Character Creation Policies

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These are the policies we wish people to follow when it comes to making a character. We correct them keeping these in mind.

Grammar and spelling

As with in roleplay, we expect you to adhere to a level of Grammar and spelling. There are many programs that you can use that have a spellcheck, and since we advocate that you take your time it should be expected that you would do this anyhow.

Mary Sues

Be mindful of the all consuming Mary Sue: There is a subsection in character creation explaining what a Mary-Sue is, and how to avoid it. There are many factors involved in this policy, that we expect to -not- show up in profiles.

Lore figures

Lore figures should be in no way related to your character, whether they are a "friend", or a "family member", or anything that has you in direct contact or good standings with one right off the bat. A strong profile does not need to ride on the coat-tails of anyone that has already had their own lore established. This is your character, so make it your own character.

Keep it humble

There should be no reason your character has already done everything. Meaning, if they are far too accomplished, they will be denied, for the simple fact that said character wouldn't -need- any more developement, therefore leaving it a boring husk.

Unusual Traits/Weapons/Armor

If your character is a warrior in game, we expect you to be a warrior in the profile too. If they express a -need- for a certain armor or sword, then it will be denied due to the fact armor and weapons are not a pivitol point to a character's qualities. These are all wants, not needs. Also, keep true to the abilities within your class, as warriors cannot spellcast, and mages cannot tank, ect.

Don't moan if "Mary Sue" is mentioned in your profile!

If a GM is correcting your profile, and they mention you have Mary Sue like tendencies, DON'T PANIC! They are trying to steer you away from this, and mean no offense when they say this. It may come off as blunt, and offensive... but you might wanna ask yourself why that is.

Use MPD and other odd and often misinterpreted disorders sparingly

Multiple personality disorder is something -so many- people have tried in probably, no lie, hundreds of profiles. Most mental illnesses are done horribly wrong, and are often a poor portrayal of something that could potentially be offensive to others.

Don't bog up profiles with garbage

Meaning, don't put in color, underlines, slanted text, youtube things, pictures, color, or any of that bunk. If you wish to after the fact, be our guest. However, we DO monitor the wiki, so don't do anything offensive!

Don't spam profiles

This includes needless comments such as but not limited to "Dude good profile", "THAT GM IS SO WRONG", or "lol". Constructive comments are fine, but if someone asks you to not post at -all- in their profile, please respect that.

Don't beg for a GM to look at your profile

If you do this, there will be repercussions such as suspensions and so on. We are volunteers that correct these for fun, and on our own time. And this includes subtle reminders in locations such as separate threads, signatures, in game, and anything else that we are "intended to see".

GM's words are FINAL

If a GM asks you to change something, please do it without dispute. If a GM is being unreasonable, or overbearing, you may report them to another GM. However, arguing with them within your own profile is -not- benificial to you, and arguing on behalf of someone else is even worse.

GM overturning another GM

This is quite rare, and often is done with a lengthy discussion from -all- GM's, but it is a possibility. If something was overlooked initially, and it is against our policies or is found to be something that shouldn't have been approved, it will be brought to your attention right away.

Do not edit an approved profile without GM permission

Editing things in the wiki, are again monitored, and if you change something without our conscent we may overturn approval. Little things such as hairstyle or expanding on your history are fine, but again it is preffered if you do it with GM approval.