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Player: CappnRob

Character Full Name: Hercynian Dreamseer

Character In-Game Name: Hercynian

Nickname(s): Herc, Hercy, Elder Dreamseer

Association(s): The Cenarion Circle, Guardians of Hyjal

Race: Night Elf

Class: Druid of the Claw

Skills and Abilities:

  • Guardian of Nature: When Hercynian is not shapeshifted, he possesses powerful living and nature magic. However, he is not much of a fighter outside his bear form.
  • Listen to the Leaves: Hercynian is adept at communicating with both animal and nature spirits when meditating… though he often falls into a slumber when doing so.

Age: 8051

Sex: Male

Hair: Green, long, and completely tangled and unkempt with sticks, leaves and other bits of nature entwined in it.

Eyes: Amber

Scale: 1.1

Other: He sleeps a lot. Like, way more than anyone ever should.


Hercynian is tall, lean and lanky. He towers over even other night elves, though he is less muscular than his brethren. His clothing typically consists of simple linen robes with plantlife entangled within the threads, or a tough and durable quilted leather robe draped with the mark of the Cenarion Circle for when fighting the enemies of nature.


Hercynian’s character is a difficult one to comprehend on the first meeting. At a glance he seems utterly lazy, aloof, and even uncaring of others. He speaks slowly and sleepily, naps often and in sometimes odd and unacceptable places, rarely bathes, and seems to react to everything with what can only be described as “dull surprise”.

In truth, Hercynian simply has no real idea how to socialize with people. Centuries of isolation in the Emerald Dream have devoid him of any real people skills, and so everything he says and does is blunt and unapologetically straight forward. However, in his heart, Hercynian does care for a great many things: most notably his somewhat estranged sons whom he has been making efforts to try and connect better with.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral


Hercynian was born well after the War of the Ancients came to a close, towards the end of the Kal’dorei Golden Age just before the Exile of the Highborne occurred. As the druids were the leaders of the night elves at the time, Hercynian too was trained as one of them as expected. He took to the lessons well enough and followed the teachings of Ursol and Ursoc, the bear spirits and guardians of the forest that his people called home. When the Long Vigil began, Hercynian hibernated within the other druids of the claw in the Barrow Dens.

For millennia he would meditate in the Emerald Dream, only waking for short moments every few centuries. During these short moments, he (somehow) courted or at least had an affair with a female of his kind, resulting in two sons separated by three thousand years apart: Tikar and Kantado. Both children took up the path of the druid like their father, though his own personal teachings were debatable at best. All the same, he took pride knowing they looked up to him for inspiration and guidance, or so he believed anyway.

So long was Hercynian's slumber that he fell into a feral state like the rest of the druids of the claw. However, he was easily awakened by the efforts of Malfurion Stormrage and the druids of the talon and joined alongside the resistence army against the Burning Legion's invasion. Hercynian faught at the Battle of Mount Hyjal alongside his older son Tikar, but after the battle was won and the safety of Kantado was ensured he promptly vanished for the next decade. During this time he largely kept to himself, wandering what new wildernesses were made available to him after the Third War.

Recently though, Hercynian has reestablished contact with his sons. Following the Cataclysm of Deathwing, he became involved with a reformed Druid of the Pack who was mentoring both Gilnean worgen and elven druids alike, including Kantado. After an incident that resulted in releasing a feral elven worgen from imprisonment in the Emerald Dream, he offered his abilities to defeat and return the worgen to banishment, showing his more pro-active side. Following the defeat of the feral worgen, Hercynian has returned to Kalimdor to assist with the threat of the Firelord Ragnaros's invasion of Mount Hyjal. With his older son Tikar already involved with the Guardians, the elder druid is readying himself to fight alongside his family once more for the protection of them and their people.