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Alliance Durgan Mudbeard
Player ghaskan
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Class Warrior
Age 30
Height 1,54m (1.03)
Weight 96kg
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Affilliation(s) Ironforge, Alliance, The Regiment
Alignment Lawful Good
Status Alive


Durgan was the fifth son to be born from the unison of Gorn Goldenmug and Hannie Mudbeard. Gorn was a ram herder and part-time brewer, and Hannie a warrior and blacksmith whose prowess put many men to shame.

Durgan was just a child when the Second War broke. For the span of its duration, he stayed in Ironforge with his father and siblings. His mother, on the other hand, went to march with the army of the Alliance to fight the Orcs and their allies. The Mudbeard family feared for her safety, but they also knew how strong she was - their fears were unfounded. Hannie returned, with only a few minor wounds and glory under her name.

When Durgan turned 10, a huge celebration was held with all of his family, and he was offered a very precious gift: a huge mug filled with ale brewed by his father, which was to be his first alcoholic drink. The young dwarf chugged it down, relishing the flavor, until he began to feel sick... and thus Durgan spent the rest of his birthday vomiting. His parents did attempt to make him drink ale and other similar drinks on numerous occasions, and the afflicted himself kept trying despite knowing the outcome, but everyone came to the conclusion that Durgan’s body had a weakness that made it impossible for him to bear ale and the likes in his stomach.

Many were sure that peace had finally settled on the land, but the Third War came to be. Back then, Durgan had barely begun his training as a Warrior, being tutored by his mother, and was radiant about getting a chance to prove his worth. In spite of his desire, he was deemed too young and inexperienced to join the fray. The whole Mudbeard family stayed in Ironforge this time around, since Hannie wished to personally train her sons and daughters who sought to pursue the path of the Warrior.

A few years later, Durgan joined the guard of an outpost in Dun Morogh thanks to the recommendation that his mother gave to the dwarf in charge. There, he gathered valuable experience of how to survive the military ways and its harsh chain of command, and furthermore he learned about the art of defense, which he greatly appreciated. As such, Durgan decided to follow the ways of Protection, safeguarding his allies from harm, and hurting his foes while keeping himself in one piece.

Recently, having noticed how much the world has changed due to the Cataclysm, and for being aware of the perils the Dwarves may have to face shall they not eradicate their enemies before they get a chance to strike the heart of their kingdom, Durgan has decided to hear the call of The Regiment, enrolling as a recruit with the blessing of his family. Just of how much help the young dwarf will be remains to be seen.

Usual Garments/Armor

He used to wear a dark blue and reddish brown plate armour adorned with spikes which had been gifted to him by his mother, but he now wears the uniform of The Regiment at all times. This uniform is composed of green plate armour, a red tabard with a golden bear pawn imprinted, a sword, and a shield.


Durgan is much like your typical dwarf: loyal, with a knack for spewing jokes and ale-loving… if only he did not have liver complications that sicken him if he drinks more than maybe a gulp of ale. This is very embarrassing for Durgan, and he often falls prey to peer pressure, starting to drink anyway only to spend the rest of the night in a nearby outhouse, purging the beverage.

His youth makes him an eager one, who wants to prove himself no matter what. Because of this, Durgan is also very quick to pick orders, and will not question them, unless they are extremely debatable. Furthermore, criticism coming from someone he respects will lead him to adjust promptly.

Although he decided to follow the path of the Warrior due to his mother’s influence, he is what a few prefer to call a “nerd” for history, especially Dwarvish one. He attempts to keep this interest a hobby, however, not wanting it to subtract from his official duties.

Skills and Abilities

Your average Protection Warrior who happens to know his fair share about Blacksmithing.