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Player: Drust

Character Full Name: Grisp Windtalker

Character In-Game Name: Grisp

Nickname(s): none

Association(s): Darnassus, Cenarion circle

Race: Night elf

Class: Druid Of The Wild

Skills and Abilities:

Druid Of The Wild: Has the ability to transform into multiple different animals, however for him it takes quite a lot of skill and at his age shapeshifting once can tire him out. (By multiple animals I mean the default shapeshifting forms.)

Ties With Nature: When among among nature his skill to use it is excellent, he is able to get the help of nature around him, causing roots to pop out of the ground ensnaring his opponent. He is also able to concentrate balls of pure nature energy in his hand as well as causing it to envelope his hand, throwing them or slamming it into them, instead of healing the target it would break on impact causing the force of nature energy to push the opponent back. When not among nature his abilities to draw upon it are weakened and so are his attacks.

Healing Touch: He is able to focus natural energy through his hands but to mend the target instead of working against it.

Swift: Even at his old age he has quite a lot of speed and agility, unfortunately the lack of stamina is a hindrance if a battle lasts long enough.

Age: 9,000

Sex: Male

Hair: Dark blue, tied back in a ponytail

Eyes: Amber eyes

Weight: 200 lbs

Height: 7'4

Appearance: Grisp wears robes and simple cloth outfits when he is not adventuring, he wears thick leather when he is, prepared for anything, he always keeps his staff strapped to his back.


Personality: Grisp is a learned man who is mature for his age and takes most things seriously. He is very a very talkative person and enjoys company. When he can he tries to impart some of his wisdom to those who take their time to listen.

He tends to treat all races equally judging each individual by their actions. Grisp doesn't resort to violence in most normal situations, however if violence is necessary he will do what he has to do to end the problem. Grisp could be considered quite wise, he seems to have picked up much knowledge and understanding through his lifetime. He tends to try get along with most people he meets, until a person shows they don't have good intentions they are an ally.


Grisp grew up in Astraanar as a foster child, not knowing his real parents he lived with foster parents who didn't care too much for him they merely gave him a home and showed him compassion some of the time, though they were usually too busy to give him attention. As a child he was mischievous and lacked discipline mainly because his foster parents were never around. While growing up in Astraanar he would spend time playing tricks on the inhabitants which lived there, when he caused too much havoc he would flee into the forest surrounding Astraanar and hide. He usually spent most of his time in the forest, he never had a fear for animals. In the forest Grisp always found peace, it was the only time when he could actually relax his mind, it was in there that most of his planning for his pranks would take place, the only time his mind was standing still.

Grisp hit the age of 120 and he was still living in Astrannar pulling his pranks, he had been caught quite a few times but he never seemed to learn his lesson, one day that got him into quite a lot of trouble. Grisp was returning from the forest one day, heading home. As he walked to his house watching all the locals pass him something caught his eye. It was a newcomer, he was clad in thick leather with a staff strapped to his back his amber eyes vigilant among the crowd. Grisp continued on, amazed by the druid, his eyes focused on the staff. Grisp walked a few more meters before turning around to follow the druid.

He followed the druid through the streets for a bit, walking casually behind him, he stared in awe at the staff, soon enough he couldn't hold himself back and broke into a sprint, he ran up behind the druid reaching out, he gripped the staff as he tried to yank it off the druids back, however once Grisp grabbed the staff it was all over. The druid swung about with his hand out, striking Grisp at the side of the head. It wasn't a hard blow, the druid only intended to shock him. Grisp stumbled back in pain, the druid walking forward as he stumbles, the druid would grasp Grisps arm as he looked down at him. He asked Grisp why he tried to do that, Grisp stared at him in fear and awe for a second before explaining that he was fascinated by the staff, the druid seemed to be more calm, explaining to Grisp what he tried to do was wrong, Grisp simply nodded and quickly changed the subject, asking him questions about his staff.

The druid explained who he was and Grisp only appeared more amazed, he apologized explaining his situation and how he bides his time with pranks. The druid seemed amused by it, as Grisp spoke the druid seemed to inspect him, his gaze usually on Grisps Amber eyes. When Grisp finished explaining his situation the druid seemed quite interested, he asked Grisp if he was interested in the path of a druid, seeing as his foster parents don't give him much attention and all the time he seems to have on his hands. Grisp thought about it for quite a bit before shrugging and telling him to speak to his foster parents. The druid returned home with Grisp, he had word with the foster parents and they seemed quite happy to give him to the druid, knowing he would learn much more from him then he would from them. Grisp remained in Astranaar for a few more days with his new mentor before finally leaving and beginning his training.

As Grisp grew up and hit the age of 300 he had already left Astraanar with his tutor and explored some of Azeroth. The tutor did not treat Grisp with love, he treated him as a student and usually only spoke to him when he wanted to teach him something. As he journeyed through Azeroth he learned about the other races of the world but he still lacked discipline, Grisp would usually run off when they reached the nearest town, not popping up for hours, the druid didn't like this. Sometimes he'd cause mischief, other times he just wouldn't sit still. The druid was stumped and didn't know what to do, Grisp had learned so much yet he still acts immature and mischievous.

One day the druid stopped off at Darkshore, he told Grisp they were visiting a friend, the druid took him to an animal tamer, there the druid took off his hands a Moonsaber. The druid spent a few days getting Grisp accustomed to his new friend before taking him out to the forests of Darkshore, the druid then left him there with only a dagger and the tamed Moonsaber as a companion also some flint and tinder. He told him he would meet him at this spot in a weeks time. As time went by Grisp grew hungry and went out in search for food he didn't have much trouble with the Moonsaber at his side. As they went hunting for food Grisp would use the Moonsaber to help him hunt and ended up finding a deer, it was not much food but enough to keep him alive for another day. As days went by Grisp became attuned to the forest but what he wished was to be in a warm house with walls and a roof. He only had two nights to go before the druid would return but he didn't want to wait. He found a cave and proceeded to explore. The cave was small and had a dead end he realized that it would be the best place for him to sleep for the next two nights, so he went hunting on the first night and lit a fire in the cave. As the Moonsabre lay by the fire Grisp sat there eating the wolf he caught, while he was eating he heard footsteps coming from the outside of the cave the Moonsabre began to growl and a bear came wandering to the front of the cave. When the bear saw Grisp he let out an echoing roar which caused the entrance to the cave to collapse trapping Grisp and the Moonsabre in the cave.

As days went by Grisp grew hungry. Grisp remained sitting in the silence of the cave with the Moonsabre hoping that someone anywhere might come to rescue him before he starves to death. After a few days he looked at the Moonsabre this animal was his friend and stuck with him to the end but Grisp soon gave into hunger. As he was sitting next to the Moonsabre he quietly unsheathed his Dagger he looked at the Moonsabre one last time before quickly slitting it's throat. He felt like a brute as he began to eat the Moonsabre meat. He felt like he had stooped to the lowest of lows and knew that if he hadn't decided to be impatient this wouldn't have happened. A couple hours later Grisp woke up to sunlight as he looked around he saw he was back in the forest with the druid sitting next to him. After that lesson Grisp learned to mature up and have patience and discipline. And that's when he began to walk the path of the druid. For many years Grisp was taught the ways of the druid he learned how to use his instincts and how to connect with nature.

When he hit 1,120 years of age the druid could not teach him anymore he told him to head to Moonglade to receive further training in the arts of the druid. Grisp heeded his words and journeyed to Moonglade, there he learned to enter the emerald dream, delving further down the path of a druid. At the age of 6,000 he decided he had learned enough and wanted to see the world in his lifetime and experience more then just training, to appreciate the inhabitants and nature around him that he has been trained to protect. He is now at the age of 9,000 he has seen and experienced many things and continues to travel about Azeroth, observing the world around himself.