House Fairstar

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Family Structure

Family Motto: Anar'endal dracon (By the breath of the dragon.)

Head of House: Current: Council of Three

Official: Krest Fairstar

Heir of House: Syleai Fairstar

Family Members:

House Structure

Notable Smiths:

  • None at this time.


  • None at this time.


  • None at this time.


  • None at this time.


House Trades

The Fairstars do a mix between specialty armor and weapons for high paying contracts and mass produce high quality arms and armor for the Hordes Armies.


They hold one large manor outside of Silvermoon. In Silvermoon they hold two housing units for extended stays in the capital. Due to their trade of weapons they have a personal army supplied of course by the Fairstars. They are 100 strong and hand picked by Krest. They consist of every horde race. They are not a public force. The public force is the House Guard, handpicked swordsman and gunsman of notable skill. Only Blood Elves can join the house Guard. Due to their hand in trading via the sea, they control a small fleet of ships, ten strong. Four are purely merchant ships with small arms, the remaining seven are armed to the teeth. They play guardians to the trade ships.

House History

Age of House: House Fairstar is reaching it's one thousandth year as Nobility.

Official History: The Fairstar house is the result of a merge between two families long before Syleai was born. One was known for Blacksmithing, the other for trade by sea. Their presence in the trade gained them notice as a family of power and they were deemed nobility some time after. They have a hand in the blacksmith trade and have their own trading company. They did business with the members of the Alliance until the switch to the Horde. The now provide arms and armor to the armies of the Horde. Recently under the late Patron Krest they have begun working in engineering, viewing it as a new and intriguing business venture.

OOC notes

Is this house open for membership? Yes.

Guards, smiths, soldiers, and servants are needed at this point, along with the two others in the Fairstar Council. PM Kage on the forum for more information to each roll.