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Player: Herastean

Character Full Name: Eleanor Sunbloom

Character In-Game Name: Eleanor

Nickname(s): "Where are y-.. Oh, down there. Can you actually be any smaller?" But its not used a lot, a bit long for everyday chat.

Association(s): Blood elves, Dalaran

Race: Blood elf

Class: Student Mage

Skills and Abilities:

  • Poor growth: Because of her mother's pregnancy and her family genes, Eleanor always had a poor build. Weak and easily breakable bones and a complete inability to build-up muscle mass, she's unable to make any work requiring physical strength and represents an easy and weak target if one passes through a barrage of spells.

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Hair: Red

Eyes: Green

Scale/Height: 0.87/5'0"

Weight: 80 pounds


Usual Garments/Armor: If in battle gear, she wears pants made out of cloth with slightly reinforcement leather parts here and there, allowing her to go through difficult terrain without being blocked by the otherwise rich-looking and slightly showing robes she puts on when in town.


Eleanor is a very young blood elf, hence she will often sound or look a little off to her race, but there is a clear impression that she does her best to "fit in". She's craving to learn about the world and magic and will not be afraid to go and speak to people, except maybe to her own kin nobles. Gentle and patient, her soft voice matches with her nice school-girl appearance when not wearing her armor. Her relation with other races is rather good. Still young and raised in a multicultural town, she does not suffer from extreme-taught racism and will show interest in learning about the others.

Alignment: Neutral Good


Eleanor Sunbloom sees the Light of day during the beginning of the Second-War. While some could think that the tiny elf would have little chance of surviving the oncoming conflicts and destruction, her parents living in the City of Dalaran would allow her to escape the destructing of the High-elves city, only to be faced with the attack of Dalaran. Saved by her parents magic, she had to spend little time with them as one was an acting battle-mage and so, often called out to fight against the Scourge or the Legion. Her mother on the other side was left crippled after the destruction of the magical city. Already suffering for a skinny composition which led to a poor gain of weight and so, poor space for Eleanor to develop in her womb, the woman was unable to fight anymore, she took care of her daughter and helped her in her training to become a mage.

During her studies, took an interest in the story of her people's Mages, Eleanor soon took on combat spell casting training alongside her classes at the university. While she started to train physically, her teen growth was slowed down heavily due to her already poor status as a child and the sudden change in oxygen density by the City's position. Hundreds of feet in the air now, it took weeks for the elf to get used to physical activities in Dalaran, but the damage was done already and she knew that focusing on intellect rather than strength would be better. The student did not take any special path in magical arts yet though, trying to learn as many spells as possible in order to be able to defend herself or be usefull in a myriad of situations.

Now exploring the world and the Horde's major cities out of pure curiosity and thirst of knowledge, the Mage finances her travels by either working as a mercenary now and then or simply performing tasks that only a mage can do without costing a possible employer the price of several men. She also found herself interested in creating an anthropology book containing informations about the different races of Azeroth and only has begun to learn of every culture in order to fill it. Sailing over to Kalimdor, young Eleanor will soon learn how her Horde allies differs from her people.