability. During this time he became acquainted with an adventrous young elven girl named Jami al'Salma, running the trade caravans between Alliance supply lines for her family. The two met frequently and became good friends, sharing stories of each other's lives and experiences. the two eventually began courting, Hrodebert enamored by Jami's beauty and adventrous curiosity, and Jami with Hrodebert's lifestyle and no-nonsense attitude. After the end of the Second War, the two were married, despite protests from both sides of their families.

Using Jami's sizeable wedding dowry, the newlywed Rivermouths were able to live life comfortably, owning three homes across the world: a lakeside home at Loch Modan, an isolated abode in Eversong woods, and an uptown apartment in Dalaran. Before marrying her, Jami was betrothed to an elf from another noble family in an arranged marriage, however he died during the Second War. Despite that, during their short marriage, Jami did become pregnant with a son. He was born several months after Hrodebert wedded Jami, and even though he was full elvish, raised the boy like any good dwarven father would, and they named him Mathieu.

Yes, things certainly were up for Hrodebert, and he retired from the Alliance military to enjoy it all. Aside from raising his step-son, Hrod went back to tinkering and game hunting, but his marriage to Jami opened up new doors for him. Dalaran's rich libraries told tales of uncharted lands and unseen places, filling the dwarf's mind with dreams of discovering them. He set out to an isolated Arathi coastline, and there he began to work on and off for the next ten years on a boat, sizeable enough to comfortably transport him and his family across the world to new adventures and discoveries. Sadly, though, it was not meant to be. Before he could finish the work, the dreaded Scourge of Lordaeron hit, destroying everything in its path. The Rivermouth properties in Eversong and Dalaran were completely destroyed in the wake of this great evil. The destruction of the Sunwell made things worse, Hrodebert now having to watch his wife and son agonize and suffer for days on end as they suffered withdrawal from the powerful energies.

When the supposed "cure" for the magic withdrawals was rumored to be in Silvermoon, Hrodebert wasted no time in sending off both Mathieu and Jami to obtain it. Little did any of them know that the cure was consuming the energy of Fel crystals, which transformed them both into Blood Elves, and therefore making them enemies of the Alliance. With the deed done and nothing left to lose, Hrodebert reunited with his wife and son before retreating to their one remaining bastion: the construction site of his unfinished vessel. There he reconfigured the whole area to be a farmland, and the family then kept to themselves for several years following, relying only on themselves for food, company, and love. It was a lonely life, but there were no alternatives.

Despite isolating himself from the world, Hrodebert continued to work on the boat for the next following decade, hoping for a time he may use it freely. And did times began to change. The blood elves lost much of their social stigma after the death of their prince, and even became a part of the remade Dalaran's Kirin Tor council. While they could of course no longer go back to the Alliance, Hrodebert and his family were no longer afraid of the world as a whole. Jami and Mathieu went out into the world on their own again, and Hrodebert smiled proudly as he completed the vessel he had spent twenty years working on and off of. The world had become a much different place than it was when the dwarf last really set out, but he and his family were determined to see it for themselves. With the wind in their sails and hearts full of adventure, maybe now they just will, and Hrodebert is looking forward to every minute of it.

Skills and Abilities:

Dwarven Tinker
Hrodebert specializes in Dwarven engineering, which is reliable and sturdy. Most of his work goes into practical devices such as explosives, guns, and tools, instead of magical Gnomish devices or dangerous Goblin ones.
Hrodebert's custom weapons give him exceptional accuracy and make use of barrel rifling and advanced scopes to give him the edge in long distance shooting.
The Great Outdoors
Hrodebert is well adapted to surviving in the wilderness, surviving off the land, and knows much about various plants and animals. As a hunter, he also has beast companions, Arito the bear and Archimedes the owl.
Adventurer and Navigator
Hrodebert's life after the Second War was dedicated to exploration and discovery in the world. He's well versed in ocean currents, wind directions, charting, and everything else needed to explore the world.